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Merging academic success and career services functions is gaining momentum in higher education, as it allows us to more strategically and seamlessly serve students. In fact, the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) has just created a portion of their website devoted to the study of merging these two critical campus functions. Facilitation of academic and career development in tandem, rather than in isolation of one another, provides a strong framework for student success and life planning.  This ensures academic and career endeavors are undertaken in full consideration of the other, promotes long-term thinking and planning, informed choices, and fortifies student confidence and motivation to persist.

The Center for Academic and Professional Performance (CAPP) will be devoted to delivering complete wrap-around services to help students build resilience, confidence, and skills to ensure college persistence and to prepare them for employment in a rapidly changing world. Our approach will be informed by a strengths-based advising model, to include intrusive mentoring, and the addition of trauma-informed practices.  Supporting student development and success through these additional lenses, which are grounded in positive psychology, will greatly enhance our impact. These services, which consider the whole student, will ensure a robust continuum of care that enables us to reach students where they are. These services are especially critical for our at-risk student population, non-traditional students, and commuter students who are most vulnerable to attrition. However, these techniques also remain relevant to the high-performing student as they allow for a personalized approach for each individual. The inclusion of enhanced and holistic student employment services in the CAPP also provides a much needed training ground for career competencies.


To empower students to actively shape their lives and hone their academic identity through intentional coaching, mentoring, and planning for life after graduation. 


The Center for Academic and Professional Performance (CAPP) provides students with personal, academic and career support to persist at the institution, ultimately equipping them with the skills to become democratic citizens, achieve professional success, and lead lives of personal meaning and value by: 

  • -Implementing a strength-based advising approach to support academic identity and career development that prepares, supports, and educates students to persist to graduation and succeed in an ever-evolving workplace.
  • -Encouraging performance learning through transformative experiences that connect academics to professional success.
  • -Cultivating a strong sense of self-advocacy and personal brand identity that empowers students throughout their journey in becoming the best versions of themselves.
  • -Utilizing the framework of trauma-informed practices to provide a personalized coaching experience that addresses all barriers to retention, persistence, and success.
  • -Collecting and utilizing relevant and timely data to support best practices for academic and career- related initiatives.

Academic Accomodations

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Find out about the academic accommodations available at Millikin.

Academic Support Services

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CAPP provides academic support to all students through a host of programs and advising services.

Career Support Services

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CAPP assists with connecting students and alumni to a diverse range of career opportunities.

Faculty & Staff Resources

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CAPP offers a variety of tools to assists faculty and staff with helping students.