Graduate Success Reports

Graduate First Destination Report

The Annual Success Report, now called the Graduate First Destination Report, aligns with new national standards and protocols as set forth by the National Association of Colleges & Employers.  We have expanded our survey to collect more specific data on career and educational outcomes of our most recent graduates.

This report will allow us to better tell the story of our graduates' success, a critical factor as public focus on the value and perceived ROI of a college education continues to increase. Additionally, by utilizing the NACE standards and protocols, we will be able to make more accurate graduate outcome comparisons with other colleges and universities.

*Following NACE protocols, we collect and calculate our Career Outcomes Rate based on the number of graduates/degrees we have collected data on (Knowledge Rate) for the collection period and categorize percentages in the following ways: Employed full time, Employed part time, Enrolled in a program of continuing education, Seeking continuing education, and Seeking employment.   Note that within the applicable employment categories we include service programs and U.S. Military service - these numbers are further broken down within the report.

Review summaries of the annual survey