Off-Campus Living

Downtown Decatur

Students granted permission to live off campus are primarily seniors, but other students who have met the requirements may include:

  • Commuter students (traditional-aged students who live with relatives, as well as adult learners/nontraditional students)
  • Students over the age of 24
  • Married students or students with dependents
  • Students who demonstrate significant financial hardship (defined as having exhausted all loan eligibility, verified through the Office of Campus Life and Student Financial Services).
  • Students who are of senior standing (88 credits or more) and are beginning their seventh semester at Millikin

Decisions to live off-campus hold a lot of weight when considering a student's academic and social success on campus. For example, students visiting this page may have lived on-campus with a meal plan and received assistance from University staff and peer student leaders when they encountered challenges. Students considering living off-campus should be reminded of the potential challenges of negotiating a lease, budgeting, preparing meals, cleaning and traveling to and from campus without the aid of on-campus support.

Our University Residency Policy is designed for senior students to take this leap into autonomy. The Office of Campus Life will support students who maintain a relationship with staff, even when they move off-campus.

Students requesting to apply to live off-campus should email for more information.

NOTE: All students are encouraged to obtain renter's insurance with a reputable service provider. Sometimes home or car insurance policies have an add-on option for only a small monthly fee to provide coverage and peace of mind.

A note about conduct off-campus: 
Students who live off-campus are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Millikin University Student Handbook and the Code of Conduct. Violations of University policy, whether on or off-campus,will be met with disciplinary action. The Office of Campus Life follows a simple "three strikes" policy for off-campus students. If the University fields 3 or more complaints regarding an off-campus student and/or their address, off-campus approval will be revoked and each individual will be responsible for payment of the off-campus living fee. We encourage off-campus residents to be aware of their role as a neighbor in the Decatur community and to respect the privilege of living within that community. We caution students about engaging in activities or hosting events that may endanger themselves or their peers. We expect all Millikin students to conduct themselves with integrity and appropriateness.