Arts Technology Core Courses (Credits)

AT110. Introduction to Digital Media (3)
This course introduces students to professional technology in digital media and experimental artistic techniques. Students will be asked to explore topics such as digital art, graphic design, web design and development through the creation of independent digital media projects, individually, and in groups. Class meetings will include technology workshops, seminar-style discussion of assigned readings, and critiques of student works. Studio and Lecture. Meets the Creative Arts general education requirement.
AT153. Arts Technology Essentials: Audio (2)
This is an introductory course in the fundamental principles of audio. The emphasis is on learning how audio is used in many different disciplines and to develop an understanding of the field as a whole. Topics covered include basic audio signal flow, digital music creation and recording in Logic Pro X, audio drafting using VectorWorks, and location and post production film audio.
AT151. Arts Technology Essentials: Lighting, Photography, & Video (2)
This is an introductory course to the fundamental principles and techniques of Entertainment lighting technology, photography, and video. The emphasis is on learning to see how lighting, photography, and video are incorporated in live entertainment and to develop a common language in regard to all three disciplines. Topics covered include basic understanding of equipment used, careers in the field, a review of basic concepts with regard to composition, analysis, and research.
AT157. Storytelling (3)
Through discussion, exercises and projects, students will learn to recognize and utilize the basic elements of compelling stories. They will gain insights necessary to analyze and understand how stories have influenced their own lives. And in turn, they will practice the skills they will need to influence the lives of others by learning how best to create, distribute and tell stories of their own.
AT265. Foundations in Web Design/Development (3)
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of website creation. Students are expected to use creativity, problem solving skills, and professional software to design and build all visual and functional aspects of static web pages. In class tutorials will expose students to HTML, Cascading Style Sheets and other web technologies. Course content also includes a survey of web design aesthetics, web terminology, search engine optimization, and accessibility principles. Assignments are largely project based. Pre-requisites: AT110 or EN305 or consent of instructor.
AT396. Arts Technology Cornerstone Project (1-3)
The Cornerstone Project will focus on the marketing, recording, representation or documentation of an existing arts project such as a live performance, installation, exhibition, concert, or event which will serve as the project’s “content.” Projects may be individual or collaborative depending on the nature of the content and the media used to represent it. The project will be supervised by faculty and evaluated by faculty, student peers, and/or third-party stakeholders.
AT470. AT 471. Internship (1-2)
The Arts Tech internship will provide students with the opportunity for Performance Learning through cooperation with an external company, organization, or individual. Students will collaborate with faculty to develop academic learning goals specific to the work of the external partner, and practice arts technology skills under the supervision of industry professionals.
AT490. Portfolio and Professional Development (1)
From the beginning of the curriculum, in the core and in individual emphases, students will be compiling a variety of arts technology projects and products. This course will focus on effectively arranging and presenting each student's work in an effective professional portfolio. The course delivery will be in "master class" format, allowing faculty and industry professionals to review student portfolios, offer constructive criticism, industry insights, and professional mentorship to students entering an arts technology field. Course must be taken during the student's last semester on campus. Pre-requisites: AT110, AT151, AT153, senior status, or consent of the instructor.
AT496. Art Technology Capstone Project (3)
The Capstone Project will be the creation of a public initiative, event, or experience that incorporates the use of arts technologies, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills in its conception and execution. Students will work individually and in teams on pieces of a larger, collaborative enterprise. The project will be overseen by the Arts Tech faculty, and evaluated by faculty, student peers, and third-party stakeholders. Pre-requisites: AT110, AT151, AT153, junior standing, or consent of the instructor.
TH135. Elements and Principles of Design(3) or AR105 2D Design (3)
TH135: This course is intended to introduce the student to basic design principles and explores the elements of design through a variety of abstract and conceptual projects that incorporate 2-D, 3-D and Kinetic design. An emphasis on presentation and communication of ideas will be a focus of this class.

AR105: Comprehensive study in black and white of principles and elements of two-dimensional composition. Topics covered include line, shape, texture, value, space, rhythm, balance, unity, variety, repetition, movement, scale and proportion. Color projects are introduced to develop artistic awareness and solutions to color theory. Studio and lecture.

AR1015. Discourses in Media & Design (3)
This course introduces students to ongoing conversations in the arts, media and design. It offers students an occasion to perform the visual, verbal, and conceptual skill-sets essential to describing and analyzing aesthetic forms. Students will consider composition, color, and texture (among others) as they apply to advertising, performance art, media, and film (among others). Lectures, discussions, readings, and experiential assignments will draw from a variety of media, cultures, and periods.
ET380. The Art of Entrepreneurship (3)
The course provides students with the full range of practical application of entrepreneurial theories behind new venture creation. Students will ideate, pitch, fund, launch, and harvest a micro-venture of their own imagination and/or passion. The course focuses on understanding the process of creativity and opportunity recognition and introduces students to the risks and rewards of ownership through a venture of their own design. The course engages in new venture creation, customer empathy, sales and income generation, and documentation. Finally, students keep the profits from their venture, and some students choose to continue their venture following the course.
MK202. Principles in Marketing (3)
Students will use the marketing concept of satisfying customer wants and needs to learn and critique the marketing functions (product, price, place, promotion, people) of local & global businesses. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing.
AD360. Topics in Arts Administration (3)
This course is designed to explore advanced topics in Arts Administration. Topics could include Fundraising, Grant Writing, Policy, Customer Development in the Arts, etc.
MK307. IMC Campaigns (3)
An applied study of fundamentals of promotions management and marketing communications. Uses tools such as promotional plans, advertising budgets, media purchasing, advertising goals and objectives to develop an understanding of promotion and advertising. Applications orientation provides ample opportunity for students to make decisions relating to advertising and promotion strategies. Pre-requisites: MK200, Junior standing.
MK363. Brand Loyalty through Digital Media (3)
This course focuses on how to develop and build brand loyalty through digital media like websites, social media, mobile apps and emerging technologies. Students will learn about the basics of brand dynamics and user experiences. Case studies will be used to illustrate how individual brands use digital media to develop and build brand loyalty culminating with the creation and promotion of your personal brand through digital media. Learn (best social media practices), discover (your personal brand), create (an online presence), measure (your impact) & analyze (your efforts). Students will complete a social media management system certification. Pre-requisites: MK200, Junior standing
MC312. Legal Issues in the Arts (3)
Explores the unique relationship between publishing and copyright. Copyright terminology and applications, legal issues involving contracts, intellectual property, the Internet, and electronic publishing; application of the foregoing to case studies and current trends in the industry. Pre-requisites: Junior standing
ET3401. Foundations of Entrepreneurship(3)
ET3401:This course will provide students with the understanding of the entrepreneurship process: Recognize opportunity, identify target market, convert idea to concept, determine and acquire resources, implement and lead the organization, and harvest and exit. Searching for a valid business model, students will take their business idea through the process and create a feasibility study and operating plan. Students will also acquire an understanding of business ethics and social responsibility in business creation.
AD3231 Arts Management (3)
Through the continued practice of collaboration, analysis, and professionalism, students will understand the basics of the wide range of types of theatre and the process of staffing, budgeting, marketing, development and season planning. As an ongoing project, students will apply what they read, learn, and practice to the entrepreneurial creation of a hypothetical non-profit theatre company.
AT321/TH390/AR390/MC390/AR325/IS390/MC160 Student-run Ventures (2)
AT321. Millikin Creates (1) Millikin Creates is a student run digital media firm that creates visual, interactive, or audio solutions for clients on campus or in the community. This student venture also creates custom content surrounding innovation, creativity, and technology and publishes on a variety of digital platforms. Students interested in arts technology, project management, entrepreneurship, and/or digital journalism are encouraged to enroll. Prerequisite: Instructor approval. TH390. Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre (1-3) Students enrolled in TH390 are the Artistic and Production Teams of Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre, Millikin's student-run theatre company. Teams meet weekly to establish goals, set timelines, and execute plans in addition to presenting a monthly report to the Pipe Dreams Advisory Board. Emphasis is placed on concept and business development, programming, and marketing/branding. AR390. Blue Connection (3) Students enrolled in AR390 are the Gallery Team of Blue Connection, Millikin's student-run retail art gallery. The Gallery Team meets weekly to establish goals for management, inventory, marketing, collaboration and finance. They set timelines and execute plans in addition to presenting reports to faculty and advisory boards. Emphasis is placed on strategic planning, opportunity recognition, and ownership. This course also serves as the BA capstone for the art department. MC390. First Step Records (1) Managing and operating First Step Records, Millikin University's record label and publishing entity. Students gain practice learning opportunities in production, manufacturing, accounting, legal affairs, publishing, marketing/ promotion/sales, graphic arts, artists and repertoire, and e-commerce. Students also explore entrepreneurial opportunities in music business. Pre-requisite: junior standing in MUMB or consent of instructor. AR325. Graphic Design: Ad Agency (3) Designed to familiarize the student with problems and solutions encountered in daily work situations. Assignments include the design of catalog covers,brochures, letterheads, logos and posters. Students will have the opportunity to interact with real clients and learn professional skills related to the design profession. Studio and lecture. Pre-requisite: AR125 or 201. IS390. Millikin University Performance Learning Consulting Technology Venture. This course is an intentional fusion of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship and provides a capstone experience to the information systems program. Students will ideate, pitch, fund, and launch a technology venture of their own creation. Through the use of various technology platforms, students will develop business models for technology venture creation.

Arts Technology Learning Goals

Students will:

  • Be conversant in the visual and performing arts, demonstrating an understanding of their aesthetics and discourses.
  • Acquire and apply, through Performance Learning, the skills needed to be proficient in essential arts technologies.
  • Develop a collaborative, entrepreneurial mindset appropriate to opportunities and accountability at the intersection of arts and technology.

Requirements for the Arts Technology Major, in addition to the University Studies requirements for either a BA or BS degree, students will complete 30 semester hours in the Arts Technology Core, 12 semester hours in Business Foundations and 18-19 semester hours in a chosen Arts Technology concentration. 

Arts Technology Core

TH135. Elements and Principles of Design (3) or AR 105. 2D Design (3)
AT110. Intro to Digital Media (3)
AT151. Arts Tech Essentials: Lighting, Photo, Video (2)
AT153. Arts Tech Essentials: Audio (2)
AT157. Storytelling (3)
AR101. Discourses in Media & Design (3)
AT265. Foundations in Web Design/Development (3)
MC312. Legal Issues in the Arts (3)
AT370. Arts Technology Cornerstone Project (1)
Student-run Ventures (2 credits):
TH390/AR390/MC390/AR325/IS390/MC160/MC210/AT321 and other ventures as approved by the chair
AT470. Internship (1)
AT490. Portfolio and Professional Development (1)
AT496. Arts Technology Capstone Project (3)

Business Foundations

MK200. Principles of Marketing (3)
Pick 3 Credits From:
MK363. Brand Loyalty through Digital Media (3)
MK 307 IMC Campaigns

ET340. Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3) or ET380. Art of Entrepreneurship (3)

AD323. Arts Management (3) or
AD360. Topics in Arts Administration (3)

18-19 Hours In One Of The Following Concentrations
Audio Engineering & Production (19)
Live Event Technology (18)
Interactive Media (18)
Video Production & Cinema (18)
Visual Media (18)





Career Opportunities

With the skills you will develop in Arts Technology, you will be prepared to do creative work for a variety of industries, and to make your own opportunities in the ever-changing creative economy.

  • Audio Production Engineer
  • Videographer/editor
  • Photographer
  • Concert/exhibition lighting designer
  • Sound reinforcement for performance venues
  • Graphic/Interactive designer
  • Film soundtrack production
  • Audio/video/podcast producer
  • Sound/video director or technician
  • Website and App Designer/Developer
  • Art director for commercial, TV, film, print, web
  • Corporate media specialist
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • Audio production for video
  • Animator
  • Theatrical projection designer
  • Game Designer/Developer
  • .....and many more

Student Work

In courses across the major students are challenged to create projects that use visual communication techniques to solve business and artistic problems.

Performance learning is incorporated in courses through student ventures such as the Blue Connection, Millitrax, Ignite Studios, and Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre. The Center for Entrepreneurship helps support these fine art ventures through the Arts Entrepreneurship Program.


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Interactive Design
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Data Visualization
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Digital Art
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Editorial Design
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Packaging & 3D Products

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Millikin Creates is a student run media firm creates design, videography, photography, interactive, animation, marketing, or audio solutions for clients on campus or in the community. The business also creates custom contents surrounding innovation, creativity, and technology and publishes on a variety of digital platforms.

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