Dance Administration

Students assisting a production

The Dance concentration allows students to engage in their dance passion, inviting them to develop their dance technique while discovering elements critical to a successful production process. Students will have opportunities to gain hands-on experiences as arts administrators through experiences in student-run business ventures like Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre or Arts Café.

Be prepared to lead in touring companies, festivals, dance councils and other organizations by managing clients and personnel, recruiting artists, engaging communities, and more as you dive into the world of arts management! See the list of the core classes in Arts Administration.

Want to Go Deeper in Dance? Millikin University’s School of Theater and Dance allows any major to audition and perform in their plays and recitals. Consider adding a Dance minor.

Use dance to connect people and celebrate art.

Dance Concentration Courses

Choose 1 class in 2 areas

DA100. Jazz Dance (1)
A student dance ensemble working on a series of exercises, combinations and ultimately fully realized pieces choreographed by students enrolled in one of the two upper level choreography classes. Emphasis will be place on rehearsal techniques, ensemble dancing, collaboration skills and critical analysis. Audition required for registration. Repeatable for credit.
DA102. Tap (1)
The study of beginning tap technique. This course focuses on the fundamental tap vocabulary, simple combination steps and the introduction to time steps.
DA107. Ballet Technique (1-2)
The study of ballet technique at the beginning level. This course focuses on learning fundamental vocabulary and technical skills of ballet.
DA105. Modern Dance (1)
The study of modern dance technique at the beginning level. This course focuses on body awareness and centering, understanding changes of direction, and finding ways of moving using natural momentum.
DA110. Dance Appreciation (3)
This course is a study of dance from primitive times to the present. It compares ancient and modern dance forms along with its functions, and it examines the contributions of individual dancers, companies, and choreographers within a framework of cultural heritage, world politics, human rights, social values, and popular culture.
TH102. Intro to Tech (3)
Through class lectures and hands-on-participation, this course is designed to give the student an overview of the theories, practices and techniques involved in scenery and costume construction, stage lighting, theatrical sound and stage management. Hand-on learning and work on university production are required to reinforce skills and to promote collaborative efforts. Lab Fee.
TH135. Elements and Principles of Design (3)
This course is intended to introduce the student to basic design principles and explores the elements of design through a variety of abstract and conceptual projects that incorporate 2-D, 3-D and Kinetic design. An emphasis on presentation and communication of ideas will be a focus of this class.
TH151. Fundamentals of Lighting (3)
This course is designed to introduce the student to the basic knowledge and practice of stage lighting techniques in both technical and artistic projects, and to USITT national standards in stage lighting technology and design. The student will develop hands-on skills in the area of stage electrics with an emphasis on industry-wide safety standards for stage electricians. Course Fee.
TH152. Costume Construction (3)
This course introduces students to the materials, tools, machinery and techniques require to construct a costume for the theatre, and apply their knowledge to the construction of a garment from pattern to finish work. Students will also learn the roles and hierarchy of a working professional costume shop. Course fee.
TH154. Scenic Construction (3)
This class serves as an introduction to theatrical scenery construction. Through class lectures and hand-on participation. It is designed to give the student a detailed overview of the theories, practices and techniques involved in safely building, rigging, installing, operating, and striking theatrical scenery. Course fee.

Possible Careers in Dance Administration

  • General Manager
  • Company Manager
  • Production Associate
  • Finance Associate
  • Artistic Director
  • Rehearsal Director
  • Developer
  • Founder
  • Grant Writer
  • Executive Director
  • Director of Finance and Administration
  • Director of Archives and Preservation
  • Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Manager of Studio Programs and Community Engagement
  • Director of Individual & Corporate Relations
  • .....and many more

Millikin MBA Students

Already considering graduate school? For students who are interested in furthering their knowledge in leadership and management, the Daytime MBA Program is the perfect choice. At Millikin University you can earn a BA or BS in Arts Administration and a MBA in just 4 years.