Program Highlights

This program of study is offered for students who wish to prepare for a career that uses art as a form of therapy. Successful completion of course requirements in art and psychology will enable the student to apply for entry-level human service positions in various settings such as psychiatric institutions, medical centers, rehabilitation centers, health, and holistic institutions, behavioral health centers, and correctional facilities. This program also provides preparation for students to apply to selected art therapy graduate programs in order to continue education toward's a Master's Degree in Art Therapy, registration, and board certification.

Students may choose either the B.F.A. degree in Art Therapy, which requires a minimum of 60 credits in art, 18 credits in psychology, and a successful B.F.A. Thesis Exhibition in 2 areas of studio.  Students may also choose the B.A. degree in Art, with art therapy coursework, which requires up to 59 credits in art, 18 credits in psychology, and a second language.  

BFA Art Therapy