FAQs for Financial Aid and Billing

Why aren’t my Federal Loans listed under authorized financial aid on my billing statement?

Be sure you have accepted your loans on MU online and completed all loans steps. Go to www.studentloans.gov to complete Loan Entrance Counseling and sign the Master promissory Note (Loan Agreement).

Why is the MAP Grant amount different from my award letter?

You must be enrolled in 15 credit hours to receive the full MAP award each semester. Fewer than 15 credits will receive a pro-rated amount.

What does a negative amount due mean?

This means you have a financial aid credit and you will receive a refund. You do not owe Millikin University at this time.

When will refunds be available for Traditional students?

Refunds are processed after the “Last Day to Add a Course” date of each semester. You will receive an email notification once they have been processed.

When will refunds be available for Graduate or PACE students?

Refund dates will vary depending on the start of your program or when the necessary requirements have been completed for the loan programs. Please review MU Online for disbursement dates.

Why do I see a large balance due on myMillikin?

Financial aid does NOT disburse until the first day of class, if all processes have been completed. Be sure you have completed all loan steps and you have completed Federal Verification if selected.

What is Federal Verification?

Federal verification is a process where the government selects one third of students each year to verify their tax documentation against the response on the FAFSA application. If you have been selected for verification, you must return all requested items outlined on the Verification letter. Federal and State and some Institutional aid will not disburse until verification has been successfully completed. Please review our video regarding the Verification process. Verification Video

If your FAFSA application is selected for verification by the U.S Department of Education, you will receive an email from VGCS@inceptia.org, or postcard from Inceptia, containing Millikin University’s unique website link to start the verification process.

We encourage you to begin the verification process within 7 days of receiving notification from Verification Gateway to ensure you receive your financial aid in time for payments. Failure to complete the verification process could result in the delay or denial of your financial aid.

How Do I complete Verification?

Follow these steps to complete your verification.

  • Access our school’s unique website link in the email from VGCS@inceptia.org or listed below.
  • Create your account and choose preferences for text messages and e-signatures.
  • Complete your Task List.
  • Confirm your signature and review your information.
  • Sign your account.

2021-2022 Federal Verification: https://www.verificationgateway.org/millikin2022

Deadline for submitting these documents is August 31, 2022.

Why is there no meal plan on my billing statement?

Upper class students will not see meal plans assessed on their Millikin account unless a meal plan contract is completed. Meal plan contracts may be obtained in the Office of Student Financial Service. Or by visiting our web page: https://www.millikin.edu/cost-aid/student-financial-services

How do I sign up for the Flexible Payment Option?

When logged into myMillikin, click on the Account Balance and it should automatically bring up the payment option information. You can choose yes; I would like to enroll. If you have difficulty; you may contact Student Financial Services and we can manually enroll you.

Where do I find a Refund Authorization Form?

Refund Authorization forms can be found on our Financial Aid Forms link on the Financial Aid page.

How do I make someone an Authorized User and Why?

If you are a parent or guardian and would like access to the student’s account you must be set up as an authorized user. Authorized users will receive the billing statement as well as have the ability to make online payments. Your student may make you an authorized user by clicking on “Account Balance” while in myMillikin. Next click the Authorized User tab and provide a valid e-mail address. Please be advised: we may only discuss the account with authorized users or parent(s) of record on the FAFSA.

How do I purchase my books?

You may purchase your books online via myMillikin at our online book store E-Campus. If you have a financial aid credit, your credit will be available to purchase books online. If you do not have a financial aid credit, you may purchase books with credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

Why is my Federal Work Study not disbursing to my account?

Federal Work Study must be earned by obtaining a job and working scheduled hours. Students who obtain jobs are paid bi-weekly once time sheets are submitted. Please visit www.millikin.edu/bigbluejobs to apply.