Federal Work Study

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Work-Study Jobs

Millikin employs hundreds of student employees each academic year. Many students are offered the opportunity to work through the Federal Work-Study program, via their financial aid award. If you are interested in taking advantage of the Federal Work-Study offer, please visit our list of jobs or visit the Student Success Center.

Big Blue Jobs

Hours & Payment

Students typically work on campus and average 8-12 hours a week and are not allowed to work more than 25 hours per week (though most work-study jobs do not allow for that many hours). Students will be paid every two weeks (by check, electronic funds deposit, or directly their earnings to go toward their student account to pay tuition).

Non-Work-Study Jobs

While campus employers generally prioritize hiring Federal Work-Study eligible students, there are on-campus employment opportunities for those who are not offered the Federal Work-Study program. For information on all areas related to student employment, please visit the Student Success Center at UC312.