Why Study at MU?


We want students to enter the workforce as confident professionals who hold a passion for what they do and the experience to do it better than the rest.


An education rooted in history

In 1901, Millikin University was founded by self-made businessman and philanthropist, James Millikin. Millikin, who started as a farmer and achieved success within the real estate and banking industries during the 19th century, sought to create an institution of higher learning that was open to all and that integrated the traditional liberal arts along with the practical arts of the professions.

Immersive learning experiences

From Day One, Millikin’s theory-practice approach to education was unique. Today, Millikin takes this idea a step further with Performance Learning. Students in every area of study are able to participate in various classes, programs, projects, and performances that engage them in ways in which they’ll receive practical, hands-on experience that they can’t receive anywhere else.

Highly employable graduates

At Millikin, students get a real taste of things to come in their careers – they don’t just know what to do, but they also know how to do it. In 2019, 96% of students who graduated from Millikin found employment or went on to graduate or professional studies within six months of graduation. 

Tuition that's affordable

Millikin is a private university, but private doesn’t have to mean unaffordable. Each year, Millikin gives away nearly $44.2 million in aid, and if that’s a difficult amount to imagine, consider that the average financial aid package offered to incoming students is about $15,000. A variety of scholarships are available to students based on their level of academic achievement, creative talent, commitment to public service, and financial need. 

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