Benefits for Full-Time Employees

Millikin University strives to create an environment where team members feel personally valued, professionally invested and inspired by their work. One way we do this is by providing our team members with a competitive pay and benefits package.

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  • Medical Insurance

    The University offers a group major medical plan that includes a hospital-based Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Coverage becomes effective the first of the month following one month of full-time employment. Part-time employees who work an average of 30 hours per week may also be eligible.

    Under the Transparency in Coverage Final Rule, plans and issuers will disclose pricing information to the public through machine readable files.  The file for Millikin’s plan is accessible here:

    Dental Insurance

    The University's dental plan provides coverage for preventative services, minor restorative services, major services, and orthodontics. Coverage becomes effective the first of the month following one month of full-time employment.

    Vision Insurance

    The University offers a vision insurance plan. The plan provides discounts and co-pays for In-Network costs and reimbursement for Out-of-Network costs, including annual exams, contact lenses, single vision lenses and frames for employees, as well as, their dependents.

    Critical Illness & Cancer Insurance

    The University offers critical illness and cancer insurance that helps reduce daily stress about money, so an individual can focus on getting better. This plan pays a lump sum cash benefit directly to the employee, after a claim is approved, for a variety of covered conditions such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer. Full-time employees can choose between $5,000 and $20,000 of coverage, in $5,000 increments with a $20,000 guaranteed issue. If an employee elects coverage for themselves, they also have the opportunity to elect coverage for a spouse and eligible children.

    Life insurance

    The University provides life insurance equal to $50,000. Coverage becomes effective the first of the month following one month of full-time employment. The premium is paid in full by the University. The University also offers supplemental life insurance, which allows employees to purchase additional insurance for themselves and their dependents.

    Long-term Disability Insurance

    The plan pays 60% of your base salary up to a maximum benefit of $8,000 per month. This plan is paid in full by the University. Coverage becomes effective the first of the month following one month of full-time employment.

    Flexible benefit plan

    Under section 125 of the IRS Code, MU employees are allowed to set aside before-tax dollars in a reimbursement account not subject to social security, federal, or state taxes. From this account, employees may pay for medical and dental insurance premiums, health and dental expenses not covered by insurance, depended childcare expenses, and dependent eldercare expenses.

  • Defined Contribution Retirement Plan

    The University-sponsored retirement plan is with IICU-MEP. Initial participation in Millikin's retirement plan is voluntary; however, participation becomes mandatory for full-time employees after six years of employment. After one year of eligible service, the University will contribute 5% of the employee's base annual salary, when the employee contributes 5%. (Part-time employees who work at least 1000 hours per year may also be eligible.)

    Tax-Deferred Annuity

    The University provides a tax-efficient way to supplement retirement savings by offering a tax-deferred annuity. Generally, all employees are eligible to participate and may begin participating at any time, up to the IRS limits.

  • Millikin University is a member school in two tuition exchange programs. Tuition Exchange, Inc. (TE) and The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) offer national scholarship exchange programs for the dependents of employees of member schools. As with scholarships, tuition exchange awards are granted based on each individual's schools selection criteria and are quite competitive.


    Eligibility for this benefit begins after the completion of one year of continuous, full-time employment at Millikin University. If the service requirement occurs after the registration period, participation will commence with the first day of the subsequent term.

    Those eligible for consideration to participate in the exchange programs are the dependent children of full-time employees (provided the applicants meet admission requirements and continue to make satisfactory academic progress).

    Tuition exchange participation is subject to the regulations of each of the two different programs and Millikin's status in them.

    A student must meet the usual admission standards of the admitting institution and there are limitations on the number of students accepted at a particular institution under the exchange programs. It is the student's responsibility to obtain program information (requirements and deadlines) and admission application forms directly from the colleges and universities.

    Participation in the tuition exchange program is limited to undergraduate programs and to students seeking their first undergraduate degree.


    Employee: Regular full-time employee, which is defined as full-time faculty, administrator, or support staff who works a minimum of 32 hours per week, including full-time employees on paid or unpaid leave of absence and sabbaticals.

    Dependent Children: For purposes of this policy, dependency is defined as: A qualifying child under the age of 24 prior to the beginning of the term for which the benefit will be used.

    A qualifying child is defined as:

    • A biological child
    • A legally adopted child of the employee
    • A stepchild
    • A biological child of the employee's qualified domestic partner
    • The employee is the legal guardian of the child, as defined by a State Court, and the child resides with the employee.
    • In instances where the child does not reside with the employee:
      • An employee is considered to support a child when they provide over 50% of the child's living expenses.
      • An employee is responsible for educational expenses by virtue of a divorce decree.

    If you have any questions regarding the Educational Assistance Policy or your eligibility as an employee, please contact Human Resources at 217.362.6416.

    Value of Exchange Award

    If accepted into one of the two exchange programs by a particular school, a dependent child could attend the participating college either tuition-free or paying a percentage tuition charge, depending upon the program and school. Room, board, and fees must be paid in full and are the responsibility of the parent/student in most cases.

    Submission Requirements

    1. Complete Application for Tuition Exchange Participation.
      • Universities/colleges listed as under consideration on the Application for Tuition Exchange Participation need to have the appropriate exchange participation indicated. Please see TE and CIC-TEP websites for listings of current member schools for each program.
      • Completed application needs to be taken to Human Resources for eligibility confirmation.
    2. Complete Dependent Child Certification Form.
      • Completed form needs to be taken to Human Resources for eligibility confirmation.
    3. Apply to schools listed on the Application for Tuition Exchange Participation and submit all required financial aid information.
    4. Communicate with Admission Counselor and Tuition Exchange Liaison at the importing school about intent to participate in Tuition Exchange Program.

    If you have questions about the required information, please contact the Tuition Exchange Liaison at 217.420.6743 or

  • Are there pre-existing condition limitations when I enroll in the medical plan?

    There are no pre-existing condition limitations under your new plan.

    When can my dependents be added to my health and dental plans?

    New employees may add a spouse and/or children within the first 30 days of employment or during the annual open enrollment. Thereafter, enrollment periods are within 31 days of a change in family status. Examples of a qualified change in family status include: birth, adoption, change in marital status, death of spouse or dependent, and/or change in spouse employment status. Evidence for these changes, such as a marriage license, birth certificate or adoption decree will be required.

    How long can my children be insured as my dependents?

    Children may remain insured as dependents until their 26th birthday if they do not have access to other employer-sponsored coverage. (regardless of full-time student status, dependent status, marital status or residing at home) Children who cease to be eligible as dependents may continue coverage on their own by paying the full cost for up to 36 months under a federal law referred to as COBRA. It is your responsibility to notify Human Resources if the dependent ceases to be a full-time student or marries prior to the next recertification period.

    What happens to my insurance in the event of a layoff, illness, or other types of leave?

    The health, dental, and life plans may be continued during seasonal layoff, illness, family and medical or educational leaves without pay. If you are on paid leave the insurance premium will be deducted from the paycheck. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to send in your premiums in a timely fashion. Failure to pay a premium will result in termination of the health, dental, and life coverage until you return to work. Reenrollment in some plans will be subject to evidence of good health.

    What happens to my insurance during a period of personal leave without pay?

    If you are on a personal leave without pay, you may continue coverage for up to 6 months subject to your payment of 100% of the premium, which includes the employer contribution. It is your responsibility to send in your premiums in a timely fashion. Failure to pay the premium will result in termination of the health, dental and life coverage until you return to work. Re-enrollment in some plans will be subject to evidence of good health.

    What happens to my insurance when I resign or my contract ends?

    Persons leaving employment at the University are entitled to continue the health, and dental coverage for up to 18 months under a federal law referred to as COBRA. Cost of coverage is borne fully by the employee. Notice of the COBRA Continuation Option is sent to employees by Human Resources soon after their resignation or appointment ending date.

    Is there term life insurance coverage available for my family and myself?

    All eligible employees automatically have employer-paid life insurance equal to $50,000. You can elect to purchase additional life insurance at your own cost. Optional coverage for your spouse and/or children is also available at your own cost. Enrollment in the optional plans is guaranteed within the first 30 days of employment (up to $250,000 for employees, up to $50,000 for spouses); thereafter evidence of good health is required. For more information, contact Human Resources.

    Is there Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage available?

    The University provides accidental death and dismemberment coverage for eligible employees at no charge. The value of the policy is $50,000.

    Does the University make any contributions into my retirement plan?

    Yes, the University makes a contribution equal to 5% of your base annual salary, when you contribute a minimum of 5%. You can begin your contributions to the retirement plan immediately. However, there is a one year waiting period before the University makes their 5% contribution, which may be waived under certain circumstances.

    Where do I get information regarding the retirement plan?

    You need to contact TIAA directly. Their toll free number is 1.800.842.2776.

    What tax-deferred savings plans are available?

    Tax deferred plans are available through TIAA.

    How do I report a change in status such as a change of address or a change in my dependents status?

    Contact Human Resources.

  • Sick and Vacation Days

    The University provides 12 sick days and 20 vacation day per year. 


    The University provides the following paid holidays: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

    Tuition Waiver

    Millikin grants full courtesy tuition waivers to full-time employees, their spouses and dependent children. Through Millikin's participation in collegiate exchange programs, dependent children may attend select colleges in addition to Millikin with no tuition if certain conditions are met.

    Other benefits

    Employees receive complimentary passes to regular season Millikin athletic events; access to tennis courts, weight room, and all-weather track and field complex; discounts on membership at the Decatur Indoor Sports Center (DISC), selected performances at the Kirkland Fine Arts Center, as well as several dining service locations throughout campus. In addition, all employees have access to an Employee Assistance Program (877-234-5151) and the Staley Library.

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