Admission Office Serron Pettis

Admission Counselor

Meet Your Millikin Admission Counselor! 


» Sports & Recreational Management, Millikin University (2023) 

High School & Hometown 

» De La Salle Institute, Chicago, Illinois 

Works With Students From: 

» Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota 

Why am I proud to represent MU?  

Millikin brings a certain hands-on experience to prepare you for the future like no other. This is also the place where I’ve built some of the strongest bonds and relationships that I know will last a lifetime. 

Why did I decide to work in this field and/or at Millikin? 

I see myself as a person that doesn’t think twice about using my skills and abilities to help someone else achieve a dream or goal. This is something I practice in my everyday life and being able to do that as a profession from the place that I developed many of those skills and abilities is a great start to a beautiful dream. 

Words I use to describe Millikin students: 

Unique, Exuberant, Passionate, Community, Focused 

Advice for students/applicants: 

Make sure you find the place that gives that at-home feeling. Never put all your eggs into one basket. 

What do I enjoy doing outside of work? 

I love grilling and trying new food places. I also love to roller 

skate whenever I get the free time. 

What is my favorite: 

Food/Drink: Chicken/tacos 

TV Show/Movie: Spirit, Training Day 

Music: R&B oldies 

Book: The Hate U Give 

Thing about Millikin: Connections 

Place on Campus: University Commons 

Place in Decatur: Overlook Adventure Park 

Time/Tradition of the Millikin School Year: Homecoming 

Fun facts about me: 

» I’m a great juggler. 

» I’ve been a gymnast for 12 years. 

» I’m the eldest of six siblings. 

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