Admission Office Kathryn Hise

Graduate Student Recruiter

Meet Your Millikin Admission Counselor!   


» Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of Memphis (2021)  

High School & Hometown  

» St. Teresa High School, Decatur, Illinois  

Works with Students From:  

» Recruitment for MBA, Nursing & Athletic Training  

Graduate Programs   

Why am I proud to represent MU? 

Millikin is a staple in Decatur and the institution has provided me so much guidance from a young age. Though I did not attend college, my summers growing up were always spent in the campus gymnasium for athletic camps and the music hall for piano lessons. 

Why did I decide to work in this field and/or at Millikin? 

I have always held a deep love and respect for education. 

Words I use to describe Millikin students: 

Bright, Ambitious, Driven 

Advice for students/applicants: Do your research prior to coming to campus for a visit. Look into what the University provides and what interests you. Dig into those offerings on your visit and get a good feel for the programs/activities. 

What do I enjoy doing outside of work? 

I enjoy reading, going to the gym and spending time with my family. 

What is my favorite: 

Food/Drink: Sushi 

TV Show/Movie: Attack on Titan/Moulin Rouge 

Music: BTS 

Book: Fourth Wing 

Thing about Millikin: Beautiful old buildings 

Place on Campus: Staley Library 

Place in Decatur: Sand Creek Conservation Area 

Time/Tradition of the Millikin School Year: Start of football season 

Fun facts about me: 

» I have a black cat named Batman. 

» I am an INTJ per the MBTI assessment. 

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