Director of Operations

Fiscal Operations
FLSA Category

Director of Operations

Job Description


Position Title:     Director of Operations

Department:      Operations

FLSA Category:  Exempt            


Working Relationships:

  • Reports to: Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Works Closely with:  Administrative and Faculty colleagues, Contractual Service Providers, Assistant Vice President of Financial Services, Director of Instructional Technology, Athletic Director
  • Directly Supervises:  Contractual Service Providers, Public Safety, Director of Facilities, Director of Dining, and Administrative Assistant


Job Summary: 

The Director of Operations will provide leadership, coordination, planning, assessment, and administrative oversight of the operations. They will establish and implement short-and-long-range organizational goals, objectives, and strategic plans, policies, and operating procedures.

They will be responsible for the following:

  • Contract Management including maintenance/custodial/grounds services (Aramark), Dining Services (Aramark), Residential Housing Partnership (the Woods), Decatur Parks Department Partnership (the DISC), James Millikin Homestead, leases, copier contracts, and warranties
  • Campus Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Facilities Management including design, construction, renovation, preparing and prioritizing capital and deferred maintenance budget requests
  • Optimizing use of the Campus space including event management, campus scheduling, and auxiliary income through campus events/rentals
  • University Purchasing Program
  • Oversight of Campus Scheduling, Campus Store, and Campus Mailroom


All employees are expected to uphold the values of the University.  At Millikin University, we value:

  • Intellectual and creative inquiry
  • Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility
  • Dignity and respect for all persons
  • Integrity and responsibility
  • Honest, open dialogue and reflection
  • Advancement of the common good

Description of Responsibilities:

  1. Managing University contracts and operations:
  • Coordinate processes that assure sustained progress toward implementation of the Facilities Master Plan and the Construction and Rehabilitation Capital Plan.
  • Manages all University contracts, including but not limited to ARAMARK Facilities and Dining Services, all other dining contracts, online Bookstore, leased facilities, property insurance, construction, Decatur Park District, First Site (The Woods),  James Millikin Homestead, leases, copier contracts, and warranties. 
  • Supports the Director of Institutional Technology in contract negotiations related to technology.
  • Provides overall leadership and coordination of the University’s facilities operations, ensuring optimal integration, synergy, and cost-efficiency in the development and implementation of operating plans, systems. and procedures.
  • Establishes and implements short-and-long-range organizational goals, objectives, and strategic plans, policies, and operating procedures.
  • Responsible for Facilities budget including: labor, supplies, contracted services, management and administration, and utilities.  This process encompasses the development, reforecast, monthly and end-of-year reviews, cost containment, and other adjustments or recommendations required by the University resources.
  • Evaluates University facilities operations; provides recommendations to ensure activities and initiatives are consistent with the University’s strategic, operational, and fiscal needs and objectives.  Recommends and makes changes as needed.
  • Implements processes to ensure routine and rigorous assessment of client satisfaction factors, enhancing the customer-service focus of service providers and building the infrastructure necessary to assist staff in the effective execution of services.
  • Manage Request for Proposal (RFP) processes.
  • Optimizing use of the Campus space including event management, campus scheduling, and auxiliary income through campus events/rentals.
  1. Overseeing the University’s Risk Management Program
  • Oversee the organization’s comprehensive insurance and risk management program, assessing and identifying risks that could impede the reputation, safety, security, or financial success of the organization.
  • Conducts risk assessments, collecting and analyzing documentation, statistics, reports, and market trends;
  • Establishes policies and procedures to identify and address risks in the organization’s services and departments;
  • Makes recommendations and implements modifications and improvements;
  • Recommends and implements risk management solutions such as insurance, business continuity plans, or recovery measures; and
  • Drafts and presents risk reports and proposals to executive leadership and senior staff.
  1. Coordination of Construction Projects
  • Oversee and coordinate various construction projects from start to finish, ensuring that schedules and budgets are followed:
  • Selects, contracts, and oversees contractors for specific needs;
  • Ensures that work meets quality standards and adheres to specifications;
  • Provides leadership in initial planning stage by collaborating with the construction committee or other involved parties;
  • Regularly communicates with the construction committee concerning budget progress and costs;
  • Oversees contract negotiations, revisions, additions, and adherence by all parties; and
  • Collaborates with the construction committee, supervisory staff, contractors, and design professionals to discuss and resolve problems.
  1. Oversight of the University Purchasing Program
  • Responsible for researching and evaluating suppliers based on price, quality, selection, service, availability, reliability, production and distribution capabilities, and the supplier’s reputation and history to ensure that the university is purchasing the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible price.
  • Evaluates vendors based on price, reliability, capability, and previous transaction history;
  • Works with vendors to negotiate volume and cash transaction discounts, and other available discounts;
  • Ensures that purchasing documents are complete and accurate and include appropriate and reasonable terms and conditions; and
  • Maintains pricing histories and other vendor records.
  • Prepare purchase orders, solicit bid proposals, and review requisitions for goods and services.
  • Analyze price proposals, financial reports, and other data and information to determine reasonable prices.
  • Monitor shipments to ensure that goods come in on time.
  • Formulate policies and procedures for bid proposals and procurement of goods and services.
  1. Oversight of Public Safety Department
  • Collaborating with the Chief of Police to ensure a community policing model of security and policing is provided to campus.
  • Ensure that necessary training is provided to all Public Safety staff to remain in legal compliance and with best practices.
  • Ensure that all compliance reporting is filed annually including the annual report for the Clery Act.
  • Working with the Vice President for Student Affairs to ensure a cohesive message about student safety on campus.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer     

Minimum Position Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree with 10 years related experience.  Higher education experience in the areas of Athletics, Human Resources and/or Title IX preferred.
  • Experience with budget and fiscal management.
  • Familiarity and understanding of the internal and external workings of a university and knowledge of how-to best work with various constituents involved in and served by capital projects.
  • Ability to comply with reporting requirements.
  • Ability to develop and monitor metrics to ensure the organization is operating efficiently and effectively serving campus needs while meeting budgetary parameters.
  • Thorough knowledge of complex facilities administrative operations.
  • Strategic mindset with an ability to think through complex challenges, develop collaborative solutions and execute in ways that align with the organizations core values.
  • A commitment to diversity and inclusion with the ability to create a department which is inclusive and accessible.
  • Collective bargaining experience.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to develop, plan, and implement short and long-range goals and financial plans.
  • Ability to foster cooperative work environment.
  • Ability to present information effectively.
  • Ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.
  • Knowledge of a range of automated financial systems and applications software.
  • Experience with Banner helpful. 
  • Ability to interact effectively with all levels of or organization’s personnel. 

Work Environment:

         Manual Dexterity: 

  • Dexterity to operate a keyboard

Physical Effort: 

  • Typically sitting at a desk or table
  • Occasionally lifting 25-50 lbs.
  • Hearing and visual acuity within normal range

Working Conditions:  

  • Typical working conditions found in most administrative work areas

Hazards:  None


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