Unified Auditions

SOTAD Unified Auditions – Fall 2024

Passage and Zombie Prom

Monday, August 26 – Saturday, August 31


*Your audition is two minutes in length. You must present a song AND a monologue that meet the requirements below. We WILL call “time” if you go over two minutes, so please plan accordingly. You want to make sure you can show all your material within the time allotted.



*Please sing an uptempo, Motown cut.

*Both the “Motown” and “Communicating What You Need From Your Accompanist” chapters from Rock the Audition have been uploaded to the Unified Auditions Moodle page. If you are not familiar with the RTA technique, PLEASE READ these chapters before you choose a cut and as you prepare for the audition.

*While we do not require that you use a Sheri cut from Musicnotes (https://www.musicnotes.com/audition/), we recommend them because they have arc, range and good accompaniments.

*DO NOT sing anything from Zombie Prom.

*DO NOT sing a classical or contemporary musical theatre selection.



*Please present a monologue of your choice where the character is weighing options to make an important choice.


*You will learn a jazz combination for Zombie Prom. Male-presenting performers are asked to wear jazz shoes and female-presenting performers are asked to wear character shoes.



Monday, August 26 –

6:30-9:30pm – Audition Workshop (CTD300)

*required of all first year BFA performance majors… recommended for anyone who wants a chance to run their material in the space

*led by seniors, Karissa Brown and Ethan Cerros


Tuesday, August 27 –

6-9pm - Learn Dance Combination (CTD300)


Wednesday, August 28 –



Thursday, August 29 –



Friday, August 30 –

6-10pm – DANCE CALL (CTD300)


Saturday, August 26 – CALLBACKS

Passage – 9am-12pm (CTD311)

Zombie Prom –1-5pm (CTD300)


Please look for an email in August containing instructions on how to sign up for auditions. If you DO NOT receive an email regarding sign-ups, please contact Hannah Patton (hpatton@millikin.edu). Callback materials will be available on the Theatre: Unified Auditions Moodle Page.

How To Enroll In The Unified Auditions Moodle Page