Shakespeare Corrected at Millikin


Shakespeare Corrected

The Mission of Shakespeare Corrected is to bring undergraduate students together with marginalized populations to create an artistic experience that creates an atmosphere of respectful inclusion and supported expression.  Beginning in the fall and ending in the spring of every year, Shakespeare Corrected works within eight separate facilities throughout Macon County, including the Decatur Correctional Center.  Students independently run multiple aspects of the program: Leading, Teaching, Directing, Designing, Writing, Performing, Logistics, Research.  The minimum 5 month engagement results in public showings of completed and collaborative works. Students must enroll in the 3 credit TH 205 Shakespeare Corrected class to participate.

“Whether you’re working with DCC (Decatur Correctional Center), The Boys and Girls Club, Macon Resources Incorporated, or anyone else, Shakespeare Corrected will change you as a person. The program encourages empathy, humility, patience, courage, and love above all else. It is not geared towards “changing the world” but at simply offering people in situations different from our own the opportunity to explore parts of themselves through artistic expression and community. It has given me some of my most precious moments and memories, and I encourage anyone and everyone to participate.” ~ Chloe Fisher

Listen to Professor Miller talk about the impact of Shakespeare Corrected on NPR.
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