Millikin University Announces International Student Partnership with The WorldGrad

International students will begin their studies remotely and then attend Millikin in person.

ADM-Scovill Hall

DECATUR, Ill. – Millikin University has partnered with The WorldGrad, an award-winning academic partner that will connect Millikin with international students looking to complete Tabor School of Business degrees.

The WorldGrad has a unique business model that allows students to study in their home country online for their first year with a U.S. university,” Millikin Dean of the Tabor School of Business RJ Podeschi said. “This is really ingenious as it allows students to improve their English skills, collaborate with other students, and become acclimated to American higher education before traveling while reducing the total cost of education.”

Prospective students will be offered conditional admission to Millikin and then encouraged to apply to MU and eventually attend in person. First-year students will complete online courses in their home country.

“The WorldGrad’s purpose is to make international education affordable and accessible,” Podeschi said. “Their mission is aligned well with Millikin’s in providing students with a high-quality education that won’t add years of debt while providing an American college experience.”

Prospective students can work towards Millikin Bachelor of Sciences degrees in Accounting, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Applied Statistics. A Bachelor of Arts degree can also be earned in Mathematics.

The WorldGrad currently enrolls students predominantly from India and plans to expand into other parts of Asia and Africa in the near future.

“The WorldGrad will help augment Millikin’s international recruiting efforts by marketing to areas of the globe where we haven’t had as much exposure in areas, such as South Asia,” Podeschi said. “This will also increase our number of international alumni to share their Millikin success stories with others around the world.”

The student’s learning journey begins with 24-30 credit online courses completed via The WorldGrad. The students then progress to in-person classes at Millikin with full recognition for online credits. They then progress and complete their degree on campus.

“I believe the WorldGrad partnership will support Millikin’s mission of helping our students become democratic citizens in a global environment. Sometimes that is seen by sending our students abroad, and other times, it is by diversifying our student population through international students,” Podeschi said. “I hope to see The WorldGrad partnership increase our population of degree-seeking international students as well as see improved student success and career outcomes from our international students.”