The Learned Ladies, presented by the School of Theatre & Dance

Daily on Thursday at 7:30pm until Sat, Mar 9 2024
Virginia Rogers Theatre
Open to the public

The Learned Ladies

By Freyda Thomas and Molière 
Directed by Jefferson Farber

Tickets - $20, available at

“The Learned Ladies” is one of Molière’s great farces. This modernized adaptation satirizes the pretensions of academics and the logic of people in love. The play finds the young Henriette hoping to marry the handsome Clotilde. But Henriette’s mother, aunt and older sister have other ideas. In their rabid and overzealous quest for education and empowerment, these “learned ladies” want Henriette to marry Trissotin, the mediocre scholar-poet Henriette’s mother has taken in. Add to them a meek but well-meaning husband, a practical brother-in-law and a few mouthy servants, and what follows is a hilarious night at the theatre.   

“The Learned Ladies” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

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