Program Overview

Stage Performance

Students interested in working as entertainment technicians will develop the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to design, maintain, and operate lighting, sound, and projection systems. Coursework prepares students to work in venues such as concerts, theaters, sports arenas, trade shows, churches and convention centers.

Other Concentrations Include: Interactive Media | Video Production & Cinema | Audio Engineering & Production | Visual Media. Students may earn more than one concentration.

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Live Event Technology Concentration (18 credits)

• TH 102 Intro to Technical Theatre (3)
• TH 151 Fundamentals of Lighting (3)
• AT 453 Audio Systems Design and Integration (3)
• AT 330 Live Sound (3)

Choose 6 credits from the following:

  • • TH 358 Special Topics in Stage Lighting (3)
    • AT 341 Live Event Networking and Control Systems (3)
    • AT 364 Topics in Live Event Technology (3)
    • TH 355 Designing Disney (3)
    • AT 357 Technical Ensemble (1-3)
        Or Elective As Approved By Chair

    *Electives available in audio production, visual effects, videography, animation, design, and arts administration. Depending on your desired type of live event this concentration pairs nicely with a music or theatre minor, arts administration major or sport and recreation management minor.

Light & Design Lab in the Center for Theatre and Dance

Light & Design Lab in the Millikin University Center for Theatre and Dance

Key Courses

Live Event Technology Concentration (Credits)

TH 102  Intro to Technical Theatre (3)
Through class lectures and hands-on participation, this course is designed to give the student an overview of the theories, practices and techniques involved in scenery and costume construction, stage lighting, theatrical sound and stage management. Hands-on learning and work on university productions are required to reinforce skills and to promote collaborative efforts.
TH 151  Fundamentals of Lighting (3)
This course is designed to introduce the student to the basic knowledge and practice of stage lighting techniques in both technical and artistic projects, and to USITT national standards in stage lighting technology and design. The student will develop hands-on skills in the area of stage electrics with an emphasis on industry-wide safety standards for stage electricians.
TH 220  Sound for Theatre (3)
This class serves as an introduction to sound design, technical sound, and sound reinforcement for theatre. Through class lectures and hands-on participation, it is designed to give the student a detailed overview of the theories, practices and techniques involved in designing, editing, and technically implementing music, sound, and sound systems for theatrical performance.
TH 355 Designing Disney (3)
A travel course that engages students with the traditions and innovations of design as seen in the shows, environments, and experiences of Walt Disney World. Students will meet with designers and others critical to the production of entertainment at WDW parks.
TH 353  Lighting Design for Theatre (3)
This course is designed to explore the art of stage lighting design focusing on color theory, light and shadow, emphasis through light and styles of lighting. The history of stage lighting design will also be explored. The student will gain a working knowledge of USITT graphic standards for Lighting Design and Lighting Portfolios. Prerequisites: TH135 and TH251.
AT341 Live Event Networking and Control Systems (3)
This course will take an in-depth examination of the control and networking technology used in lighting, lasers, sound, stage machinery, animatronics, special effects, and pyrotechnics for concerts, theme parks, theatre, themed-retail, cruise ships, museums, interactive performing arts, and special events. Pre-requisites: AT110, AT151, AT153.
AT453 Audio Systems Design and Integration (3)
Students apply their skills and knowledge of recording studio signal flow, drafting, and design thinking to the advanced concepts of audio systems design. Topics include: executive audio, sound reinforcement (wide latitude of situations), location recording, project/personal studios, analog and digital connectors and digital communications protocols, electricity/power consumption, systems troubleshooting, system blockdiagrams/drafting, patch bays and other routing systems, and retail and technical support. Pre-requisites: MC 104, MC 201, MC 202, AT151, AT153.
AT330 Live Sound (3)
This course will take an in-depth examination of the equipment, setup, programming, and control of live sound. The class will focus on skills used in venues for music and live theatre.
AT357. Technical Ensemble (1-3)
Technical Ensembles are student run/faculty supervised ventures, each providing a service required by the greater Millikin arts community. Students will gain valuable technical experience (depending upon which ensemble they register for) in concert venue recital recording, remote venue location re-cording, and live sound. Students will also gain small business experience through management, booking, and accounting responsibilities associated with each ensemble. Pre-requisites: AT 153 or MC 104 or consent of the instructor.
AT364. Topics in Live Event Technology(3)
This course focuses on a theme in one of the following areas in arts technology: lighting, sound, drafting technologies, live event planning, or other relating multimedia. Pre-requisites: AT153 or TH102 or consent of instructor.
TH358. Special Topics in Stage Lighting(3)
This course is designed to explore advanced concepts in the art of lighting design for the performing arts. Through practicalexperiments and lab projects this course will explore color theory in design and the psychology of color, the use of lighting design as conceptual communication and how lighting design can manipulate the audience’s view of the performance


Potential Careers for an Arts Technology Major With A Live Event Technology Concentration

  • Concert/Exhibition Lighting Designer
  • Sound reinforcement for performance venues
  • Sound Director
  • Event Planning/Project Manager
  • Corporate Media Specialist
  • Digital and Social Media Marketer
  • Production Site Operations
  • Church/Non Profit Media Director
  • Theatrical projection designer
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Live Event Producer
  • Entertainment Stage Technician
  • Audio Visual Technician
Arts Technology

In addition to taking courses in one of the five concentrations, students will learn the foundations of all Arts Technology areas and take courses in business and art entrepreneurship.

Live Event Technology

Broadway, Rock Concerts, Tradeshows, Cruise Ships, Sports Venues. Your “office” is where entertainment happens. The Live Event Technology concentration provides performance learning opportunities for students to be able to creatively use light, sound, and other technology at live events at the brand new Center for Theatre & Dance, Kirkland Fine Arts Center , Pipe Dreams Theatre , and Millitrax Studios.