Interdepartmental Major



Degree Overview

For reasons including broad interests or career aspirations that do not fall categorically into a single major, students may seek out alternative options for earning a bachelor’s degree. The Interdepartmental Major is an individualized program of study designed to meet the needs of these students. This option allows students to pursue an interest not supported by a current major to blend offerings from at least three traditional disciplines into a new major of their own design. As such, proposals for IDMs are expected to integrate these areas of study around a single theme. Developing a curriculum plan can take considerable time and thought, so students should consult as soon as possible with faculty advisor(s) and/or the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) to develop a proposal that meets their needs and the requirements of the program.

A student interested in this program should seek out a faculty advisor, who will work with him or her to construct an individualized program that meets the student’s educational objectives, fulfills the requirements of University Studies and the College of Arts and Sciences, and demonstrates academic credibility to the University. Students may elect either a BA or BS degree in this major.