Gender Studies Minor

Gender Studies


Program Highlights

The minor consists of 21 credits, approved by a committee and taken over the student’s tenure at Millikin University.  These courses can be drawn from all schools, divisions and departments of the university.

Gender studies at Millikin University is an interdisciplinary minor taught by faculty from across the university. This diversity of expertise grants the gender studies program a perspective on how gender and sexuality impact society in all fields. Adding a gender studies minor benefits students of all majors and helps them stand out in a crowded job market.

Gender studies at Millikin University:

  • Readies students for professional success through understanding gender and sexuality constructs.
  • Encourages students to become better democratic citizens by appreciating gender and sexuality among the multiple perspectives of a global environment.
  • Fosters students’ capacity for a life of meaning and value by valuing the lives and contributions of others.

Why is a minor in gender studies valuable? In the course of their studies, students will have opportunities to:

  • Learn about the diversity of gender expression in the workplace and in everyday living.
  • Critique the way gender and sexuality fit into existing social power structures.
  • Identify gender and sexuality as social constructs.
  • Apply a cross-cultural approach to gender concerns.
  • Gain exposure to gender representations in the arts and sciences.
  • Investigate the intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, and ethnicity.

Gender Studies Committee

Prof. Amber Lusvardi – Chair

Dr. Linda Collinsworth

Dr. Melissa Scircle

Dr. Tom Robson

Dr. Stephen Frech

Dr. Laura Dean

Prof. Rachel Bicicchi

Prof. Kimmie Mungaray

Dr. Mirela Tanta

Dr. Nancy Curtin