Learn More, Get Ahead with Millikin Immersion Courses

Immersion courses are a very convenient way for current students, high school students, or community members to take courses that can result in new skills, knowledge, or a way to build up college credit in a short amount of time. Millikin offers a wide range of course offerings, including online and travel courses.

Immersion Courses


Download the 2019 Immersion Summer Bulletin brochure.

Who's taking Immersion courses?

  • Millikin students who want to get ahead on credits, raise their GPA, or improve a grade by repeating a course over the summer/winter term
  • Incoming freshmen
  • Community members interested in adult enrichment education (i.e. Driver Education), or who just want to learn something new
  • Students attending other universities, but who'd like to earn credits while home for break


  • Wednesday, April 10, 2019 – Registration begins for Immersion term
  • Last day to register for Summer Immersion classes will be the day before the class starts.
  • Monday, May 20, 2019 – Immersion term begins (see course descriptions for actual start and end dates for classes).

Registration for Millikin students may be completed in person at the Registrar's Office (Gorin Hall) or through MUOnline beginning Wednesday, April 10, 2019. Payment may be mailed or made in person at the Office of Student Financial Services in Shilling Hall, Room 119.

Non-Millikin students should register using the Immersion Registration Form Summer 2019.

Be sure to list your first-choice courses and alternate choices by course reference number (CRN). Please list your alternate course preference, in case of cancelation due to low enrollment.

Student Accommodations

Students who are seeking classroom accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act should submit documentation to the Office of Student Success at the time of registration.

Additional Details

Registration for classes establishes a financial obligation to Millikin University. If there is no financial aid available for the Immersion term, bills must be paid before the first day of class. Millikin University reserves the right to cancel courses due to low enrollment. Email the Registrar’s Office for more information.

Tuition and Other Charges

Scheduled one credit courses              $482

Scheduled two credit courses              $964

Scheduled three credit courses            $1446

Scheduled four credit courses             $2928

Independent/Directed Studies/ Internships   $499/credit

University-wide comprehensive fee   $22/credit

Adult Education (non-transcript adults)   $167/credit (or $500 for a 3-credit course)

For more detailed information, download the 2019 Immersion Bulletin.


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