Food Service Exemption/Notification Request


Millikin University has an exclusive contract with Aramark Dining Services (Millikin Dining) for the production and service of all food and drink items on campus and the right of first refusal on all events at which food/drink is expected to be present. However, we realize, from time to time, that there may be occasions where Millikin Dining either cannot or should not be the food service provider for a number of reasons. It’s important to note that, anytime that there is a plan to provide food or drink on campus that Millikin Dining will not be involved, this form should be completed and approved by the Director of Millikin Dining. Your request will not be considered approved until you receive email confirmation of such.

Exception to this policy:

No exemption/notification request is necessary for SMALL office/organization potlucks where less than 25 people are expected, where the event is considered “private” or internal, and where there is no charge to anyone in attendance for consumption of food or drink.

If you plan to have food served, prepared, or offered that will not be coordinated through Millikin Dining or does not meet the exception above, please review the Food Safety website and complete the information below to make your request:

  • Name:
    I need a waiver/exemption for the following reasons (please check all that apply)
    Note that for give-aways, use of pre-packaged, store-bought, non-potentially hazardous foods (also known as non-time/temperature control for safety foods (non-TCS Foods)) such as chips, crackers, cookies, candy—all of which must be commercially packaged and purchased from a licensed grocery store and that do not require refrigeration or heating—does not require the use of this form.
    By entering my initials below and pressing the “Submit” button, I am aware that this is a request only until it is approved in writing by the Director of Millikin Dining. I also agree that I will follow the guidelines in this request and have reviewed the Food Safety website.