Commercialization and Innovation

Create a business from start to finish.

In the Commercialization & Innovation Certificate students learn to innovate, create, lead, and own a venture. Coursework in the certificate program is designed to teach students to recognize opportunities, marshal resources, and assess risks. Students will be exposed to many activities of entrepreneurship including customer-driven opportunities, design thinking, market research, prototyping a new product or service, developing and iterating business models, attracting capital, networking with other active entrepreneurs, and starting a business.

This certificate is not available to Entrepreneurship majors. Certificate courses must be completed with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better.

Commercialization and Innovation Certificate Course List

Required Courses - 4 credits

  • ET260 Designing Your Life
  • ET340 Foundations of Entrepreneurship

Choose (9) Credits of Electives

  • MK307 IMC Campaigns
  • AR325 Branding and Package Design
  • OL375 Org. Creativity, Innovation, and High Performance
  • ET380 Art of Entrepreneurship
  • ET382 Entrepreneurship Practicum
  • ET383 Innovation Lab