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Physics is, in many ways, the oldest and most fundamental of the sciences. Physicists study the natural world - from the exceedingly small, trying to understand what the basic building blocks of everything are, to the astronomically big, trying to understand the history and structure of the universe as a whole, and everything in between. Studying physics will train you to think critically and to analyze and solve complex problems, skills which will serve anyone well in any career. Simply put, a major in physics can take you anywhere. Students majoring in physics go on to graduate schools in physics and engineering, positions in industry, business, and medicine, and become, among other things, researchers, professors, doctors, ministers, and MBAs.

Public Observation Nights

Each semester, Millikin hosts Public Observation Nights (PONs) in the Requarth Observatory every Wednesday from 7:30-9:30 p.m. when there are clear skies and while the weather is warm (early September–early November in the fall and March to semester’s end in mid-May in the Spring).


  • ProspectiveStudents

    A major in physics can take you anywhere, and Millikin has several options to get you there. Dual-Degree programs, Pre-Engineering programs and Pre-Professional programs let you take the best path toward your future in science.

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    Physics Minor
  • Programs of Study

    • Physics


      Because of the myriad options that students with physics degrees have after graduation, you will choose a program of courses that will best serve your post-graduation plans.
    • Physics Minor

      Physics Minor

      There are many fields for which additional coursework in physics is useful, but not as much as it would take to get a major.
  • Make It Millikin: Blue Bots

    Before coming to Millikin University, neither Jayme Reed nor Brian Freeman had much experience with robotics, but after joining Millikin's competitive robotics club, Blue Bots, they are both working on projects to share what they've learned and to bring robotics to students of all ages.