The Five Es of Career Development

The Career Center is guided by the belief that Career Development is a process -- a dynamic, lifelong cycle that is influenced by many factors that serve as the philosophical foundation on which our office bases its programs and services.

People typically begin the career development cycle by evaluating themselves. The Career Center encourages students to evaluate their values, interests, personality and skills as they seek to either choose a major or an occupational interest area.

Once someone has evaluated his/her self they are ready to explore the world of work to determine what careers best fit their unique set of characteristics. We help students gather occupational information so they can better choose a career path.

While a student may believe they have chosen the right career, the Career Center suggests that they explore their chosen career by getting experience. Internships are the perfect way to do this. We also offer assistance in obtaining internships, part-time and/or summer jobs to gain practical experience.

As a student nears completion of their college degree their thoughts turn to full-time jobs or graduate school. We have developed services to help graduates either prepare for graduate school or find a job.

Throughout the career development cycle education is a critical factor. In order to remain employable or to advance professionally everyone needs to seek out educational opportunities and become a life long learner. Our office offers programs, workshops and services that teach the basics of career development that will help graduates throughout their lifetime.