Van Reservations

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Millikin University provides vehicles, which may be rented for official University business by a department or student organization. Currently there are 5–12 passenger vans and 2-7 passenger vans, 3- cargo vans and 1- 5-passenger car. All van reservations are on a first, come first serve basis. The current rental rate is $.45 cents per mile.

Van rental Form


All drivers must be certified through the Millikin University driving program. Certification consists of three phases. The first step is a Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) background check. The second step in becoming certified is to pass an online safety test provided through Hanover Insurance Group. After successfully completing the online safety testing, you are required to take a road test or behind the wheel test.

MVR Release Form

If you would like to be certified to drive a Millikin vehicle, you must email the following information to

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address

You will receive an email from "Hanover Insurance Group" containing your link to login for your online testing. Upon successful completion of the online test, you must print the two certificates of completion. You should then contact Public Safety (217) 464-8888 to schedule your road test. You will need to bring your driver’s license and the two certificates to your road test appointment. The road test will consist of driving a large passenger van and the test takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Upon successful completion of both tests, you will then be able to drive a Millikin van. Employee certification is good for three years and student certification is good for one calendar year.


Prior to the expiration of your certification employees and students must request to take the online safety test and update their paperwork. Certification will include an MVR background check each time.

All certified drivers must report any changes in the status of their state issued driver’s license. Safety & Security may revoke, suspend or deny driving privileges for any student or employee due to:

  • Failure to report suspension or revocation of state driving privileges.
  • Reckless driving
  • Multiple accidents

Van Reservation Procedures

Reservations can only be made by a faculty, administrator, student-organization sponsor/advisor, or a staff member.

Vehicle reservations are taken Monday-Friday with at least 24 hour advance notice required. To reserve a vehicle, send an email to containing the following information:

  • Name and Department requesting the vehicle
  • Type of Vehicle Requested
  • Destination
  • Purpose of the trip
  • Date(s) and times needed
  • Number of passengers (to determine van sized needed)
  • Anticipated drivers
  • Account number to which the trip will be charged

Vans are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Ideally, request should be made by email 24 hours prior to the date needed. You will receive a confirmation email of the reservation. During non business hours, you may contact Public Safety to check availability of vehicles. A Millikin employee, such as a staff, faculty or administrative member or an advisor, shall accompany students traveling outside of the Macon county area. A travel itinerary shall also be submitted to Public Safety.

Check-Out Procedures

On the day of the trip, no more than one hour prior to your departure, you will need to come to Public Safety to check out the vehicle. Public Safety will then verify your reservation. You will need to bring your driver's license. You will be asked to verify that your driver's license is in good standing by initialing a form with a copy of your driver's license. You will receive a vehicle bag containing the vehicle rental form and the keys. You and any alternate driver must sign the rental form. At the vehicle, the safety checklist on the back of the form shall be completed. If there are problems with the vehicle contact Public Safety. Be sure to note the beginning mileage and the number of passengers. If you will be traveling outside of the Decatur area, you will be given a fleet gas card. All gas purchase receipts must be returned to Public safety.

Check-In Procedures
Prior to returning the vehicle bag and keys to Public Safety ensure all trash and personal items are removed from the vehicle. Be sure to note the ending mileage. The vehicle must be parked in its designated parking space. Ensure all contents are in the vehicle bag. Notify Public Safety if you had any problems with the vehicle.

Van Policies and Regulations

*All drivers must be certified through the department of Public Safety.
*No Intoxicants may be used/consumed by the driver of a Millikin University vehicle.
*Because studies have shown that seat belt use can reduce fatalities by as much as 80% drivers and passengers MUST wear seat belts.
*Drivers must operate vehicles in a safe manner and in accordance with state and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) driving laws.
*ALL DRIVERS must complete the checklist for vehicle condition on the back of the Vehicle Rental Record Form BEFORE leaving the parking lot.
*Vehicles may be used only during the time and date approved by the Millikin Office of Public Safety.
*The vehicle must be cleared of litter and returned to its designated space.
*The driver MUST return all items of the key bag IMMEDIATELY upon return to campus to the Public Safety Office.
*Maximum capacities: Cargo Van -2, Minivan-7, Lg. Pass.-12
*If the vehicle is leaving Decatur, a (non-student) Millikin employee MUST accompany the trip.

*Public Safety has the right to cancel any van trip due to inclement weather.