Campus Safety Guide

  • red cross iconLife-Threatening Injury

    • Call 911 (7-911 from campus phone)
    • Send someone for an AED.
    • If equipped and comfortable doing so, render aid.
    • Call Public Safety at 217.464.8888

    Public Safety will:

    • Render aid and assist emergency responders in acc​essing the victim.
    • Document incident for risk management purposes.

    blue cross iconNon Life-Threatening Injury

    Public Safety will:

    • Render aid
    • Document incident for risk management purposes

    red exclamation Imminent Violent Threat

    An imminent violent threat may be communicated via SendWordNow or other emergency communication from MU Public Safety or local authorities. It also may only become known to you when an incident begins. 

    If you are in a safe location:

    • Lock and barricade door, turn off lights, stay away from windows, and wait for information.

    If you are NOT in a safe location:

    • If possible flee to a safe location.
    • If not possible to flee, hide and call 911 (7-911)
    • Consider alternate escape routes, including windows and service entrances.
    • Prepare to defend yourself as you are able.

    Yellow exclamationPotential Violent Threat

    Are you concerned for your safety or the safety of those around you? Millikin has a trained Risk Threat Assessment Team that will review your concern(s) and assess the risk(s). 

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