Living Learning Communities

Group of students sitting at a round table

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are an option for students wanting to live on the same floor or residence hall as those who share a common interest, passion, or major. Students can indicate whether they would like to be a part of an LLC on the Millikin Housing Application. The Office of Campus Life reviews the applications, and students are placed in a community based on preference and availability. 

First Year - Nursing (Dolson Floor 1)

If you are a student majoring in nursing at Millikin, this experience is a great way to network with others in your major. Residents share a common schedule, although not all classes will be the same. Students residing in this tightly-knit community will have specialized faculty interaction, programming, and just the perfect environment for this rigorous major.

Requirements for living in the First Year Nursing LLC: Be a full-time, degree-seeking student, who is a Nursing major at Millikin and is ready to be engaged in this community in every aspect! 

First-Year - Business (New Hall 4 Floor 2)

Focus on building connections with your peers and the business faculty and staff by coming together to create a cohesive, dynamic community. Discover more about yourself while making memories during events like share your pet day, board game night, ultimate frisbee, and movie night! Network with recent MU grads, and enjoy the benefits of collaborative programming with student organizations across campus. Use your experience in this LLC to identify, develop, and articulate a vision for your future as a leader in your passion area or field.

Requirements for living in the First-Year Business LLC: Be a first-year, full-time, degree-seeking student and be curious about how to prepare or create a future working life.

International Citizens (New Hall 4 Floor 3 & Weck Hall Floor 3)

Ready to see the world through someone else’s eyes? If so, you may be an ideal person to live in the International Citizen LLC. This globally-focused LLC is designed to allow American and international students create a unique community together. This arrangement places two students into each residence hall room: one domestic student and one international student. Beyond the obvious cultural tête-à-tête opportunities, this LLC also features special global awareness, modern languages, and diversity programming and close interaction with the Millikin Center for International Education

Requirements for living in the International Citizen LLC: Submit the Living Learning Community Application for New Students; be a full-time degree seeking student. Applicants should also be aware that they will be living with someone who is different from them and language barriers are a possibility.

Commitment to the Arts (Dolson Floor 4)

Calling all artists! If you are a student studying in the College of Fine Arts, the Commitment to the Arts LLC is for you. Supported by College of Fine Arts faculty and staff, this LLC encourages creativity, individuality and flexibility in the arts.

Unlike residents of other residence halls or floors, you’ll be encouraged to display your artwork or exercise your talents in a variety of ways (i.e. you can play your instrument on your floor!). Special programming showcases artists in art galleries, graduate programs, theatrical groups, and other venues to connect with the Millikin and Decatur community.

Requirements for living in the Commitment to the Arts LLC: Submit your Housing Application and include your interest in being in an LLC; be a full-time, degree-seeking student; and major or minor in a College of Fine Arts Program or have a serious passion for the arts.

Future Educators

The Future Educators Living Learning Community is a home for students who aspire to serve others through the field of Education. Through its direct connection to the School of Education, the Future Educators LLC aims to provide future educators with a community of learners with which to navigate their person and professional development. Residents enjoy community programming focused on their unique needs as future educators focusing on leadership development, classroom management, professional fit, and connecting with alumni educators.

First Year - Honors (Dolson Floor 3)

If you are interested in living with other first-year Honors students in an academically-focused environment, this LLC is right up your alley. Residents share common class schedules and have the opportunity to attend seminars and study sessions within the residence hall. Special programming, faculty interaction, and upper-class Honor student mentors will be part of this special experience. The First Year Honors LLC is sure to help you kick into high gear and fulfill your academic goals during your Freshman year at MU!

We can accommodate up to 55 first-year Honors students in this LLC. Don't delay. Apply today! Spaces will be filled in order of quality of the application and the deposit date.

Requirements for living in the First Year Honors LLC: Submit the Living Learning Community Application for New Students; be enrolled in Millikin's Honors Program.

First Year - LV Scholars (Weck Hall Floor 2)

First year students accepted into the Long-Vanderburg (LV) Scholars Program will automatically be placed in this active community. The LV Scholars Program recognizes high scholastic achievement among those students who have a demonstrated commitment to diversity, leadership, and community service.


NOTE: All students are encouraged to obtain renter's insurance with a reputable service provider. Sometimes home or car insurance policies have an add-on option for only a small monthly fee to provide coverage and peace of mind.