Blue Review

Millikin University’s “Family Magazine,” Blue Review provides fresh and interesting perspectives from campus. From faculty and student stories, to new programs and majors, to achievements in our athletics and alumni communities, Blue Review has Millikin pride emblazoned across its brilliant pages. Readers will enjoy original photography, design and artwork, collaborative content developed by staff, faculty and students, and a behind-the-scenes look at the fascination and innovation powering the Millikin Momentum.

Our newest edition of Blue Review is a retrospective piece on how COVID-19 has altered the ways in which students have studied, performed research, practiced their craft or even communicated with friends, family and faculty members. It looks at how student-athletes have adapted without competition and how faculty have changed the ways they teach. This year has certainly been a bit different than those in the past, but our campus community continues moving forward through support and unyielding commitment.

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