Program Overview

Stage Performance

The Live Event Technology concentration teaches students interested in becoming entertainment technicians how to set up and operate lighting and projection equipment for live entertainment applications. Students will learn the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to design, maintain, and operate lighting and projection systems for applications such as entertainment and sporting events, churches, concerts, theaters, trade shows, and hotel and convention centers. This concentration includes hands-on experiences that will also enable you to meet and network with industry professionals.  


Other Concentrations Include: Video Production | Audio Engineering & Production | Visual Media. Students may earn more than one concentration.

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Live Event Technology Concentration (18 credits)

  • TH 102 Intro to Technical Theatre (3)
  • TH 151 Fundamentals of Lighting (3)
  • TH 220 Sound for Theatre (3)
  • TH 332 Concepts in Collaboration (3 )
  • TH 352 Lighting Design for Theatre (3)
  • TH 453 Technical Direction (3)


Key Courses

Live Event Technology Concentration (Credits)

TH 102  Intro to Technical Theatre (3)
Through class lectures and hands-on participation, this course is designed to give the student an overview of the theories, practices and techniques involved in scenery and costume construction, stage lighting, theatrical sound and stage management. Hands-on learning and work on university productions are required to reinforce skills and to promote collaborative efforts.
TH 151  Fundamentals of Lighting (3)
This course is designed to introduce the student to the basic knowledge and practice of stage lighting techniques in both technical and artistic projects, and to USITT national standards in stage lighting technology and design. The student will develop hands-on skills in the area of stage electrics with an emphasis on industry-wide safety standards for stage electricians.
TH 220  Sound for Theatre (3)
This class serves as an introduction to sound design, technical sound, and sound reinforcement for theatre. Through class lectures and hands-on participation, it is designed to give the student a detailed overview of the theories, practices and techniques involved in designing, editing, and technically implementing music, sound, and sound systems for theatrical performance.
TH 332  Concepts in Collaboration (3)
An investigation into the collaborative art of creating a cohesive concept among a design team. We will explore different collaborative techniques while experimenting with different playwrights and styles.
TH 353  Lighting Design for Theatre (3)
This course is designed to explore the art of stage lighting design focusing on color theory, light and shadow, emphasis through light and styles of lighting. The history of stage lighting design will also be explored. The student will gain a working knowledge of USITT graphic standards for Lighting Design and Lighting Portfolios. Prerequisites: TH135 and TH251.
TH 453  Technical Direction (3)
This class builds on the skills learned in Scenic Construction, advancing a student's skills in scenic construction, drafting, rigging, and problem solving. Through lectures and hands-on participation, this class also provides an introduction to structural and mechanical analysis, budgeting, and scenery automation. Prerequisite: TH154


Potential Careers for an Arts Technology Major With A Live Event Technology Concentration

  • Concert/Exhibition Lighting Designer
  • Sound reinforcement for performance venues
  • Sound Director
  • Event Planning/Project Manager
  • Corporate Media Specialist
  • Digital and Social Media Marketer
  • Production Site Operations
  • Church/Non Profit Media Director
  • Theatrical projection designer
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Live Event Producer
  • Entertainment Stage Technician
  • Audio Visual Technician
Arts Technology

In addition to taking courses in one of the four concentrations, students will learn the foundations of all Arts Technology areas and take courses in business and art entrepreneurship.

Live Event Technology

Broadway, Rock Concerts, Tradeshows, Cruise Ships. Your “office” is where entertainment happens. The Live Event Technology concentration provides performance learning opportunities for students to be able to creatively use light, sound, and other technology at live events at the Kirkland Fine Arts Center , Pipe Dreams Theatre , and Millitrax Studios.