Flexible Learning FAQs

Dean with student

How is Flexible Learning different from Millikin’s traditional degree program?

There's only one main difference: more flexible options for when you can take classes. Flexible Learning students receive the same quality education as any other student at Millikin. It's just that we've found a way to provide more flexible options to those who need an alternative to the traditional day program in order to earn their degree. It meets the needs of students who are unable to attend classes during the day. Flexible Learning students enjoy the camaraderie and support of other non-traditional students who work, have families, and are active in the community.

What makes a course "accelerated?"

Accelerated courses are those designed specifically for adults who already have career or family obligations. Depending on the major, classes are 7, 8, or 10 weeks in length. Because of the accelerated nature of the classes, students are able to earn 12 credits per semester and generally take one course at a time (Business Management takes two). Classes are held one night per week, from 6 p.m.-10 p.m. Most classes are held on-campus, but some classes are offered online or in the hybrid (blended traditional and online) format. Students are often placed in cohorts that proceed through the major courses together.

How long will it take to complete my degree?

The time to degree completion is different for each student and dependent upon how many credit hours the program has, the number of credits that a student transfers in, and the number of credits a student is able to enroll in each semester. Millikin University requires a minimum of 124 semester credit hours to complete a Bachelors Degree. This total consists of courses in the major, university requirements, and electives. A minimum of 39 credit hours must be taken in upper-division (300 level or above), and a minimum of 33 credit hours must be taken at Millikin University. Most students will complete an average of 24 credit hours per academic year.

What is the difference between accessible and partially-accessible?

Accessible: Courses required to complete a major are accelerated and offered entirely in evening and online formats. Pre-requisite courses may not be offered in the flexible format.

Partially-Accessible/ Blended Majors: A portion of courses required to complete major are accelerated and offered in evening/weekend/online format. Some daytime availability will be required to meet some of the major course requirements. There is some flexibility with those interested in a major considered "partially-accessible" and who need to have access to evening classes. 

Who can apply?

  • You are eligible for the Flexible Learning Program if you have a professional licensure or meet three of the following requirements:
  • Student must be age 24 on admission/re-admission to Millikin University
  • Student has a dependent other than a spouse
  • Student has at least one year identifying themselves as something other than a student
  • Student is financially independent of parents
  • Student intends to work full-time (a minimum of 32 hours) while enrolled in courses at MillikinHow can I learn more about a specific program?

How can I learn more about a specific program?

A phone call to your admission counselor at 217.424.6354 will provide you with more information.

How do I know what credits will transfer to Millikin?

In order to correctly evaluate each student’s earned credit hours, we will need to evaluate your official transcript. When you are applying for admission to Millikin, you will need to contact each university or college you have attended and request your official transcripts be sent to Millikin University’s Office of Admission, 1184 West Main Street, Decatur, IL, 62522.

What if I already have an Associate degree from a community college?

An Associate in Arts or Science is an asset for the Flexible Learning Program. Your credits will transfer easily, and you will most likely be ready to begin your major-level courses. An associate’s degree in Applied Science will have some courses that will not transfer. An evaluation of your transcript will tell you exactly which courses will be accepted.

Can I afford a program?

Flexible Learning students pay a reduced rate compared to traditional Millikin students. Each credit hour is $499.  Students can expect to pay roughly $1,500 per course. Flexible Learning students can take advantage of a monthly payment plan, and many local employers will provide tuition reimbursement. Flexible Learning students are eligible for financial aid consisting of grants, scholarships, and student loans.

How do I apply for financial aid?

Students planning to apply for financial aid will need to submit a Free Student Application for Financial Assistance (FAFSA). Millikin’s code for the FAFSA is 001724. The FAFSA requires your previous year’s income tax information. The FAFSA may be filed online and responses are returned promptly. Millikin’s Student Financial Services can assist you with financial aid questions. Students are encouraged to file for financial aid as soon as possible. After completing the Free Application for Financial Aid, Flexible Learning students are evaluated for the Federal Pell Grant, State of Illinois MAP grant, and Federal Direct loan program. 

When do I need to apply?

Classes start every 7, 8, or 10 weeks, and students may be able to start at various points throughout the year. Students are required to be admitted and registered at least two weeks prior to the start of classes. Find more information on the Apply page. 

Besides tuition, what other expenses will I incur?

Students are responsible for books and supplies. New Millikin students are required to make a $150 nonrefundable deposit upon initial registration (this fee is deducted from tuition). A $150 fee is required for graduation. The Education programs will require additional expenses associated with the curriculum.