Instructor of Field Experiences & Licensure Officer

School of Education

Job Title:                   Instructor of Field Experiences & Licensure Officer 

Department:             School of Education

Reports To:                Director of School of Education (SOE)

Prepared Date           February 29, 2024 

Revised Date:  



The Instructor of Field Experiences & Licensure Officer will a) coordinate and document ISBE-required field work—education internships and student-teaching experiences— for all education majors (Elementary, Secondary, and K-12), b) teach 12 credits of internship-related courses annually, and c) serve as Millikin University’s licensure officer. Pursuant to 105 ILCS 5/21B-100, the person in this position manages licensure-related transcript analysis, licensure articulation, licensure-related records, university and program compliance with the Illinois State Board of Education, and regular communications with the Illinois State Board of Education (including periodic webinars and state meetings). Organization of SOE and student teaching handbooks and department technology coordination (Banner, Argos, Moodle) are also integral to this position.



  • Teach 12 credits of coursework annually, with a teaching load primarily consisting of Education Internship (ED170), ELED Junior Block Internship (ED370), and senior-level student teaching coursework (ED420 and/or ED488). Some of these courses require teaching (and assessment of) lesson planning, periodic formal observations, and evaluations of teaching effectiveness.
  • Communicate regularly with SOE and university faculty to provide updates and information pertaining to internships and student teaching.
  • Oversee student criminal background checks for education interns and address any negative results with SOE Director.
  • Serve as File Manager for the SOE; complete records inventory sheets and organize internship/educational records for sake of audits, accreditation, etc.
  • Maintain a student teacher database and placement records excel document each semester.
  • Communicate with principals and cooperating teachers to schedule student teacher field placements each semester. Handle all documentation from teacher candidates to finalize/formalize their student teaching placements in schools.
  • Serve as Professional Development Liaison (designated role per ISBE).
  • Coordinate payment of honorarium checks for cooperating teachers and content test reimbursements for students that pass their ISBE-required content exam.
  • Upload student Content Test scores (and EdTPA scores, if it returns as a state requirement) into Banner; assist SOE Director in analysis of data trends prior to the start of each academic year.
  • Maintain ISBE compliance with cooperating teacher verification forms.
  • Maintain student teacher course uploads and files in Moodle (e.g., Lesson Plan Templates, Student Teaching Handbook, EdTPA handbooks, EdTPA templates).
  • Maintain updated Student Teaching Handbook, School of Education Handbook, and related forms online and in-office for faculty, staff and students.
  • Works with the Director of the SOE on Student Teaching processes and procedures, including (but not limited to); hiring of student teaching field supervisors, supervisor mileage reimbursement paperwork, and student teaching course fees.
  • Helps organize and deliver a “Student Teaching Workshop” two times per year that is attended by student teachers, cooperating teachers, and field supervisors for that semester (this workshop could be delivered primarily by a SOE faculty member based on SOE Director approval, but the arrangement of the workshop will be facilitated and coordinated by the Instructor of Field Experiences).
  • Assist in planning and implementing an annual “Interview Bootcamp” event for student teachers and MU Alumni.
  • Maintain online links to study guides for Content Tests and other ISBE licensure requirements.



  • Conduct transcript analysis (for students seeking licensure approval, transfer students seeking licensure, educators adding endorsements beyond their existing license, Admission and Registrar records and requests, and graduation analyses).
  • Communicate regularly with education majors and Millikin University faculty/staff to assure compliance with ISBE rules.
  • Manage and communicate state licensure articulation to SOE Director, faculty, and/or administrative staff.
  • Maintain licensure-related records and data (information for licensure, reciprocity, and related issues with other states; obtain records or transcripts for teacher candidates and applicants for licensure; work with program representatives to confirm completion of all requirements for licensure and endorsements during students’ final semester).
  • Organize and maintain digital files related to content test score reports sent from ISBE.
  • Serve as on-campus authority regarding compliance with the rules and regulations of the ISBE requirements and respond to questions from those within the university community and those outside the university.
    • Oversee all university licensure program compliance with ISBE.
    • Develop and manage university policies related to licensure programs to ensure compliance with state laws and legislation.
    • Submit education program changes to ISBE for approval.
  • Communicate and collaborate with the Illinois State Board of Education (receive and respond to ISBE communications; serve as authorized signatory for all licensure-related ISBE paperwork; closely follow laws and rules per ISBE developments regarding licensure and inform program representatives of pending changes that impact their programs; assist in the alignment to state requirements; entitle or recommend licenses, endorsements, and approvals when appropriate for completers as per Department of Education policies; submit any corrections or additions to prior ISBE Entitlement Reports, as needed).
  • Serve as compliance liaison during entitlement audits conducted by ISBE.
  • Keep ISBE informed of all institutional/program changes that affect preparation programs.
  • Collect and analyze data and submit annual education reports required at state and institutional levels.
  • Annual Data Reporting (APR)
  • Title II Report
  • Partnership for Educator Preparation Report
  • Manage admission process for all applicants to the SOE (meet with incoming students, collect applications, utilize Banner for data tracking, monitor candidate progress, present eligible applicants to CTEP, send admission letters, process/file corresponding paperwork).
  • Work with SOE Director and SOE staff to serve as Moodle Administrator for SOE, CTEP, and student teaching (e.g., uploading updated files/forms when necessary).
  • Serve as Campus FEM Administrator (create and maintain complete Field Experience Module within Moodle or applicable program).
  • Additional job-related duties as required by the supervisor.


SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: This position does not have supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws.    


QUALIFICATIONS: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to succeed in a result-driven professional organization. Ability to maintain professional performance, demeanor, team-approach and focus on results while working under pressure in a dynamic environment. Customer, budget, quality and delivery conscious mindset. Ability to establish priorities, work independently with minimal supervision and facilitate teamwork. Highly organized, with the ability to plan, execute and multitask to meet deadlines with accuracy and attention to detail. Additional qualifications specific to this position are below: 


 Minimum Education and/or Experience  

  • Master’s degree, preferably in education or a related field
  • Ability to establish and maintain connections with area school district personnel
  • Working familiarity with Illinois licensure information and procedures (or ability to learn such information and procedures)
  • Possesses (or can easily attain) a working knowledge of the coursework required for licensure, approvals, and teaching endorsements
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Comfort with electronic communication and database maintenance
  • Can work productively and collaboratively with Departmental, College, School District and State personnel involved in licensure processes
  • Exhibits a supportive, informational manner with teacher candidates and potential teacher candidates
  • Current knowledge of school organization and leadership


Preferred Education and/or Experience  

  • Doctoral Degree (PhD or EdD) in education or a related field
  • Previous experience teaching in public school settings and/or Illinois schools
  • Previous teaching experience in Elementary Education (grades 1-6) is distinctly advantageous
  • Evidence of effective teaching
  • Evidence of successful academic advising 
  • Experience working with undergraduate college students


WORK ENVIRONMENT:  All staff are responsible for creating a safe, welcoming, diverse, inclusive, respectful and caring environment. We seek skilled and diverse colleagues who are flexible, self-motivated and will embrace and respect who we are and what we do. We also seek colleagues committed to moving the Millikin brand forward.  This position is primarily an office job within the School of Education.  Some hybrid/remote work is possible after a successful probationary period and consultation with the SOE Director.    


PHYSICAL EFFORT:  Typically sitting at a desk or table; occasional lifting 25 lbs. or less; intermittently sitting/standing; hearing and visual acuity within normal range; ability to stoop, kneel and crouch occasionally; high degree of mobility required. Dexterity to operate a keyboard. 


WORKING CONDITIONS: Typical working conditions found in most administrative work areas.      


INTERPERSONAL SKILLS Communicates effectively and appropriately. Gets along and cooperates with co-workers and appropriately interacts with others. Participates and functions as an effective member of the team. 


CONFIDENTIALITY Exchanges University information with others only on a "need to know" basis.   


ATTENDANCE Promptly arrives for the designated shift. Follows all applicable policies regarding schedules, attendance and organizational requirements. Typically considered an exempt/salaried position, so may involve longer days, weekends and off shifts as required to successfully perform job duties. Excessive absenteeism will hinder successful job performance.   


SAFETY Understands and always uses safe practices. Reports all unsafe conditions to the Risk Manager immediately. Assures all equipment functions properly before use. Knows and adheres to all safety and fire prevention rules and regulations. Knows location and use of personal protective equipment, fire plan, SDS and Disaster Plan. 


UNIVERSAL ACCOUNTABILITY Provides excellent service to all customers striving to exceed their expectations. Demonstrates courtesy, compassion and respect. Is thoroughly committed to the mission and vision of Millikin University.     


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