Our Mission

The Writing Center is a relaxed, comfortable space where writers can talk about their writing concerns with trained and experienced writing consultants who are willing to listen, share, and respond. The goal of these tutorial writing conversations is not necessarily to "perfect" a paper as it is to help students learn about their own processes as they work through the writing assigned in their classes, helping them to become better, more independent writers. We offer help with areas such as brainstorming, drafting and composing, editing and revision, or even style, in a relaxed, nonjudgmental, and welcoming atmosphere. We strive to:

  • Assist writers, regardless of their proficiency, status (faculty or students), or their college, during the various stages of their writing projects;
  • Create a comfortable, supportive environment in which writers and writing consultants can work effectively one-on-one;
  • Train writing consultants to become knowledgeable, effective readers of and responders to texts from various disciplines.

Why use the Writing Center

  • Develop a heightened awareness of your writing process
  • Discover a variety of strategies for working through papers
  • Develop stronger writing products

How to use the Writing Center

We're here to help you improve your writing, but there are a few things that we won't do. The Writing Center will not:

  • "Fix" a specific writing assignment with a one-time visit
  • Proofread papers for students
  • Offer a "grade" on any draft

Papers are never dropped off and picked up. We are a teaching and enhancement center where students come to have conversations about writing in all of its varied phases and complexities. We offer ourselves as professional and knowledgeable readers who have developed experiences with writing purposes, tasks, audiences, and goals. We serve the entire spectrum of writers, from those who consider themselves experienced and those who find even basic writing tasks intimidating and frustrating. We are here to help you.

Remember to bring:

  • Your professor's assignment
  • Any course materials that might help
  • A hard copy of your draft if you need one.
  • NO laptops, please!