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Deadline for submission of this completed form: Friday, September 6, 2019T-shirts and vocal coaching sessions may not be available for any late registrants.


  • - You may nominate a maximum of 10 students Carefully consider character and citizenship
  • - Help us balance the choir by nominating a maximum of 3 sopranos You may nominate only two more women than men
  • - Nominate only upperclassmen – no freshmen, please
  • - All nominated students may not be selected to participate, so rank students carefully

Indicate student's desire for a vocal coaching or an audition session

VOCAL COACHING (ALL CLASS LEVELS): Students should prepare a solo selection. Please do not bring choir parts to the vocal coaching. Students who desire to participate in the solo competition must sing an art song or aria that is memorized. While other kinds of repertoire (musical theater, popular songs, etc.) are acceptable for the coaching, they will not be considered for the competition to perform on the Festival Finale Concert.

AUDITION FOR MILLIKIN (SENIORS ONLY): To audition, students must sing a memorized art song or aria (may be in English). In addition to receiving a brief coaching on your selection, you will be given a short music reading assessment. Scholarship awards for Millikin will be automatically applied to your financial aid package upon admittance to the university. Students do not need to be pre-admitted nor is any additional audition required. All auditioning students will be automatically included in the competition to sing for the Festival Finale Concert and the accompanying cash award.

Fee (includes T-shirt)

  • - Option 1: $30 per student
  • - Option 2: $25 per student (partial packet without required All State pieces).
  • - $8 per student for Optional Vocal Coaching Session or Audition/Vocal Coaching (SENIORS ONLY)

Send no fees now! In September you will receive a list of those students accepted into the festival and hotel information. All fees are due after you receive the list of accepted students.

For questions or more information contact vocalfest@millikin.edu.

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Student Nominations
Based on the following criteria (Music reading skill, Voice tone quality and intonation, Music leadership, Overall maturity and readiness for a college experience) please rank your entire group of students in order, with 1 being the student most deserving of participation. If, for example, you have a total of 10 nominated students, they will be ranked 1-10.
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