Dear Friendship Family Applicant,

Being part of Millikin University’s International Friendship Family Program gives international students the unique opportunity to experience the family life of local alumni families in the Decatur Community, make new friends, and create beautiful memories while contributing to a greater understanding of other cultures by educating Americans about their home country. It is a supportive “home away from home” for international students during their stay at Millikin.

The International Friendship Family Program links American families to international students for casual daytime and evening socializing. Overnight stays are not part of the friendship family experience. As a participant, you may invite your international student for occasional meals, outings, holidays, or festivities in order to spend time together. Costly entertainment is not recommended or required; the goal for the friendship family and international student is to get to know a different culture, enjoy conversation, and learn from each other in extending the international spirit. The time commitment is up to your family and international student within the program guidelines.

Please complete the following form so that we can match your family to an international student based on your family interests, hobbies, and specific needs. We are looking forward to a successful academic year and to introducing the new international students to our generous community of wonderful families.

  • Questions? Contact Athena Pajer, interim director of the International Student Services Coordinator, at or 217.424.3758.
Include name, relationship occupation, and children’s age.