Millikin University’s guidelines are informed by COVID-19 mitigation strategies implemented and encouraged by the Centers for Disease Control and Illinois Department of Public Health, and are subject to change with minimal or no notice. Check this page often to see if guidelines have changed, or email with questions.

This form must be submitted 10 days before the event. Any event not submitted 10 days in advance will not be approved.


  1. Events must occur between the hours of 8 a.m. - midnight.
  2. Millikin University’s guidelines state that all indoor and/or outdoor events must have 25 or fewer attendees, including members of the host organization. Each RSO is encouraged to host outdoor events when the weather permits.
  3. Mask wearing is mandatory for all participants/attendees of events. Care should be taken to ensure the event is structured in a way to allow for required social distancing (6 feet for normal interactions, at least 10-12 feet for any singing or projected speech).
  4. No food or drink can be served during the events.
  5. Events must be sponsored by a University department, program, or registered student organization.
  6. A full-time member of the University faculty or staff must be present for the entirety of the event and be responsible for overseeing that all COVID-19 guidelines, including mask wearing and social distancing, are followed.
  7. No handouts, such as freebies, flyers, or handouts will be allowed by any RSO. If you seek to hand out items, Campus Life will need to approve every item.
  8. A sign-in/record of event attendees must be facilitated to support COVID-19 contact tracing.


  • Due to COVID-19 warning levels in Macon County, travel is not permitted at this time.


  • No paper flyers will be approved to be hung in buildings until further notice. Campus Life will only be approving flyers to be shown digitally on the screens in the University Commons.

Any RSO wishing to host a public event must also submit a promotional event flyer. Please submit a PDF flyer for this event to

By submitting this form, I acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. I have read and understand the guidelines described above.
  2. I understand that any proposed event may be denied if it does not meet the guidelines above.
  3. I understand that the Office of Campus Life reserves the right to deny any proposed event, regardless of adherence to the above guidelines, should inherent risk be deemed too high.
  4. I understand that I may be contacted and asked to provide additional information by a representative from the Office of Campus Life, and based on the information provided, the proposed event may be denied or approved for a different date.
  5. I understand that any purposeful omission or fabrication of information on this form will result in immediate denial of this event, and my organization will not be allowed to propose events for a duration of time to be determined by the Office of Campus Life.