Audition Requirements

Admission to our BFA performance degree programs requires an audition.  Auditions are granted by invitation through a pre-screen process on  All students must first apply to and be accepted by the Millikin Office of Admission prior to submitting a pre-screen audition.  

An access code to submit your pre-screen materials to GetAcceptd will be included in your admission packet.  Millikin is a participant in the Musical Theatre Common Pre-Screen program.  At present, there is no Common Pre-Screen agreement with colleges and universities for students seeking a BFA in Acting.  Those auditioning for a BFA Acting should follow the Millikin audition requirements listed below.  Musical Theatre applicants are welcome to follow either the Common Pre-Screen requirements or the Millikin audition requirements when submitting pre-screen materials (see how they differ in the FAQ section below).  All those invited to attend a live audition must observe the audition requirements below.    

This year we will be offering an option to do a Live Virtual audition through the GetAcceptd Audition Room which is partnered with Zoom.  Applicants may perform their audition from any space with an internet connection.  Live Virtual auditions will follow the guidelines listed below with the exception of dance.  Dance skills for those participating in the Live Virtual auditions will be evaluated based on your pre-screen dance submission.  Musical theatre applicants may choose to perform their songs to live or recorded accompaniment.  We highly recommend doing a test run with a friend or family member to make sure both your voice and your accompaniment can be heard and are well balanced, and that you are well lit.  Applicants may use the same material for their audition that they used for the pre-screen as long is it meets the requirements below.  Please note the difference in the allotted time per piece between our on-campus and Chicago auditions and the Common Musical Theatre Pre-Screen requirements.  

Scheduling Your Audition

Invitations to audition will be delivered through  Your invitation will direct you to the GetAcceptd scheduling portal where you can select your desired audition day.   Please see our Audition Dates and Pre-Screen Submission Deadlines page to find an audition date that works for your schedule.  


Preparing Your Audition 

Please use the following guidelines when preparing your in-person audition.  Those who qualify for digital audition submissions (see the "Additional Information" section below) should also follow these guidelines.  

BFA in Musical Theatre   


  • Please prepare a contemporary monologue (written after 1990) not to exceed 45 seconds in length 
  • Your monologue should feature a character close to your own age and must be from a published play (films, musicals, self-written, stand-alone pieces and/or speech team monologues are not appropriate)
  • Monologues should be performed in your natural speaking voice (no dialects) and should be action driven (speaking to and/or trying to affect or get something from your “other”)  
  • Storytelling monologues, pieces that detail a previous event, telephone calls, or pieces delivered to a “crowd” or “audience” by characters such as tour guides, politicians, or actors, are not appropriate.  
  • Please do not use material by Christopher Durang, Neil Simon, or pieces commonly found in published monologue books.  

In the event the audition panel should need to see additional material, applicants should be prepared with a 2nd contrasting contemporary monologue, 45 seconds in length.  


  • Please prepare two contrasting songs that show your vocal range (one up-tempo and one ballad) from published Broadway literature
  • One song should be from classic (Golden Age) Broadway repertoire (written before 1970) and one should be from contemporary Broadway repertoire (written after 1970)
  • Selections should not exceed 60 seconds in length (approximately 16-32 bars)
  • While we ask for a 60 second audition "cut," please be prepared to sing your entire song(s) should our audition panel need to hear more from you 
  • Bring sheet music in the proper key - an accompanist will be provided for you
  • Recorded accompaniment or a-cappella singing are not appropriate for this audition
  • We do not recommend using a bell-tone intro to your song.  Please use a traditional 2 or 4 bar "intro" 

Please do not select material by Jason Robert Brown, Adam Guettel, or Stephen Sondheim.  Why?


  • Applicants will learn and perform a short ballet combination for members of the performance faculty.  Please dress appropriately - leotard and tights, t-shirt and yoga pants, slim fitting sweat pants or shorts are all acceptable.  If you do not have dance shoes you may dance in socks or bare feet.  Street shoes will not be permitted in the dance studios.    

BFA in Acting


  • Please prepare two contemporary monologues (written after 1990) contrasting in style (one comedic, one dramatic) not to exceed 45 seconds in length each
  • Your monologues should feature characters close to your own age and must be from a published play (films, musicals, self-written, stand-alone pieces and/or or speech team monologues are not appropriate)
  • Monologues should be performed in your natural speaking voice (no dialects) and should be action driven (speaking to and/or trying to affect or get something from your “other”)  
  • Storytelling monologues, pieces that detail a previous event, telephone calls, or pieces delivered to a “crowd” or “audience” by characters such as tour guides, politicians, or actors, are not appropriate
  • Please do not use material by Christopher Durang, Neil Simon, or pieces commonly found in published monologue books.    


The Audition Process

Millikin audition days have been designed for applicants to get a comprehensive feel for the School of Theatre and Dance, who we are, what we do, and how we function.  It’s an opportunity to tour our campus and facilities, to learn about our signature programs (those things that make our program different than others), and to interact with our students and the Millikin community. Audition days begin with a morning check-in at the Center for Theatre and Dance and a brief welcome and informational session. 

Auditions will consist of:

  • Musical Theatre
    • Warm-up 
    • Perform songs and monologue
    • Learn and perform dance combination
  • Acting
    • Warm-up
    • Perform monologues

You may be asked by the audition panel to perform your piece(s) again and apply a few adjustments.  Don't let that throw you.  

All applicants will receive a detailed itinerary for the day which typically begins with check-in at 8am and concludes mid-afternoon.  Additional options such as attending performances or meeting with representatives from the Office of Admission or Student Financial Services may also be arranged depending on availability. Questions regarding any of these options may be sent to our Audition/Interview Coordinator.  

Parents/guardians are encouraged to accompany you to campus.  While they will not be able to see your audition, they will have the opportunity to get acquainted with Millikin and the School of Theatre and Dance, tour the campus and facilities, enjoy a complementary lunch in our campus dining hall, and have many of their questions answered throughout the day. 


International Student Auditions

The application and audition process for International Students differs slightly from the process listed on this page.  For specific information please visit our Audition requirements for International Students page.


Additional Information

Auditions must be performed at one of our on-campus audition days or at our Chicago audition weekend. Exceptions to this rule are granted to:

  • International students
  • US citizens living outside the "Lower 48" (This includes but is not limited to those living in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the USVI, Guam, international military bases, etc...)
  • Applicants who have attended a Broadway Dreams intensive in the last 4 years
  • Applicants who received a callback at one of the following off-campus auditions:
    • National Thespian Festival College Auditions
    • Musical Theatre Kansas City Showcase
    • CAP Auditions
    • Moonified Auditions

If you qualify for one of these exemptions, you may skip the pre-screen process and submit a digital audition via or you may attend one of our on-campus or Chicago auditions.  Live auditions may be scheduled by contacting our Audition/Interview Coordinator.  If you choose to submit a digital audition, your submission must follow the Millikin audition guidelines listed above. While we do accept qualified students to our BFA programs based on their video auditions, an in-person audition is ALWAYS preferred.


Please Note

  • Audition appointments are limited. Acceptance to Millikin University by the Office of Admissions does not guarantee an audition appointment. As invitations for auditions will be offered in the order pre-screen submissions are received, we recommend submitting your application as early as possible.
  • Once we have filled all audition appointments for each audition day, a waitlist will be started. If you need to cancel or change your audition time, we request a minimum of two weeks’ notice so those on the waitlist can be informed with enough time to make travel arrangements to our campus. Those who are waitlisted will be informed of an opening as soon as one becomes available.

If you should have questions regarding auditions, please contact our Audition Coordinator.



When can I apply to Millikin?
Millikin applications go live on July 1st.  The Common App becomes available on August 1st.  Please note, the Common App often takes several weeks to reach our Admissions office.  Applying directly to Millikin makes your application available as soon as it is submitted.  

How long do applications take to process?
A review of applicants will begin in mid-September.  Once applications and all supporting materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc..) have arrived, the review process takes approximately 2-3 weeks.  Please be aware that transcripts may take several weeks to reach us, so request them early.  

When Will I be notified if I have been accepted to Millikin?
It takes about a week after an application has been processed for the admission packet to be assembled and mailed.  

What is 
GetAcceptd is an online platform that helps arts-based organizations manage auditions, interviews, portfolio reviews etc... Applicants for Millikin BFA performance programs will submit their pre-screen materials to GetAcceptd.  

What is a Pre-Screen and why is it necessary?
A pre-screen is a digital audition.  Because many programs have more applicants than audition appointments, it is not possible to accommodate everyone at a live audition.  The pre-screen process offers an opportunity for all applicants to be seen and allows a school to offer audition invitations to those they believe may have potential to be successful in their program.  

What is the deadline for pre-screen submissions?   
Each audition date has a specific pre-screen submission deadline.  Please refer to our Audition Dates and Times for specific deadlines. 

How are the Musical Theatre Common Pre-Screen and Millikin audition requirements different?
Please refer to our Side-by-Side Comparison Document.  

Can I use the same material for my audition that I used for my pre-screen?
Applicants may use the same material as their pre-screens as long as they cut the pieces to align with the requirements for our live auditions.  Applicants who go over the time limit will be cut off by our audition timer.  

Why do audition pieces for on-campus and Chicago auditions need to be shorter than the Common Musical Theatre Pre-Screen requirements.  
To allow more students to audition with the limited number of audition slots we have available, we require shorter cuts of audition pieces.  Rest assured that the length of these cuts still offers our audition panel ample time to carefully evaluate each applicant.  

When will I learn the results of my audition?
You should receive a letter with your audition results approximately 2 weeks after your audition.  If after 2 weeks you have not received a decision letter, please contact our Audition/Interview Coordinator so we can check on the status of your letter.  

The Audition Process At a Glance:  

  • Apply to Millikin using the Common App or by visiting our Apply to Millikin page
  • Upon acceptance upload your pre-screen materials to using the access code in your admission packet
  • If invited to audition, schedule your audition using the GetAcceptd scheduling portal
  • Attend your on-campus or Chicago audition 
  • For questions or concerns please contact our Audition/Interview Coordinator


**This page was updated on September 10, 2021**

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