Audition Requirements

All students wishing to be considered for our BFA performance degree programs must audition. Audition requirements are listed below. To ensure a strong audition, please keep these guidelines in mind when selecting your audition material. If you should have questions regarding auditions, please contact our Audition Coordinator. You may also want to learn more about audition dates.

B.F.A. in Musical Theatre   

  • Monologue:  Please prepare one memorized contemporary monologue (written since 1960) from a published play, 30-45 seconds in length. The character should be close to your own age and performed without a regional dialect or accent.  Monologues from films, musicals, or stand-alone works are not appropriate for this audition.  Please avoid material by Christopher Durang.
  • Songs:  Please prepare two songs from published Broadway literature (one written before 1970, one after 1970) and contrasting in style, i.e. up-tempo and ballad.  Audition selections should be cut to 16 bars for a ballad and 32 bars for the up-tempo and may include an additional 2 to 4 bar intro.  We do not recommend using a bell-tone intro.  Your audition songs should be representative of the range of your voice.  Please bring sheet music in the proper key—no recorded music will be permitted.  An accompanist will be provided. (Note: although you will choose only 16-32 bars for your audition, please be prepared to sing the entire song, if requested.)   Please do not select material by Jason Robert Brown, Adam Guettel, or Stephen Sondheim.  Why?
  • Dance:  Students will learn and perform a short ballet combination for members of the performance faculty.  Please dress appropriately for a ballet class.

B.F.A. in Theatre - Acting

  • Monologues:  Please prepare two monologues, each 30-45 seconds in length. The monologues must be from published plays, should be contrasting in style and/or period, and should feature a character close to your own age.  Please do not perform monologues using a regional dialect or accent.  We are interested in hearing your natural voice.  Monologues from films, musicals, or stand-alone works are not appropriate for this audition.  Shakespeare is acceptable for a BFA Acting audition, however, please do not select a Puck monologue from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Please avoid material by Christopher Durang, Neil Simon, or other pieces commonly found in published monologue books.

The Audition Process

If you are auditioning for the B.F.A. Musical Theatre or B.F.A. in Acting, you will check in with the School of Theatre and Dance on the morning of your scheduled audition. The audition will include the following elements:  Warm-up (everyone)

  • Learn and perform ballet combination (musical theatre only)

  • Perform monologues (everyone) and songs (musical theatre only)

  • Exit meeting with a faculty member at which time students will learn the program to which they have been accepted

*The order in which these happen will be determined by the group to which you have been assigned*

In addition to the audition portion of your day, you will be given information about the school and its degree programs, meet and have lunch with current theatre students, and take a tour of the Millikin campus and the school's facilities. Additional options such as attending classes, attending performances, and appointments with the Office of Admission or Student Financial Services may also be arranged, depending on availability. Please discuss these opportunities with the Audition/Interview Coordinator when scheduling your audition.

Your parents/guardians are encouraged to come to campus with you. While they will not be able to see your audition, they will have the opportunity to get acquainted with Millikin and the School of Theatre and Dance, and have many of their questions answered with you in your exit meeting.

A Typical audition day will begin with check-in at 8:00am and conclude by 3:30pm.

College of Fine Arts Scholarships

Students who are pursuing studies in theatre may qualify for either a College of Fine Arts Scholarship or the prestigious Dean's Scholarship for Excellence.  These scholarships are based on talent or academic achievement and are awarded at the time of your audition. Students pursuing a B.A. degree may also apply for one of our competitive B.A. scholarships which are based on academic standing and require an interview and essay.  Scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000 and are renewable annually.