Audition and Interview Information 

All BFA programs in the School of Theatre and Dance require an audition or interview for consideration.  Prior to scheduling an audition or interview, students must first apply to and be accepted by the Millikin University Office of Admission. Students may apply to Millikin using the Common App or through our website at Apply to Millikin. There is no fee to apply. 


Design & Production and Stage Management Interview Information and Requirements 

Millikin does not require a pre-screen for students interviewing for our BFA programs in Design & Production and Stage Management.  For specific information on preparing for an interview for these BFA programs, please visit our Interview Requirements page. 


Acting and Musical TheatreAudition Information and Requirements 

Millikin holds auditions by invitation only.  Auditions are granted through a pre-screen process on For specific information on pre-screen submissions and audition requirements for the BFA in Acting or Musical Theatre, please visit our Audition Requirements page.   

Whenever possible, it is always the preference of our audition team to see auditions in person.  In-person auditions allow them to get a sense of an applicant's energy and personality, provides opportunities for interaction (including asking for adjustments on audition material if necessary), and offers the same conditions to all applicants by removing technical issues found in virtual auditions such as sound and video quality, lighting, internet speeds, software, editing, etc. from the final audition experience.     

A typical on-campus audition day will begin with check-in at 8 am and conclude by 3:30 pm (the end time may vary based on the number of auditions scheduled that day).   

Campus audition days are designed to give applicants an immersive experience into the Millikin campus culture and the opportunity to interview us to see if what Millikin has to offer aligns with their academic and career goals.   

They include: 

  • A welcome session.  

  • An information/Q&A session for parents with the Director of the School of Theatre and Dance or the Dean of the College of Fine Arts.  

  • A tour of the Center for Theatre and Dance 

  • Campus and Theatre and Dance performance space tours. 

  • Lunch with current students 

  • Ample opportunities to have questions answered.


Chicago and Live Virtual auditions.   

For those who are unable to make the journey to our campus, the School of Theatre and Dance will be offering in-person auditions in Chicago (see our Chicago Auditions page for details).  In addition, we will offer 2 Live Virtual audition dates through the GetAcceptd Audition Room format (see below for details).   

Applicants who have passed the pre-screen process may choose the method that best suits their needs and schedule their audition accordingly. All auditions, regardless of their location or delivery, are given the same level of attention and consideration. 


Audition Dates and Pre-screen Submission Deadlines 

Live Virtual Auditions   

Saturday, December 10, 2022 - (pre-screen materials deadline is November 11, 2022) 
Sunday, February 19, 2023 - (pre-screen materials deadline is December 30, 2022) 

Applicants should allow 15-30 minutes in their schedules for Live Virtual auditions.   

On-Campus Auditions 

Friday, November 11, 2022 – (pre-screen materials deadline is October 21, 2022) 
Monday, January 16, 2023 - (pre-screen materials deadline is November 30, 2022) 
Monday, February 20, 2023 - (prescreen materials deadline is December 30, 2022) 

Chicago Auditions/Interviews 

Saturday, February 4, 2023 - (prescreen materials deadline is November 30, 2022) 
Sunday, February 5, 2023 - (prescreen materials deadline is November 30, 2022) 

For more detailed information about our Chicago Auditions, please visit our Chicago Auditions page. 


International Student Applications 

The application and audition process for international students differs slightly from that of US citizens.  For information on how to apply and audition, please visit our International Student Auditions page.   

All questions may be directed to our Audition and Interview Coordinator. 


** This page was updated June 23, 2022** 



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