Organizational Leadership Certificate

Students who complete a certificate in Organizational Leadership (OL) will become more effective organizational members, whether their chosen career is in business, non-profits, arts, agriculture, service, sales or government.  Students will possess strong leadership, communications, team building, and ethical decision-making skills, along with a greater understanding of organization behavior.  Students will utilize their skills to analyze, interpret, and reflect on the impact a local organization has on its people (and vice versa); providing a career-enhancing performance learning opportunity and developing a network of professional contacts while still at Millikin.  Note: This program is offered in non-traditional, online and accelerated formats to non-OL majors only.  Unlike OL Major courses, the minor courses do not require acceptance into Millikin’s Flexible Learning program.

Program Learning Outcome Goals

  • Interpret organizational issues and determine effective solutions consistent with organizational goals.
  • Evaluate changes in the internal and external environments of organizations and construct appropriate response strategies taking into consideration the organization’s political, social and cultural context.
  • Design effective team-based, collaborative approaches for creative organizational solutions; while supporting increased organizational capacity for change.
  • Use ethical reasoning to judge whether the actions and behaviors of leaders are ethically and socially responsible; while supporting an organizational system which maintains high ethical standards in response to organizational issues.
  • Evaluate an organization in action.  This performance learning experience will include on-site visits to discuss organizational issues, analyze the issues in relation to program concepts and theories, recommend changes, and reflect upon the student’s realizations about organizational leadership.

Course Requirements

  • OL300. Self-Leadership (3)
  • OL344. Organizational Leadership (3)
  • OL306. Organizational Behavior (3)
  • OL310. Group and Team Dynamics (3)

Total Credit Hours = 12

Enrollment Guidelines

The certificate requires fewer hours than the full Organizational Leadership minor, and is not equivalent to the minor.  This is a stand-alone program of focused study.  Part-time non-degree seeking students or community members may complete this program with an academic degree from Millikin or elsewhere.  The certificate is intended to provide a foundational set of courses emphasizing theory and practice in organizational leadership.  Students will be able to complete the required coursework with 2-4 semesters.  This program is offered in non-traditional, online and accelerated formats only.