Think first-year students can't compete? 

Think again.

In the Tabor School of Business, first-year students form teams to create a new business plan in their first semester, and compete for the best one. The competition is fierce, but the rewards are sweet. Upperclassmen go on to compete in a variety of ways against other schools or business professionals.

Millikin students traveled to Aarhus, Denmark, in fall 2017, where they swept the competition, focused on being "experts in teams." Yet another experience of Performance Learning.

Freshman Business Plan Competition

The Freshman Business Plan Competition is fed from the freshman-level Business Creation class, where students work in teams to develop a new business idea. Finalists from the individual class competitions are invited to compete against each other and pitch their business plan to a panel of judges. The winning team receives funding to help finance a travel course or study abroad experience.

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launch weekend

Launch Weekend is a 48-hour journey where students from various backgrounds and disciplines can come together and create a business plan by the end of the weekend that will be pitched to a panel of judges. Winners of Launch Weekend are then allocated money to proceed with the creation of their business. This immersive process exemplifies performance learning as students create authentic products or services and nurture them as they evolve over the weekend. Not only do they get to work with professionals in the industry, but they work with their peers who bring valuable insight to the process.

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Rocket Pitch

Rocket Pitch is an opportunity for students to share their creative business ideas with a panel of judges for the chance to win $100 cash!

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idea incubator

Idea to Incubator is a 12-week summer program that allows students to develop their business venture while immersing themselves in the life of an entrepreneur.  They will work with peers and professionals as their business grows.  Participants will have access to a work space in downtown Decatur, resources from the Center for Entrepreneurship at Millikin University, and the guidance of professionals and the Agile for Entrepreneurship team.

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Competing Off-Campus

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