Logan Bennett

Logan Bennett


Sports Management

President of Alpha Tau Omega

February 4, 2019 12:02 PM
Kalli Farmer '20

Millikin student-athlete finds leadership through Greek Life

Logan Bennett, a junior sports management major and digital media marketing minor from Marion, Ill., came to Millikin University unsure of his major choice and a bit weary of searching for new friends. Being an only child growing up, it was always important to Bennett that he looked for a strong foundation of people to surround himself with. Entering college, he immediately connected with his teammates on the tennis team as well as his freshman roommate. What he didn't expect was for his group of friends to greatly multiply.

Bennett was introduced to Millikin's Greek Life through his tennis teammates his freshman year. At first, Greek Life was of no interest to Bennett, but he realized that maybe Greek Life was the thing he was searching for.

"After being introduced and learning more about Greek Life, I saw that Greek Life at Millikin was something different than from most schools," said Bennett. "There's not only a social aspect, but there's leadership development as well."

Initially, Bennett was a shy, unassertive freshman who would have preferred to stay in his comfort zone. However, after joining Alpha Tau Omega (ATO), he became more mature, developed incredible speaking skills, and gained a sense of professionalism that he now applies to the leadership opportunities he has been given, including becoming president of ATO, and Bennett's community has not stopped growing.

Logan Bennett

When reflecting on what stands out about Millikin, Bennett immediately responded with astonishment on the amount of people whom he shares his college experience with. Not only does he have the tennis team, ATO, or his roommates, but many other people regardless of their discipline or interests.

"It's so fulfilling to have people be there for you all the time," said Bennett. "Times can be tough, but I have all this support to fall back on."

For Bennett, who aspires to one day become a coach, he received guidance from Joel Blanco, an assistant professor of sport management at Millikin. Blanco helped Bennett realize that not only does he have a love for sports, but more specifically, the sociology aspect within sports.

Through his experience with ATO, Bennett has become a confident leader and the fraternity was the introduction to the brothers that he was longing for. Bennett is also extremely thankful for all of those who have been instrumental during his time at Millikin.

"All the great interactions I have had with everyone at Millikin have stuck," he said. "It is so great having people be a part of your experience that you will never forget."