Religious Organizations

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

IV serves as a student run, nondenominational organization to foster and welcome an exploratory environment for those seeking to experience Jesus Christ on campus. Christianity in Action (CIA) - CIA is a nondenominational student driven organization that strives to encourage and reach all students through dialogs on faith, active searching, and celebration. This is an organization that is open and welcome to all students from various backgrounds.

Newman Catholic Community

Rooted in the Catholic faith, but open to all students, Newman Catholic Community hosts weekly Catholic masses in Pilling Chapel that are open to everyone. They also host religious based service activities and retreats for students. Visit the Newman Catholic Community website for more information.

Christianity In Action (CIA)

It shall be the purpose of CIA is to equip all collegiate students with the tools necessary to put their faith into action through worshiping, learning, and serving together. CIA is to be a safe place for anyone seeking to learn more about God.