The SOAC (Student Organization Allocation Committee) is a part of Student Senate which, along with the Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement, allocates funds to 90+ student organizations on campus. This committee is comprised of three members of student senate and one representative from the Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement.

How do I know if my organization allocates from SOAC?

The only organizations which do not allocate from SOAC are: Collage, The Decaturian, Kirkland, Multicultural Student Council, Student Housing Council, Student Organization Allocation Committee, Student Senate, University Center Board, WJMU Radio station.

Allocation Process

The allocation process occurs during the month of February for the following academic year. A representative of each organization that allocates from SOAC is required to attend one informational session in order to be eligible to receive funding. The 2014-2015 informational sessions have been completed.

Allocation Meetings

All organizations are expected to attend an SOAC allocation meeting. During these meetings your organization can advocate to the committee why you should receive the funding you applied for. Meetings will be around 15 minutes long.

Any questions should be addressed to

Emergency Allocations

Throughout the semester your organization may have the opportunity to cosponsor a program with another organization or come across an idea for a new program and require extra funding. The emergency allocation process is available for organizations that find themselves in these situations where they need additional funds outside of the ordinary allocation process.

If your organization requires emergency funding, please fill out the form below and email it to SOAC will then contact you with the option of scheduling a brief interview to discuss the reason for the emergency allocation and review your request. Please note that not all emergency allocation requests will be granted due to the large number of organizations and the limited amount of funds available.