Millikin's Second Decade: a Highlight of Events of Note

  • 1911 February 11. U.S. President William Howard Taft speaks in the Assembly Hall, now Albert Taylor Theatre. His audience included 100 Civil War veterans.
  • 1912 The new Gymnasium opens in the spring. The Conservatory of Music opens in the fall
  • 1913 July 1. Dr. George E. Fellows becomes Millikin's second president.
  • 1914 Accreditation is granted to the Decatur College and Industrial School by the North Central Association.
  • 1915 The state high school basketball tournament is held in the New Gymnasium. First homecoming celebration is held in the fall.
  • 1917 Two drill companies are formed on the campus.
  • 1918 The Student Army Train Corps (SATC) is officially established and then dissolved a month later when World War I ends.
  • 1919 The One Million-Dollar Endowment campaign is launched.
  • 1920 Dr. Louis Holden Becomes Millikin's third president. Tuition increases to $150 per year.

President Taft Visits Millikin, 1911

President Taft Visits Millikin
President William Howard Taft spoke at Millikin University on Feb. 11, 1911. He was enroute to Springfield to speak at the annual banquet of the Lincoln Memorial Club.

George Fellows

Dr. George Fellows, Millikin's second president
Photograph of President Fellows and his Inauguration program. George Emory Fellows was inaugurated as the second president of Millikin University on Dec. 9, 1913. He served from 1913-1915.

The Fellows Administration marked the only attempt to establish a school of agriculture on Millikin's campus. The six-week course elicited little response and, due to high costs, was cut.

SATC Trenchs

Student Army Training Corps (SATC)
In response to the first world war, a Student army training corps was established on the Millikin campus. Six green barracks, complete with mess hall, were constructed for the S.A.T.C. station at a cost of $30,000. The gymnasium served as an armory.

A simulated battlefield, complete with trenches and foxholes, was constructed north of the Conservatory in the area near the new science building and Kirkland.

Millikin University sent greetings and support to its student soldiers on a regular basis. An example of one of the cards is shown on the right. Greeting Card
1909 May Fete May Fete
The annual May Fete took place beginning in 1909. It included the wrapping of the may pole, and the crowning of a queen.
Decatur String Quartet
The Decatur String Quartet was established 1912 by Professor Edson Morphy, violin professor and conductor of the Conservatory of Music Orchestra. Members of the group are (L to R): Edson Morphy, George Schwartz, Dr. J.H. McDunnough, and Mary Hemenway, instructor of violin and 1911 graduate of Millikin Conservatory of Music. The picture was taken for their first performance together in January 1912.
String Quartet


Gymnasium in 1913 The New Gymnasium, 1913.
Dresses Annual Exhibtion

Student Exhibitions
Annual shows of student projects, open to the public, were an opportunity for students to showcase their creations. Dresses made by the domestic economy classes are featured in 1913. These annual exhibitions were held through 1913.

Dr. Louis E. Holden
Millikin's third president was appointed in February 1920 and served in that capacity until 1923.

Louis E. Holden

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