Leisure Reading

Call Number: LEISURE HQ77.8.C45 A3 2018
Author: Chii (Mangaka); Page, Karis, letterer.; Whitesides, Shanti, adaptor.; Conrad, Beni Axia, translator
Title: The bride was a boy /
Imprint: Macmillan; Seven Seas Entertainment

Call Number: LEISURE PL2970.5.N25 Z313 2021
Author: Yan, Ge; Tiang, Jeremy, translator.
Title: Strange beasts of China : [a novel] /
Imprint: Melville House

Call Number: LEISURE PN6790 .J33 H517813 v.1
Author: Higashimura, Akiko; Blakeslee, Lys, 1985- illustrator, letterer.; MacFarlane, Ysabet Reinhardt, adapter.; McKeon, Jenny, translator.
Title: Blank canvas : my so-called artist's journey /
Imprint: Seven Seas

Call Number: LEISURE PZ7.1 .H64665 Dar 2021
Author: Hollowell, Sarah
Title: A dark and starless forest /
Imprint: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Call Number: LEISURE PZ7.7 .N535 2021
Author: McDonald, Kel, editor.; Leong, Sloane, editor.; Ashwin, Kate, editor
Title: The night marchers, and other Oceanian stories /
Imprint: Iron Circus Comics

Call Number: LEISURE PZ7.7 .G57 2018
Author: Hicks, Faith Erin.; Leong, Sloane.; McClaren, Meredith.; McDonald, Kel.; Crook, Ma'at.; Matsumoto, Nina.; Morris, Cameron.; Cagle, Mary.; Bennett, D. Shazzbaa.; Ashwin, Kate.; Williams, Jarrett, 1984-; McNeil, Carla Speed.; Schweizer, Chris.; Shanahan, Shaggy.; Shanahan, Katie.; Pimienta, Jose.; Chartrand, Nicole (Comic book artist).; Spike, 1978- editor.; McDonald, Kel, editor.; Ashwin, Kate, editor.
Title: The girl who married a skull : and other African stories /
Imprint: Iron Circus Comics

Call Number: LEISURE PZ7.7 .N59 2020
Author: Pimienta, Jose.; McDonald, Kel.; Bing, Kory.; McNeil, Carla Speed.; Visel, Lin.; Shanahan, Shaggy.; Shanahan, Katie.; Ashwin, Kate.; Green, K. C. 1987- (Kenneth Cary),; Cagle, Mary.; Ashwin, Kate, editor.; McDonald, Kel, editor.
Title: The Nixie of the mill-pond and other European stories /
Imprint: Iron Circus Comics

Call Number: LEISURE PZ7.7 .T357 2019
Author: Chan, Ron.; Matsumoto, Nina.; Delliquanti, Blue.; McClaren, Meredith.; Blas, Terry.; Kurilich, Caitlyn.; McDonald, Kel.; Dragotta, Nick.; Hattori, Ayano.; Sides, Andrew.; Milholland, Randy.; Dalton, Jonathon, 1977-; Caffoe, Jason.; Yang, Gene Luen.; Pimienta, Jose.; McNeil, Carla Speed.; Nemecek, Molly.; Farris, Cat.; Magruder, Nilah.; Ashwin, Kate.; Livingston, Stuart.; Bellwood, Lucy, 1989-; Campbell, Shannon.; Chartrand, Nicole (Comic book artist).; McDonald, Kel, editor.; Ashwin, Kate, editor.; Spike, 1978- editor.
Title: Tamamo the fox maiden : and other Asian stories /
Imprint: Iron Circus Comics

Call Number: LEISURE Z246 .A78513 2020
Author: Ashiya, Kuniichi; Allen, Jocelyne, 1974- translator.; Yamamoto, Masayuki, 1967- editor.; Page, Karis, letterer.
Title: What the font?! : a manga guide to Western typeface /
Imprint: Seven Seas Entertainment

Leadership Collection

Call Number: LEAD HD57.7 .C3539 2021
Author: Cameron, Kim S.
Title: Positively energizing leadership : virtuous actions and relationships that create high performance /
Imprint: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

New Technologies Studio

Millikin Archives & Rare Books (non-circulating collection)

Call Number: FAC. HC79.I55 M85 2021
Author: Munoz, J. Mark; Naqvi, Al
Title: The AI leader : mastery of humans and machines in the workplace /
Imprint: First Hill Books an imprint of Wimbledon Publishing Company Limited

General Works (A)

Philosophy (B-BD)

Call Number: B105.T54 N33 2021
Author: Nadler, Steven M.; Shapiro, Lawrence A.
Title: When bad thinking happens to good people : how philosophy can save us from ourselves /
Imprint: Princeton University Press

Call Number: B1498 .B24 2021
Author: Baggini, Julian.
Title: The Great Guide : What David Hume Can Teach Us about Being Human and Living Well /
Imprint: Princeton University Press

Call Number: B21 .P95 2020
Author: Garchar, Kimberly K., editor.; Shew, Melissa M., editor.
Title: Philosophy for girls : an invitation to the life of thought /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Psychology (BF)

Call Number: BF 575 .G7 A35 2021
Author: Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi
Title: Notes on grief /
Imprint: Alfred A Knopf

Call Number: BF441 .C86 2021
Author: Cummins, Denise D.
Title: Good thinking : seven powerful ideas that influence the way we think /
Imprint: Cambridge University Press

Call Number: BF448 .P48 2020
Author: Peters, Ellen
Title: Innumeracy in the wild : misunderstanding and misusing numbers /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: BF575.S45 Y68 2021
Author: Brown, Brené, editor.; Burke, Tarana, editor.
Title: You are your best thing : vulnerability, shame resilience, and the Black experience -- an anthology /
Imprint: Random House

Religion and Ethics (BJ-BX)

Civilization, Archaeology, & Genealogy (C)

History of the World, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. (D)

Call Number: DT450.44 .W76 2021
Author: Wrong, Michela
Title: Do not disturb : the story of a political murder and an African regime gone bad /
Imprint: PublicAffairs

History of the Americas (E-F)

Call Number: E185.625 .S53 2016
Author: Sharpe, Christina Elizabeth
Title: In the wake : on Blackness and being /
Imprint: Duke University Press

Call Number: E468.9 .L365 2021
Author: Lang, Andrew F.
Title: A contest of civilizations : exposing the crisis of American exceptionalism in the Civil War era /
Imprint: The University of North Carolina Press

Call Number: E893 .B56 2021
Author: Bloom, Mia; Moskalenko, Sophia
Title: Pastels and pedophiles : inside the mind of QAnon /
Imprint: Redwood Press an imprint of Stanford University Press

Call Number: E893 .R68 2021
Author: Rothschild, Mike
Title: Storm Is Upon Us: How Qanon Became A Movement, Cult, And Conspiracy Theory Of Everything
Imprint: Melville House Publishing

Call Number: E901.1 .O27 A55 2020
Author: Lopez, Lynda
Title: AOC : the fearless rise and powerful resonance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez /
Imprint: St Martin's Press an imprint of St Martin's Publishing Group

Call Number: F390 .B925 2021
Author: Burrough, Bryan; Stanford, Jason; Tomlinson, Chris
Title: Forget the Alamo : the rise and fall of an American myth /
Imprint: Penguin Press

Call Number: F704.T92 E443 2021
Author: Ellsworth, Scott
Title: The ground breaking : an American city and its search for justice /
Imprint: Dutton an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC

Geography, Anthropology, Folklore, Customs, & Recreation (G)

Call Number: GF51 .J66 2021
Author: Jones, Lucy
Title: Losing Eden : our fundamental need for the natural world and its ability to heal body and soul /
Imprint: Pantheon Books

Call Number: GV342 .P48 2010
Author: Whitehead, Margaret
Title: Physical literacy : throughout the lifecourse /
Imprint: Routledge

Economics & Business (H-HJ)

Call Number: HB3716 .Q56 2022
Author: Quinn, William; Turner, John D.
Title: Boom and bust : a global history of financial bubbles /
Imprint: Cambridge University Press

Call Number: HD38.2 .R37 2007
Author: Rath, Tom
Title: Strengths finder 2.0 /
Imprint: Gallup Press

Call Number: HD5706 .E35 2021
Author: Eeckhout, Jan
Title: The profit paradox : how thriving firms threaten the future of work /
Imprint: Princeton University Press

Call Number: HD9482 .U64 M644 2021
Author: Elmore, Bartow J.
Title: Seed money : Monsanto's past and our food future /
Imprint: WW Norton & Company

Call Number: HF5382.7 .B64 2004
Author: Bolles, Richard Nelson
Title: What color is your parachute? : a practical guide for job-hunting and career changes /
Imprint: Airlift; Ten Speed

Call Number: HF5387 .B745 2021
Author: Brennan, Jason
Title: Business ethics for better behavior /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: HG1710 .P36 2020
Author: Parkin, Jack
Title: Money code space : hidden power in bitcoin, blockchain, and decentralisation /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Sociology & Related (HM-HX)

Call Number: HM806 .H36 2020
Author: Hamel, Gary; Zanini, Michele
Title: Humanocracy : creating organizations as amazing as the people inside them /
Imprint: Harvard Business Review Press

Call Number: HQ77.95 .U6 D3 2020
Author: Daum, Courtenay W.
Title: The politics of right sex : transgressive bodies, governmentality, and the limits of trans rights /
Imprint: State University of New York Press

Call Number: HQ1155 .Z35 2021
Author: Zakaria, Rafia
Title: Against white feminism : notes on disruption /
Imprint: WW Norton & Company

Call Number: HQ1233 .B423 2021
Author: Beck, Koa
Title: White feminism : from the suffragettes to influencers and who they leave behind /
Imprint: Atria Books an imprint of Simon & Schuster Inc

Call Number: HQ1237 .B3827 2021
Title: Men who hate women : from incels to pickup artists : the truth about extreme misogyny and how it affects us all /
Imprint: Sourcebooks

Call Number: HQ1237.5 .U6 H55 2021
Author: Hill, Anita
Title: Believing : our thirty-year journey to end gender violence /
Imprint: Viking an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC

Call Number: HQ766.5 .U5 G65 2020
Author: Goodwin, Michele
Title: Policing the womb : invisible women and the criminalization of motherhood /
Imprint: Cambridge University Press

Political Science (J)

Call Number: JC 573 .N55 2021
Author: Nilges, Mathias
Title: Right-Wing Culture in Contemporary Capitalism : regression and hope in a time without future /
Imprint: Bloomsbury

Law (K)

Call Number: KF4541 .A878 2021
Author: Amar, Akhil Reed
Title: The words that made us : America's constitutional conversation, 1760-1840 /
Imprint: Basic Books Hachette Book Group

Education (L)

Call Number: LB1025.3 .R88 2021
Author: Rutishauser, Kerry Decker
Title: Empowered students : educating flexible minds for a flexible future /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield

Call Number: LB1732 .T73 2020
Author: Traille, Kay
Title: Hearing their voices : teaching history to students of color /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield

Call Number: LB2847 .B87 2020
Author: Burrell, Stephanie L.; Williams, Theodora P.; Donovan, Sarah K.
Title: Breaking down silos for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) : teaching and collaboration across disciplines /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield

Call Number: LC213 .V46 2020
Author: Venditto, Dorothy Chiffriller
Title: Gender equity in elementary schools : a road map for learning and positive change /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group Inc

Call Number: LC213.2 .T87 2020
Author: Turner, Erica O.
Title: Suddenly diverse : how school districts manage race and inequality /
Imprint: The University of Chicago Press

Call Number: LC1099.3 .C376 2020
Author: Casey, Zachary A.; McManimon, Shannon
Title: Building pedagogues : white practicing teachers and the struggle for antiracist work in schools /
Imprint: State University of New York Press

Call Number: LC1200 .S53 2020
Author: Sharma, Manu; Zbacnik, Amanda
Title: Educators for diverse classrooms : a case study approach to equity and inclusion in education /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield

Curriculum Materials (Curr. Lib.)

Musical Recordings: LPs & CDs (DISC & CDISC)

Scores (Music)

Music History, Literature, Criticism, & Study (M-MT)

Call Number: ML196 .C66 1982
Author: Cooke, Deryck; Magee, Bryan
Title: Vindications : essays on romantic music /
Imprint: Cambridge University Press

Call Number: ML410 .B1 S273 2020
Author: Schulenberg, David
Title: Bach /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: ML410.B62 F87 2020
Author: Furman, Nelly
Title: Georges Bizet's Carmen /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: ML410.B8 L47 2020
Author: Lester, Joel
Title: Brahms's violin sonatas : style, structure, performance /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: ML410.M9 B818 1988
Author: Brophy, Brigid
Title: Mozart the dramatist : the value of his operas to him, to his age, and to us /
Imprint: Da Capo Press

Call Number: ML410.T147 M33 2020
Author: McCarthy, Kerry Robin
Title: Tallis /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: ML 421.B4 M57 2021
Author: Mills, Richard
Title: The Beatles and fandom : sex, death and progressive nostalgia /
Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic

Call Number: ML3920 .S743 2020
Author: Spiegel, Deborah
Title: Creative DBT activities using music : interventions for enhancing engagement and effectiveness in therapy /
Imprint: Jessical Kingsley Publishers

Call Number: MT 6 .S6748 T43 2020
Author: Snodgrass, Jennifer
Title: Teaching music theory : new voices and approaches /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: MT10 .H294 2020
Author: Harney, Kristin
Title: Integrating music across the elementary curriculum /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: MT85 .P395 2020
Author: Paul, Sharon J.
Title: Art & science in the choral rehearsal /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Fine Arts (N)

Call Number: N 7433.915 .R58 2021
Author: Ritter, Julia
Title: Tandem dances : choreographing immersive performance /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: NC1000 .A34 2021
Author: Adams, Sean
Title: How design makes us think : and feel and do things /
Imprint: Princeton Architectural Press

Call Number: NE860 .S23 2021
Author: Sanders, Phil
Title: Prints and their makers /
Imprint: Princeton Architectural Press

Languages & Linguistics (P-PM)

General Literature & Communication (PN)

Literature: French, Spanish, & Italian (PQ)

Literature: English (PR)

Call Number: PR1184 .G68 1992
Author: Weller, Shane
Title: Great love poems /
Imprint: Dover Publications

Call Number: PR1195.S5 G74 1994
Author: Negri, Paul
Title: Great sonnets /
Imprint: Dover Publications

Call Number: PR2848 .A1 1991
Author: Shakespeare, William
Title: Complete sonnets /
Imprint: Dover Publications

Literature: American (PS)

Call Number: PS125 .G555 2021
Author: Gilbert, Sandra M.; Gubar, Susan
Title: Still mad : American women writers and the feminist imagination, 1950-2020 /
Imprint: WW Norton & Company Inc

Call Number: PS3558.O34754 A73 2014
Author: Hoggatt, Kristen
Title: Arab winter : poems /
Imprint: Finishing Line Press

Call Number: PS3573.H4768 H37 2021
Author: Whitehead, Colson
Title: Harlem shuffle /
Imprint: Doubleday

Call Number: PS3623.A7323 Z46 2014
Author: Ward, Jesmyn
Title: Men we reaped : a memoir /
Imprint: Bloomsbury

Literature: Germanic (PT)

Literature: Children's Books (Juv.)

Call Number: JUV. ML3928 .A36 2014
Author: Ajmera, Maya; Pon, Cynthia.; Derstine, Elise Hofer
Title: Music everywhere! /
Imprint: Charlesbridge; Global Fund for Children

Call Number: JUV. PN6728.W6 L37 2021
Author: Larson, Kirsten W.; Wu, Katy, illustrator
Title: A true wonder : the comic book hero who changed everything /
Imprint: Clarion Books/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.K743 Dan 2021
Author: Kress, Emma
Title: Dangerous play /
Imprint: Roaring Brook Press

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.5.M42 Me 2021
Author: McBride, Amber
Title: Me (Moth) /
Imprint: Feiwel and Friends

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.7.C438 Ju 2021
Author: Chanani, Nidhi
Title: Jukebox /
Imprint: First Second

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.7.K496 Le 20021
Author: Khor, Shing Yin
Title: The legend of auntie Po /
Imprint: Kokila

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.7 .S234 Las 2021
Title: Last dance
Imprint: Iron Circus Comics

General Science (Q)

Mathematics (QA)

Call Number: QA93 .I425 2020
Author: Davis, Diana J.
Title: Illustrating mathematics /
Imprint: American Mathematical Society

Astronomy (QB)

Physics (QC)

Chemistry (QD)

Earth Sciences (QE)

Biological Sciences (QH-QR)

Call Number: QL496.4 .G68 2021
Author: Goulson, Dave
Title: Silent Earth : averting the insect apocalypse /
Imprint: Harper an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers

Medicine & Nursing (R)

Call Number: RA644 .C67 B873 2021
Author: Burleigh, Nina
Title: Virus : vaccinations, the CDC, and the hijacking of America's response to the pandemic /
Imprint: Seven Stories Press

Call Number: RA655 .M36 2021
Author: Manaugh, Geoff; Twilley, Nicola
Title: Until proven safe : the history and future of quarantine /
Imprint: MCD/Farrar Straus and Giroux

Call Number: RA772 .N7 E67 2020
Author: Epstein, Marcia Jenneth
Title: Sound and noise : a listener's guide to everyday life /
Imprint: McGill-Queen's University Press

Call Number: RT71.C37 2021
Author: Cara, Chantal
Title: An educator's guide to humanizing nursing education : grounded in caring science /
Imprint: Springer Publishing Company LLC

Call Number: RT73 .R68 2019
Author: Roush, Karen
Title: A nurse's step-by-step guide to writing a dissertation or scholarly project /
Imprint: Sigma Theta Tau International

Agriculture & Forestry (S)

Technology & Engineering (T)

Call Number: TK7882.E2 B64 2021
Author: Boghosian, Heidi
Title: "I have nothing to hide" : and 20 other myths about surveillance and privacy /
Imprint: Beacon Press

Military & Naval Sciences (U-V)

Bibliography & Library Science (Z)