Call Number: REF. JF515 .R692 2020
Author: Robert, Henry M.
Title: Robert's rules of order newly revised /
Imprint: Public Affairs



Leisure Reading

Call Number: LEISURE PN6727 .S54758 L67 2021
Author: Smythe, Rachel
Title: Lore Olympus /
Imprint: Del Rey

Call Number: LEISURE PN6728 .S769 H84 2021
Author: Houser, Jody; Piekos, Nate, letterer.; Louise, Marissa, colourist.; Affe, Lauren, colourist.; Champagne, Keith, inker.; Salazar, Edgar, 1973- penciller.; Martino, Stefano, 1970- penciller.
Title: Stranger Things
Imprint: Dark Horse Books

Call Number: LEISURE PN6790 .J34 A88713 2021 v.1
Author: Runba, Kokonasu; Linsley, Sara, illustrator, letterer.; Cook, Caleb D., adapter, translator.
Title: Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
Imprint: Viz Media LLC

Call Number: LEISURE PR6107 .W96 S53 2021
Author: Gwynne, John
Title: The shadow of the gods /
Imprint: Orbit

Call Number: LEISURE PR6108.A963 S58 2021
Author: Hawkins, Paula
Title: A slow fire burning /
Imprint: Riverhead Books

Call Number: LEISURE PR6109 .T36 F38 2021
Title: Fault lines : a novel /
Imprint: Custom House

Call Number: LEISURE PS3566.O92 B49 2021
Author: Powers, Richard
Title: Bewilderment : a novel /
Imprint: W W Norton & Company Inc

Call Number: LEISURE PS3561.I483 B55 2021
Author: King, Stephen
Title: Billy Summers : a novel /
Imprint: Scribner an imprint of Simon & Schuster

Call Number: LEISURE PS3562.I586 D74 2021
Author: Lippman, Laura
Title: Dream girl : a novel /
Imprint: William Morrow an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers

Call Number: LEISURE PS3607 .U48553 W48 2021
Author: Guillory, Jasmine
Title: While we were dating /
Imprint: Jove

Call Number: LEISURE PS3611 .A8128 A83 2021
Author: Katz, RE
Title: And then the gray heaven /
Imprint: Dzanc Books

Call Number: LEISURE PS3613.C587545 O54 2021
Author: McQuiston, Casey
Title: One last stop /
Imprint: St Martin's Griffin

Call Number: LEISURE PS3613 .U7428 I34 2021
Author: Murphy, Julie
Title: If the shoe fits : a meant to be novel /
Imprint: Hyperion Avenue

Call Number: LEISURE PZ7.1 .I743 Jas 2021
Author: Ireland, Meredith
Title: The Jasmine Project /
Imprint: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Call Number: LEISURE PZ7.1 .Z536 I76 2021
Author: Zhao, Xiran Jay
Title: Iron widow /
Imprint: Penguin Teen

Call Number: LEISURE PZ7.7.B43 Hi 2021
Author: Becker, Harmony
Title: Himawari House /
Imprint: First Second

Leadership Collection

Call Number: LEAD. BF637 .L4 H367 2020
Author: Harper, Kristin
Title: The heart of a leader : 52 emotional intelligence insights to advance your career /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield

Call Number: LEAD HD57.7 .U828 2021
Title: Leader's Checklist : 16 mission-critical principles /

New Technologies Studio

Millikin Archives & Rare Books (non-circulating collection)

Call Number: FAC. F1659.A23 D6 1983
Author: Dodge, Steve
Title: Abaco, the history of an out island and its cays /
Imprint: Tropic Isle Publications

Call Number: FAC. PS 3557.U3 .G85L56a 2008
Author: Guillory, Dan
Title: The Lincoln poems /
Imprint: Mayhaven Pub

Call Number: FAC. PS595.H645 G85 2013
Author: Guillory, Dan
Title: Housepoems : structures and their inhabitants /
Imprint: Mayhaven Publishing Inc

General Works (A)

Call Number: AM7 .M77 2021
Author: Murawski, Michael
Title: Museums as agents of change : a guide to becoming a changemaker /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield

Philosophy (B-BD)

Call Number: BL51 .M6788 2020
Author: Moore, Peter George
Title: Reinventing religion : beyond belief and scepticism /
Imprint: Reaktion Books Ltd

Psychology (BF)

Religion and Ethics (BJ-BX)

Civilization, Archaeology, & Genealogy (C)

History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. (D)

Call Number: D443 .H6435 2021
Author: Holslag, Jonathan
Title: World politics since 1989 /
Imprint: Polity Press

Call Number: DT1756 .D63 2020
Author: Dodge, Arnold
Title: Sanitized apartheid : the post-racial hoax in South Africa and the United States /
Imprint: Brill Sense

History of the Americas (E-F)

Call Number: E175 .D86 2021
Author: Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne
Title: Not "a nation of immigrants" : settler colonialism, white supremacy, and a history of erasure and exclusion /
Imprint: Beacon Press

Call Number: E185.86 .B52555 2020
Author: Reese, Ashanté M., editor.; Garth, Hanna, editor.
Title: Black food matters : racial justice in the wake of food justice /
Imprint: University of Minnesota Press

Call Number: E301 .T39 2021
Author: Taylor, Alan
Title: American republics : a continental history of the United States, 1783-1850 /
Imprint: W W Norton & Company

Call Number: E441 .A15 2021
Author: New York Times Company.; Silverstein, Jake, editor.; Silverman, Ilena (Editor), editor.; Roper, Caitlin, editor.; Hannah-Jones, Nikole, creator, editor.
Title: The 1619 Project : a new origin story /
Imprint: One World

Call Number: E441 .S654 2021
Author: Smith, Clint
Title: How the word is passed : a reckoning with the history of slavery across America /
Imprint: Little Brown and Company

Call Number: E901.1 .W37 2021
Author: Warren, Elizabeth
Title: Persist /
Imprint: Metropolitan Books

Call Number: E912 .W6525 2021
Author: Wolff, Michael
Title: Landslide : the final days of the Trump White House /
Imprint: Henry Holt and Company

Call Number: F355 .I5 2003
Author: Bradway, Becky
Title: In the middle of the Middle West : literary nonfiction from the heartland /
Imprint: Indiana University Press

Call Number: F549.D3 B73 2002
Author: Bradway, Becky
Title: Pink houses and family taverns /
Imprint: Indiana University Press

Geography, Anthropology, Folklore, Customs, & Recreation (G)

Call Number: GC21 .S33 2021
Author: Scales, Helen
Title: The brilliant abyss : exploring the majestic hidden life of the deep ocean and the looming threat that imperils it /
Imprint: Atlantic Monthly Press

Call Number: GV571 .V36 2021
Author: Vamplew, Wray
Title: Games people played : a global history of sport /
Imprint: Reaktion Books

Call Number: GV706.5 .Z569 2021
Author: Zirin, Dave
Title: The Kaepernick effect : taking a knee, changing the world /
Imprint: The New Press

Call Number: GV1788 .G79 1994
Author: Grieg, Valerie
Title: Inside ballet technique : separating anatomical fact from fiction in the ballet class /
Imprint: Dance Books

Economics & Business (H-HJ)

Call Number: HF5549.5 .M5 H3687 2021
Author: Harts, Minda
Title: Right within: how to heal from racial trauma in the workplace

Sociology & Related (HM-HX)

Call Number: HM742 .D875 2020
Author: Durlofsky, Paula
Title: Logged in and stressed out : how social media is affecting your mental health and what you can do about it /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield

Call Number: HM743 .F33 F74 2021
Author: Frenkel, Sheera; Kang, Cecilia
Title: An ugly truth : inside Facebook's battle for domination /
Imprint: Harper an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers

Call Number: HQ32 .M388 2021
Author: McGuire, Laura
Title: Creating cultures of consent : a guide for parents and educators /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group Inc

Call Number: HQ76.3 .U52 I444 2020
Author: D'Emilio, John
Title: Queer legacies : stories from Chicago's LGBTQ archives /
Imprint: The University of Chicago Press

Call Number: HQ743 .F466 2018
Author: Finkel, Eli J.
Title: The All-Or-Nothing Marriage : How the Best Marriages Work /
Imprint: Penguin Publishing Group

Call Number: HQ1438 .W45 G35 2021
Author: Gallagher, Winifred
Title: New women in the old West : from settlers to suffragists, an untold American story /
Imprint: Penguin Press

Call Number: HT1521 .D485 2021
Author: DiAngelo, Robin
Title: Nice racism : how progressive White people perpetuate racial harm /
Imprint: Beacon Press

Call Number: HV8079.S48 T875 2021
Author: Tuerkheimer, Deborah
Title: Credible : why we doubt accusers and protect abusers /
Imprint: Harper Wave an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

Call Number: HV9104 .H46 2021
Author: Henning, Kristin
Title: The rage of innocence : how America criminalizes Black youth /
Imprint: Pantheon Books

Political Science (J)

Call Number: JK4816 .M56 2021
Author: Minutaglio, Bill
Title: A single star and bloody knuckles : a history of politics and race in Texas /
Imprint: University of Texas Press

Call Number: JV6225 .W35 2021
Author: Walia, Harsha
Title: Border & rule : global migration, capitalism, and the rise of racist nationalism /
Imprint: Haymarket Books

Call Number: JZ5597.2.S64 W66 2008
Author: Banerjee, Paula.
Title: Women in peace politics /
Imprint: SAGE Publications

Law (K)

Call Number: KF4755 .D454 2017
Author: Delgado, Richard
Title: Critical race theory : an introduction /
Imprint: New York University Press

Education (L)

Call Number: LB1044.87 .V35 2011
Author: Vai, Marjorie; Sosulski, Kristen
Title: Essentials of online course design : a standards-based guide /
Imprint: Routledge

Call Number: LB1139.5 .L58 C65 2020
Author: Colabucci, Lesley; Napoli, Mary
Title: Books as partners : diverse literature in the early childhood classroom /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield

Call Number: LB1585 .P48 2020
Author: Philpot, Don K.
Title: Reading actively in middle grade science : teachers and students in action /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group Inc

Curriculum Materials (Curr. Lib.)

Musical Recordings: LPs & CDs (DISC & CDISC)

Scores (Music)

Music History, Literature, Criticism, & Study (M-MT)

Call Number: ML172 .F57 2020
Author: Fitch, Fabrice
Title: Renaissance polyphony /
Imprint: Cambridge University Press

Call Number: ML420 .K675 A73 2019
Author: Allred, Kevin
Title: Ain't I a diva? : Beyoncé and the power of pop culture pedagogy /
Imprint: Feminist Press at the City University of New York

Call Number: ML420 .P28 H36 2020
Author: Hamessley, Lydia
Title: Unlikely angel : the songs of Dolly Parton /
Imprint: University of Illinois Press

Call Number: ML420 .S1404 W37 2018
Author: Warner, Andrea
Title: Buffy Sainte-Marie : the authorized biography /
Imprint: Greystone Books

Call Number: ML421 .B4 E92 2019
Author: Everett, Walter; Riley, Tim
Title: What goes on : the Beatles, their music, and their time /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: ML3445 .W64 2020
Title: World music and the Black Atlantic : producing and consuming African-Cuban musics on world music stages /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Fine Arts (N)

Call Number: NB60 .G67 2020
Author: Gormley, Antony; Gayford, Martin
Title: Shaping the world : sculpture from prehistory to now /
Imprint: Thames & Hudson

Languages & Linguistics (P-PM)

Call Number: P301.5 .P75 M66 2021
Author: Montell, Amanda
Title: Cultish : the language of fanaticism /
Imprint: Harper Wave an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers

General Literature & Communication (PN)

Call Number: PN1590.W64 A87 1999
Author: Aston, Elaine
Title: Feminist theatre practice : a handbook /
Imprint: Routledge

Call Number: PN1661 .B34 1983
Author: Ball, David
Title: Backwards and forwards : a technical manual for reading plays /
Imprint: Southern Illinois University Press

Call Number: PN1995.9 .B598 A25 2020
Title: American blockbuster : movies, technology, and wonder /
Imprint: Duke University Press

Call Number: PN2053 .E87 2021
Author: Essin, Christin
Title: Working backstage : a cultural history and ethnography of technical theater labor /
Imprint: University of Michigan Press

Call Number: PN2061 .C445 2022
Author: Cornford, Tom; Fleming, Cass
Title: Michael Chekhov technique in the twenty-first century : new pathways /
Imprint: Methuen Drama

Call Number: PN2071 .A92 H57 2021
Author: Hodges Persley, Nicole; Ndounou, Monica White
Title: Breaking it down : audition techniques for actors of the global majority /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield

Call Number: PN2232 .B54 2021
Author: Blank, Carla, editor.; Reed, Ishmael, editor.
Title: Bigotry on Broadway : an anthology /
Imprint: Baraka Books

Call Number: PN6727 .H2556 W35 2021
Author: Hall, Rebecca
Title: Wake : the hidden history of women-led slave revolts /
Imprint: Simon & Schuster

Literature: French, Spanish, & Italian (PQ)

Call Number: PQ1575 .L56 E5 1998
Author: Christine, de Pisan
Title: The book of the city of ladies /
Imprint: Persea Books

Literature: English (PR)

Call Number: PR6070.O455 M34 2021
Author: Tóibín, Colm
Title: The magician : a novel /
Imprint: Scribner

Call Number: PR6118.O59 B43 2021
Author: Rooney, Sally
Title: Beautiful world, where are you /
Imprint: Farrar Straus and Giroux

Literature: American (PS)

Call Number: PS3525.A153 B65
Author: McCaslin, Davida
Title: Bold water /
Imprint: Comet Press

Call Number: PS3551.L25 G63 2003
Author: Albee, Edward
Title: Edward Albee's The goat, or, Who is Sylvia? : (notes toward a definition of tragedy).
Imprint: Dramatists Play Service

Call Number: PS3555.D4845 W58 1999 c.2
Author: Edson, Margaret
Title: Wit /
Imprint: Dramatists Play Service

Call Number: PS3555 .R42 S46 2021
Author: Erdrich, Louise
Title: The sentence : a novel /
Imprint: Harper an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

Call Number: PS3557.R3789 T35 2004
Author: Greenberg, Richard
Title: Take me out /
Imprint: Dramatists Play Service Inc

Call Number: PS3558 .A62423 Z46 2021
Author: Harjo, Joy
Title: Poet warrior : a memoir /
Imprint: W W Norton & Company

Call Number: PS3562.E458 S5 2000
Author: Leight, Warren
Title: Side man /
Imprint: Dramatists Play Service

Call Number: PS3563.A323 L6 1995
Author: McNally, Terrence
Title: Love! Valour! Compassion! /
Imprint: Dramatists Play Service Inc

Call Number: PS3563.A323 M37 1996
Author: McNally, Terrence
Title: Master class /
Imprint: Dramatists Play Service Inc

Call Number: PS3563.A653 D56 2000
Author: Margulies, Donald
Title: Dinner with friends /
Imprint: Dramatists Play Service

Call Number: PS3569 .C4833 K46 2016
Author: Schenkkan, Robert
Title: The Kentucky cycle /
Imprint: Grove Press

Call Number: PS3569.C4833 K46 1994 c.2
Author: Schenkkan, Robert
Title: The Kentucky cycle /
Imprint: Dramatists Play Service

Call Number: PS3605 .L12 W48 2021
Author: El Akkad, Omar
Title: What strange paradise /
Imprint: Alfred A Knopf

Literature: Germanic (PT)

Literature: Children's Books (Juv.)

Call Number: JUV. E96.65 .N6 W56 2020
Author: Winters, Nellie
Title: Reflections from them days : a residential school memoir from Nunatsiavut /
Imprint: Qinuisaarniq an imprint of Inhabit Education Books Inc

Call Number: JUV. HM671 .P38 2021
Author: Paul, Miranda; Jackson, Bea
Title: Right now! : real kids speaking up for change /
Imprint: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; Clarion Books

Call Number: JUV. PZ5 .T31954 2021
Author: Blake, Ashley Herring.; Melleby, Nicole.; Salazar, Aida.; Nijkamp, Marieke.; Locke, Katherine.; Ostertag, Molly.; Oshiro, Mark.; Lockington, Mariama.; Bell, Eric, 1985-; Sass, A. J.; Ireland, Justina.; Bunker, Lisa.; Ortega, Claribel A.; Khor, Shing Yin.; Bigelow, Lisa Jenn.; Gino, Alex.; Melleby, Nicole, editor.; Locke, Katherine, editor.
Title: This is our rainbow : 16 stories of her, him, them, and us /
Imprint: Alfred A Knopf

Call Number: JUV. PZ7 .S1273 At 2021
Author: Sáenz, Benjamin Alire
Title: Aristotle and Dante dive into the waters of the world /
Imprint: Simon & Schuster BFYR

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1 .F3542 It 2021
Author: Fan, Eric
Title: It fell from the sky /
Imprint: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.K5865 Wal 2021
Author: Kinew, Wab
Title: Walking in two worlds /
Imprint: Penguin Teen

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.N642 Be 2021
Author: Noor, Nabela; Ali, Nabi H.
Title: Beautifully me /
Imprint: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.7 .K587 Bo 2021
Author: King, Thomas; Donovan, Natasha
Title: Borders /
Imprint: Little Brown and Company

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.7.T87 Ho 2021
Author: Tur, Míriam Bonastre; Fondriest, Natalie
Title: Hooky /
Imprint: Etch / Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

General Science (Q)

Mathematics (QA)

Call Number: QA446 .E45 2021
Title: Shape : the hidden geometry of information, biology, strategy, democracy, and everything else /
Imprint: Penguin Press

Astronomy (QB)

Call Number: QB982 .F47 2021
Author: Lewis, Geraint F.
Title: Where did the universe come from? : and other cosmic questions : our universe, from the quantum to the cosmos /
Imprint: Sourcebooks

Physics (QC)

Chemistry (QD)

Earth Sciences (QE)

Biological Sciences (QH-QR)

Call Number: QP511.8.W37 A67 2021
Author: Apple, Sam
Title: Ravenous : Otto Warburg, the Nazis, and the search for the cancer-diet connection /
Imprint: Liveright Publishing Corporation a division of W W Norton & Company

Medicine & Nursing (R)

Call Number: RA418 .M37 2021
Author: Marya, Rupa; Patel, Raj
Title: Inflamed : deep medicine and the anatomy of injustice /
Imprint: Farrar Straus and Giroux

Agriculture & Forestry (S)

Technology & Engineering (T)

Call Number: TR183 .B39 2020
Author: Beil, Kim
Title: Good pictures : a history of popular photography /
Imprint: Stanford University Press

Call Number: TS171.95 .B66 2018
Author: Boozarjomehri, Keon
Title: 3D printing at school and makerspaces /
Imprint: Cavendish Square Publishing

Military & Naval Sciences (U-V)

Bibliography & Library Science (Z)