Leisure Reading

Call Number: LEISURE HV874.82.S56 A3 2019
Author: Sjöblom, Lisa Wool-Rim, author, artist, translator; Wyver, Richey, translator; Strömberg, Hanna, translator.
Title: Palimpsest : documents from a Korean adoption /
Imprint: Drawn & Quarterly

Call Number: LEISURE PN6727.F4943 L48 2022
Author: Finck, Liana, artist, author
Title: Let there be light : the real story of her creation /
Imprint: Random House

Call Number: LEISURE PR6113.I2645 S55 2021
Author: Michaelides, Alex
Title: The silent patient /
Imprint: Celadon Books

Call Number: LEISURE PR9639.4.M85 G53 2019
Author: Muir, Tamsyn
Title: Gideon the ninth /
Imprint: Tom Doherty Associates Book

Call Number: LEISURE PR9639.4.M85 H37 2021
Author: Muir, Tamsyn
Title: Harrow the Ninth /
Imprint: Tom Doherty Associates

Call Number: LEISURE PS3570.H6442 M87 v.2
Author: Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.)
Title: Murder on St. Mark's Place /
Imprint: Berkley Prime Crime

Call Number: LEISURE PS3570.H6442 M87 v.3
Author: Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.)
Title: Murder on Gramercy Park /
Imprint: Berkley Prime Crime

Call Number: LEISURE PS3570.H6442 M87 v.4
Author: Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.)
Title: Murder on Washington Square /
Imprint: Berkley Prime Crime

Call Number: LEISURE PS3601.S593 B57 2021
Author: Askaripour, Mateo
Title: Black Buck /
Imprint: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Call Number: LEISURE PS3608.O623 I84 2016
Author: Hoover, Colleen
Title: It ends with us : a novel /
Imprint: Atria Paperback

Call Number: LEISURE PS3614.O929 T78 2022
Author: Nović, Sara
Title: True biz : a novel /
Imprint: Random House

Call Number: LEISURE PS3619.C256 K35 2022
Author: Scalzi, John
Title: The Kaiju Preservation Society : a novel /
Imprint: Tor

Call Number: LEISURE PS3622.O23 S57 2022
Author: Vo, Nghi
Title: Siren queen /
Imprint: Tordotcom

Call Number: LEISURE PZ7.1.L554 Mag 2022
Author: Lin, Judy I.
Title: A magic steeped in poison /
Imprint: Feiwel and Friends

Call Number: LEISURE PZ7.1.S6542 Daw 2021
Author: Smith, Pauline Vaeluaga; Hunkin, Mathew Tanielu, illustrator
Title: Dawn raid /
Imprint: Levine Querido

Call Number: LEISURE R489.A1 C36 2022
Author: Campbell, Olivia M.
Title: Women in white coats : how the first women doctors changed the world of medicine /
Imprint: Park Row Books

Call Number: LEISURE RC394.A85 M6613 2022
Author: Monzusu, author, illustrator; Trethewey, Ben, translator
Title: My brain is different : stories of ADHD and other developmental disorders /
Imprint: Seven Seas Entertainment

Leadership Collection

Call Number: LEAD HD57.7 .C687 2022
Author: Covey, Stephen M. R.
Title: Trust & inspire : how truly great leaders unleash greatness in others /
Imprint: Simon & Schuster

New Technologies Studio

Millikin Archives & Rare Books (non-circulating collection)

General Works (A)

Philosophy (B-BD)

Psychology (BF)

Call Number: BF531 .F56 2021
Author: Firth-Godbehere, Richard
Title: A human history of emotion : how the way we feel built the world we know /
Imprint: Little Brown Spark

Call Number: BF637.C45 G87 2022
Author: Guzmán, Mónica
Title: I never thought of it that way : how to have fearlessly curious conversations in dangerously divided times /
Imprint: BenBella Books Inc

Call Number: BF637.S4 W6575 2017
Author: Wolynn, Mark
Title: It didn't start with you : how inherited family trauma shapes who we are and how to end the cycle /
Imprint: Penguin Books an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC

Religion and Ethics (BJ-BX)

Civilization, Archaeology, & Genealogy (C)

History of the World, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. (D)

History of the Americas (E-F)

Call Number: E98.P5 W425 2022
Author: Rushworth, Stan, editor; Jamail, Dahr, editor
Title: We are the middle of forever : Indigenous voices from Turtle Island on the changing Earth /
Imprint: The New Press

Call Number: E184.S75 M399 2020
Author: McCann, James A.
Title: Holding fast : resilience and civic engagement among Latino immigrants /
Imprint: Russell Sage Foundation

Call Number: E741 .G35 2022
Author: Gambone, Michael D.
Title: Modern conspiracies in America : separating fact from fiction /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield

Call Number: F704.T92 H55 2021
Author: Hill, Karlos K.
Title: The 1921 Tulsa race massacre : a photographic history /
Imprint: University of Oklahoma Press

Geography, Anthropology, Folklore, Customs, & Recreation (G)

Call Number: GT525 .C76 2020
Author: Barry, Ben, editor.; Reilly, Andrew, editor
Title: Crossing Gender Boundaries : fashion to create, disrupt and transcend /
Imprint: Intellect

Call Number: GT525 .T35 2015
Author: Tamagni, Daniele
Title: Fashion tribes : global street style /
Imprint: Abrams

Call Number: GV199.56 .K35 2020
Author: Kain, Christopher
Title: Rugged access for all : the complete guide to pushiking America's diverse trails /
Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group Inc

Call Number: GV1588.6 .B43 2018
Author: Beaman, Patricia
Title: World dance cultures : from ritual to spectacle /
Imprint: Routledge

Call Number: GV1589 .E84 2020
Author: Schupp, Karen, editor; Risner, Douglas S., editor
Title: Ethical dilemmas in dance education : case studies on humanizing dance pedagogy /
Imprint: McFarland & Company Inc Publishers

Call Number: GV1589 .M325 2017
Author: McCarthy-Brown, Nyama
Title: Dance pedagogy for a diverse world : culturally relevant teaching in theory, research and practice /
Imprint: McFarland & Company Inc Publishers

Call Number: GV1589 .O35 2021
Author: O'Cadiz, Darlene
Title: Dance and cultural diversity /
Imprint: Cognella

Call Number: GV1601 .D38 2013
Author: Eliot, Karen; Bales, Melanie
Title: Dance on its own terms : histories and methodologies /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: GV1637 .W55 2021
Author: Williams, Tamara LaDonna
Title: Giving life to movement : the Silvestre dance technique /
Imprint: McFarland & Company Inc Publishers

Call Number: GV1790.S47 B46 2022
Author: Bentley, Toni
Title: Serenade : a Balanchine story /
Imprint: Pantheon Books

Economics & Business (H-HJ)

Call Number: H62 .M277 1999
Author: Marshall, Catherine; Rossman, Gretchen B.
Title: Designing qualitative research /
Imprint: Sage Publications

Call Number: HC427.95 .L55285 2022
Author: Li, Shaomin
Title: The rise of China, Inc. : how the Chinese Communist Party transformed China into a giant corporation /
Imprint: Cambridge University Press

Call Number: HD57.7 .P666 2018
Author: Porter-O'Grady, Timothy; Malloch, Kathy
Title: Quantum leadership : creating sustainable value in health care /
Imprint: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Call Number: HD7288.76.U52 H68 2021
Author: Korver-Glenn, Elizabeth
Title: Race brokers : housing markets and segregation in 21st-century urban America /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Sociology & Related (HM-HX)

Call Number: HM671 .H55 2022
Author: Hill, Marc Lamont; Brewster, Todd
Title: Seen and unseen : technology, social media, and the fight for racial justice /
Imprint: Atria Books

Call Number: HN90.S6 B357 2021
Author: Bankston, Carl L.
Title: American ideas of equality : a social history, 1750-2020 /
Imprint: Cambria Press

Call Number: HQ1178 .J35 2022
Author: Jankowicz, Nina
Title: How to be a woman online : surviving abuse and harassment, and how to fight back /
Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic

Call Number: HV4505 .C58 2021
Author: McGee, Mickey P., editor.; Gonzalez, Joaquin Jay, III, editor.
Title: Cities and homelessness : essays and case studies on practices, innovations and challenges /
Imprint: McFarland & Company Inc

Call Number: HX40 .H355 2021
Author: Hall, Stuart; McLennan, Gregor, editor
Title: Selected writings on Marxism /
Imprint: Duke University Press

Political Science (J)

Call Number: JC574 .F85 2022
Author: Fukuyama, Francis
Title: Liberalism and its discontents /
Imprint: Farrar Straus and Giroux

Call Number: JK275 .M37 2022
Author: Martin, Jonathan; Burns, Alexander
Title: This will not pass : Trump, Biden and the battle for America's future /
Imprint: Simon & Schuster

Call Number: JV1062 .E55 2022
Author: Elkins, Caroline
Title: Legacy of violence : a history of the British empire /
Imprint: Alfred A Knopf

Call Number: JV7406 .D38 2020
Author: D'Aubeterre Buznego, María Eugenia; Rivermar Pérez, María Leticia; Lee, Alison Elizabeth
Title: Class, gender and migration : return flows between Mexico and the United States in times of crisis /
Imprint: Routledge

Law (K)

Education (L)

Call Number: LB3013.33.C8 W55 2022
Author: Williamson, Elizabeth
Title: Sandy Hook : an American tragedy and the battle for truth /
Imprint: Dutton an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC

Call Number: LC212.42 .O74 2022
Author: Orfield, Gary
Title: The walls around opportunity : the failure of colorblind policy for higher education /
Imprint: Princeton University Press

Curriculum Materials (Curr. Lib.)

Musical Recordings: LPs & CDs (DISC & CDISC)

Scores (Music)

Call Number: MUSIC M1508.M568 H33 2021
Author: Mitchell, Anaïs; Robinson, Liam, arranger of music.; Sickafoose, Todd, arranger of music.; Chorney, Michael, arranger of music
Title: Hadestown /
Imprint: Hal Leonard

Call Number: MUSIC M1508.T73 H4 1999
Author: Trask, Stephen
Title: Hedwig and the Angry Inch : piano/vocal selections /
Imprint: Hal Leonard Corporation

Music History, Literature, Criticism, & Study (M-MT)

Call Number: ML410.F78 B55 2022
Author: Bingham, Emily
Title: My old Kentucky home : the astonishing life and reckoning of an iconic American song /
Imprint: Alfred A Knopf

Call Number: ML3524 .G64 2022
Author: Goldin-Perschbacher, Shana
Title: Queer country /
Imprint: University of Illinois Press

Fine Arts (N)

Call Number: N7477 .B47 2021
Author: Benton, Janetta Rebold
Title: How to understand art /
Imprint: Thames & Hudson Ltd

Languages & Linguistics (P-PM)

Call Number: P306.92.L34 A3 2022
Author: Lahiri, Jhumpa
Title: Translating myself and others /
Imprint: Princeton University Press

General Literature & Communication (PN)

Call Number: PN167 .E28 2021
Author: Eaton, Sarah Elaine
Title: Plagiarism in higher education : tackling tough topics in academic integrity /
Imprint: Libraries Unlimited an imprint of ABC-CLIO LLC

Call Number: PN2049 .S63 2020
Author: Snyder-Young, Dani
Title: Privileged spectatorship : theatrical interventions in White supremacy /
Imprint: Northwestern University Press

Call Number: PN2219.O8 K66 2022
Author: Koplowitz, Stephan
Title: On site : methods for site-specific performance creation /
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Literature: French, Spanish, & Italian (PQ)

Call Number: PQ2631.R63 A8143 2021
Author: Guerlac, Suzanne
Title: Proust, photography, and the time of life : Ravaisson, Bergson and Simmel /
Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic

Literature: English (PR)

Call Number: PR3105 .G88 2021
Author: Gutierrez-Dennehy, Christina
Title: Like a king : casting Shakespeare's histories for citizens and subjects /
Imprint: The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group Inc; Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

Call Number: PR4837 .M55 2022
Author: Miller, Lucasta
Title: Keats : a brief life in nine poems and one epitaph /
Imprint: Alfred A Knopf

Call Number: PR6053.H786 G55 2021
Author: Churchill, Caryl
Title: Glass. Kill. Bluebeard. Imp. and other shorts /
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group

Call Number: PR9399.9.G87 A68 2021
Author: Gurnah, Abdulrazak
Title: Afterlives /
Imprint: Bloomsbury Publishing

Literature: American (PS)

Call Number: PS3569.A46224 Z66 2022
Author: Salter, Mary Jo
Title: Zoom rooms : poems /
Imprint: Alfred A Knopf

Call Number: PS3569.T736 O38 2022
Author: Strout, Elizabeth
Title: Oh William! : a novel /
Imprint: Random House

Call Number: PS3570.Y45 F74 2022
Author: Tyler, Anne
Title: French braid /
Imprint: Alfred A Knopf

Call Number: PS3601.N79 G66 2020
Author: Anyanwu, Ngozi
Title: Good grief : a best friend play /
Imprint: Dramatists Play Service Inc

Call Number: PS3618.U48 E97 2021
Author: Ruhl, Sarah
Title: Eurydice : a play /
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group

Call Number: PS3619.T828 Y68 2022
Author: Stuart, Douglas
Title: Young Mungo : a novel /
Imprint: Grove Press

Literature: Germanic (PT)

Call Number: PT2625.A44 T62 1995
Author: Mann, Thomas
Title: Death in Venice /
Imprint: Dover Publications

Call Number: PZ7.7.G27 C47 2022
Author: Gaiman, Neil; Klein, Todd, letterer; Doran, Colleen, artist, letterer
Title: Chivalry /
Imprint: Dark Horse Books

Literature: Children's Books (Juv.)

Call Number: JUV. GV1469.62.D84 Z83 v.1
Author: Zub, Jim; Wheeler, Andrew; King, Stacy
Title: Dungeons & Dragons : the young adventurer's collection: Monsters & Creatures /
Imprint: Ten Speed Press

Call Number: JUV. GV1469.62.D84 Z83 v.2
Author: Zub, Jim; Wheeler, Andrew; King, Stacy
Title: Dungeons & Dragons : the young adventurer's collection: Warriors & Weapons /
Imprint: Ten Speed Press

Call Number: JUV. GV1469.62.D84 Z83 v.3
Author: Zub, Jim; Wheeler, Andrew; King, Stacy
Title: Dungeons & Dragons : the young adventurer's collection: Dungeons & Tombs /
Imprint: Ten Speed Press

Call Number: JUV. GV1469.62.D84 Z83 v.4
Author: Zub, Jim; Wheeler, Andrew; King, Stacy
Title: Dungeons & Dragons : the young adventurer's collection: Wizards and Spells /
Imprint: Ten Speed Press

Call Number: JUV. GV1469.62.D84 Z83 v. 5
Author: Zub, Jim; Wizards of the Coast, Inc.; Conceptopolis, illustrator; Wheeler, Andrew; King, Stacy
Title: Dungeons & Dragons : the young adventurer's collection: Beasts & behemoths /
Imprint: Ten Speed Press

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.L13577 Mam 2022
Author: LaCour, Nina; Juanita, Kaylani, illustrator
Title: Mama and Mommy and me in the middle /
Imprint: Candlewick Press

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.O364 Fin 2022
Author: Oh, Ellen
Title: Finding Junie Kim /
Imprint: Harper an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.P38448 Ki 2006
Author: Penn, Audrey; Leak, Nancy M., illustrator.; Harper, Ruth E., illustrator
Title: The kissing hand /
Imprint: Tanglewood Publishing Inc

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.Y3638 Mai 2022
Author: Yee, Lisa
Title: Maizy Chen's last chance /
Imprint: Random House

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.H596 Eys 2022
Author: Ho, Joanna; Ho, Dung, illustrator
Title: Eyes that speak to the stars /
Imprint: Harper an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.K534 How 2021
Author: Khiani, Darshana; Lew-Vriethoff, Joanne, illustrator
Title: How to wear a sari /
Imprint: Versify Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.K5815 St 2021
Author: Kim, Jessica
Title: Stand up, Yumi Chung! /
Imprint: Puffin Books

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.M76 Pro 2019
Author: Muhammad, Ibtihaj; Aly, Hatem, illustrator.; Ali, S. K.
Title: The proudest blue : a story of hijab and family /
Imprint: Little Brown and Company

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.P4478 Ski 2016
Author: Perry, LaTashia M.; Jackson, Bea, illustrator
Title: Skin like mine /
Imprint: Kids Like Mine

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.Y365 Ne 2022
Author: Yang, Kelly
Title: New from here /
Imprint: Simon & Schuster

General Science (Q)

Mathematics (QA)

Call Number: QA11.2 .A635 2021
Author: Barwell, Richard, editor.; Andersson, Annica, editor
Title: Applying critical mathematics education /
Imprint: Brill

Astronomy (QB)

Physics (QC)

Call Number: QC903 .L585 2022
Author: Linden, Eugene
Title: Fire and flood : a people's history of climate change, from 1979 to the present /
Imprint: Penguin Press

Chemistry (QD)

Earth Sciences (QE)

Call Number: QE714.2 .W587 2018
Author: Witton, Mark P.
Title: The Palaeoartist's handbook : recreating prehistoric animals in art /
Imprint: The Crowood Press Ltd

Biological Sciences (QH-QR)

Call Number: QL31.P525 A3 2021
Author: Platt, Thomas Reid
Title: Small science : Baracktrema obamai and other stories of a life in parasitology & higher education /
Imprint: World Scientific

Medicine & Nursing (R)

Call Number: RT75 .D566 2017
Author: Conrad, Dianne, editor.; Burson, Rosanne, editor.; Moran, Katherine J., editor.
Title: The doctor of nursing practice scholarly project : a framework for success /
Imprint: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Call Number: RT84.5 .N8793 2006
Author: Parker, Marilyn E.
Title: Nursing theories and nursing practice /
Imprint: FA Davis

Call Number: RT84.5 .W366 2005
Author: Watson, Jean
Title: Caring science as sacred science /
Imprint: FA Davis Co

Agriculture & Forestry (S)

Technology & Engineering (T)

Call Number: TD171.75 .P88 2021
Author: Püttgen, H. B.; Bamberger, Yves
Title: Electricity: humanity's low-carbon future : safeguarding our ecological niche /
Imprint: World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

Call Number: TT504.4 .W495 2018
Author: White, Constance C. R.
Title: How to slay : inspiration from the queens & kings of Black style /
Imprint: Rizzoli New York

Call Number: TT506 .M38 2017
Author: Mauriès, Patrick; Mellor, Barbara, translator
Title: Androgyne : fashion + gender /
Imprint: Thames & Hudson

Military & Naval Sciences (U-V)

Bibliography & Library Science (Z)