Book cover image for Hood feminism : notes from the women that a movement forgotBook cover image The downstairs girl



Call Number: A-V. DS98.6 .F76 2016
Title: Children of Syria /
Imprint: [Arlington, Virginia] : PBS Distribution, [2016]


Leisure Reading

Call Number: LEISURE PS3613.A175 H68 2020 v.1
Author: Maas, Sarah J.,
Title: House of earth and blood /
Imprint: New York : Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020.

Call Number: LEISURE PS3616.O6556 T67 2020
Author: Popkey, Miranda,
Title: Topics of conversation /
Imprint: New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2020.

Call Number: LEISURE PS3618.U7745 M9 2020
Author: Russell, Kate Elizabeth,
Title: My dark Vanessa : a novel /
Imprint: New York, NY : William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2020]

Leadership Collection

Call Number: LEAD HD57.7 .G674 2020
Author: Gostick, Adrian Robert,
Title: Leading with gratitude : eight leadership practices for extraordinary business results /
Imprint: New York, NY : Harper Business, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2020]

New Technologies Studio

Millikin Archives & Rare Books (non-circulating collection)

General Works (A)

Philosophy (B-BD)

Call Number: B828.3 .G47 2019
Author: Gertz, Nolen,
Title: Nihilism /
Imprint: Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2019]

Psychology (BF)

Religion and Ethics (BJ-BX)

Civilization, Archaeology, & Genealogy (C)

History of the World, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. (D)

Call Number: DA556.9.C5 L326 2020
Author: Larson, Erik, 1954-
Title: Splendid and the vile : a saga of Churchill, family, and defiance during the Blitz /
Imprint: New York : Crown, an imprint of Random House, [2020]

History of the Americas (E-F)

Call Number: E185.61 .T23 2020
Author: Taylor, Candacy A.,
Title: Overground railroad : the Green Book and the roots of Black travel in America /
Imprint: New York : Abrams Press, 2020.

Call Number: E185.86 .K46 2020
Author: Kendall, Mikki,
Title: Hood feminism : notes from the women that a movement forgot /
Imprint: [New York] : Viking, [2020]

Call Number: E185.97.H35 B757 2020
Author: Brooks, Maegan Parker,
Title: Fannie Lou Hamer : America's freedom fighting woman /
Imprint: Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2020]

Call Number: E441 .R59 2020
Title: River of blood : American slavery from the people who lived it : interviews & photographs of formerly enslaved African Americans / edited by Richard C
Imprint: Chicago, Illinois : CityFiles Press, 2020.

Call Number: F1938.5 .D463 2009
Author: Derby, Lauren,
Title: Dictator's seduction : politics and the popular imagination in the era of Trujillo /
Imprint: Durham : Duke University Press, 2009.

Call Number: F549.N37 P37 2020
Author: Park, Benjamin E.,
Title: Kingdom of Nauvoo : the rise and fall of a religious empire on the American frontier /
Imprint: New York, NY : Liveright Publishing Corporation, a division of W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., [2020]

Geography, Anthropology, Folklore, Customs, & Recreation (G)

Call Number: GT1710 .E39 2020
Author: Edwards, Lydia (Lydia Jenny),
Title: How to read a suit : a guide to changing men's fashion from the 17th to the 20th century /
Imprint: London, UK ; New York, NY, USA : Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2020.

Call Number: GV1623 .K6 2019
Author: Klapper, Melissa R.,
Title: Ballet class : an American history /
Imprint: New York : Oxford University Press, [2020]

Call Number: GV706.35 .A84 2020
Title: Athlete activism /
Imprint: New York, NY : Greenhaven Publishing, 2020.

Economics & Business (H-HJ)

Sociology & Related (HM-HX)

Call Number: HM743.F33 L48 2020
Author: Levy, Steven,
Title: Facebook : the inside story /
Imprint: New York : Blue Rider Press, [2020]

Call Number: HQ1155 .M35 2020
Author: McKeon, Lauren,
Title: No more nice girls : gender, power, and why it's time to stop playing by the rules /
Imprint: Toronto : Walrus Books, 2020.

Call Number: HQ27.3 .O74 2020
Author: Orenstein, Peggy,
Title: Boys & sex : young men on hookups, love, porn, consent, and navigating the new masculinity /
Imprint: New York, NY : Harper, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2020]

Call Number: HV6626.2 .S59 2019
Author: Snyder, Rachel Louise,
Title: No visible bruises : what we don't know about domestic violence can kill us /
Imprint: New York : Bloomsbury Publishing Inc., 2019.

Political Science (J)

Law (K)

Education (L)

Call Number: LB1072 .J46 2019
Author: Jennings, Patricia A.,
Title: Trauma-sensitive classroom : building resilience with compassionate teaching /
Imprint: New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2019]

Curriculum Materials (Curr. Lib.)

Musical Recordings: LPs & CDs (DISC & CDISC)

Scores (Music)

Call Number: MUSIC M1500.P47 B44 2019
Author: Perfect, Eddie, 1977-
Title: Beetlejuice /
Imprint: Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard, [2019]

Call Number: MUSIC M1503.H456 A4 2000
Author: Heggie, Jake, 1961-
Title: Again : an opera in 10 minutes : soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and baritone with chamber orchestra /
Imprint: [San Francisco, CA] : Bent Pen Music, Inc., [2000]

Call Number: MUSIC M1619 .T96 1967 c.2
Title: 20th century art songs : for medium voice and piano : a collection of contemporary songs for recital and study.
Imprint: New York : G. Schirmer, c1967.

Call Number: MUSIC M1620.B37 S582 2010
Author: Barber, Samuel, 1910-1981,
Title: 65 songs /
Imprint: New York, NY : G. Schirmer, Inc., [2010]

Music History, Literature, Criticism, & Study (M-MT)

Call Number: ML410.M23 W25 2013
Author: Walter, Bruno, 1876-1962
Title: Gustav Mahler /
Imprint: Mineola, NY : Dover Publications, 2013.

Call Number: ML419.P4 R9 1996
Author: Russell, Ross,
Title: Bird lives : the high life and hard times of Charlie (Yardbird) Parker /
Imprint: New York : Da Capo Press, 1996.

Call Number: MT725.F66 T83 v.1 BOOK
Author: Foncannon, Ellen,
Title: Tube time /
Imprint: Sedona, AZ : Whacky Music ; Canning Vale Sth, W.A. : IJAM MUSIC [distributor], ©2006-<2014>

Call Number: MT725.F66 T83 v.1 CDISC
Author: Foncannon, Ellen,
Title: Tube time /
Imprint: Sedona, AZ : Whacky Music ; Canning Vale Sth, W.A. : IJAM MUSIC [distributor], ©2006-<2014>

Call Number: MT725.F66 T83 v.2 BOOK
Author: Foncannon, Ellen,
Title: Tube time /
Imprint: Sedona, AZ : Whacky Music ; Canning Vale Sth, W.A. : IJAM MUSIC [distributor], ©2006-<2014>

Call Number: MT725.F66 T83 v.2 CDISC
Author: Foncannon, Ellen,
Title: Tube time /
Imprint: Sedona, AZ : Whacky Music ; Canning Vale Sth, W.A. : IJAM MUSIC [distributor], ©2006-<2014>

Call Number: MT725.F66 T83 v.3 BOOK
Author: Foncannon, Ellen,
Title: Tube time /
Imprint: Sedona, AZ : Whacky Music ; Canning Vale Sth, W.A. : IJAM MUSIC [distributor], ©2006-<2014>

Call Number: MT725.F66 T83 v.3 CDISC
Author: Foncannon, Ellen,
Title: Tube time /
Imprint: Sedona, AZ : Whacky Music ; Canning Vale Sth, W.A. : IJAM MUSIC [distributor], ©2006-<2014>

Fine Arts (N)

Languages & Linguistics (P-PM)

Call Number: P94.5.A37 B76 2020
Author: Brock, André L., Jr.,
Title: Distributed Blackness : African American cybercultures /
Imprint: New York : New York University Press, [2020]

Call Number: PL856.U673 U4813 2006
Author: Murakami, Haruki, 1949-
Title: Kafka on the shore /
Imprint: New York : Vintage Books, 2006.

General Literature & Communication (PN)

Call Number: PN1701 .H698 2020
Title: How to teach a play : essential exercises for popular plays /
Imprint: London ; New York, NY : Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2020.

Literature: French, Spanish, & Italian (PQ)

Literature: English (PR)

Call Number: PR2807 .A2 1992
Author: Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,
Title: Hamlet /
Imprint: New York : Dover Publications, 1992.

Call Number: PR6063.C335 A65 2020
Author: McCann, Colum, 1965-
Title: Apeirogon : a novel /
Imprint: New York : Random House, [2020]

Literature: American (PS)

Call Number: PS1541.Z5 A56 2020
Author: Ackmann, Martha,
Title: These fevered days : ten pivotal moments in the making of Emily Dickinson /
Imprint: New York, NY : W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., [2020]

Call Number: PS3555.R42 N54 2020
Author: Erdrich, Louise,
Title: Night watchman : a novel /
Imprint: New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2020]

Call Number: PS3613.C28 D43 2020
Author: McBride, James, 1957-
Title: Deacon King Kong /
Imprint: New York : Riverhead Books, 2020.

Literature: Germanic (PT)

Literature: Children's Books (Juv.)

Call Number: JUV. NA1469.H33 W56 2017
Author: Winter, Jeanette,
Title: World is not a rectangle : a portrait of architect Zaha Hadid /
Imprint: New York : Beach Lane Books, [2017]

Call Number: JUV. PS595.F34 I14 2019
Title: I remember : poems and pictures of heritage /
Imprint: New York : Lee & Low Books Inc., [2019]

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.A436 Lov 2019
Author: Ali, S. K.,
Title: Love from A to Z /
Imprint: New York : Salaam Reads, [2019]

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.B37078 Ho 2018
Author: Barker, Michelle, 1964-
Title: House of one thousand eyes /
Imprint: Toronto : Annick Press, [2018]

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.D425 Iaw 2019
Author: Deaver, Mason,
Title: I wish you all the best /
Imprint: New York, NY : PUSH, 2019.

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.H4646 Her 2019
Author: Henry, Katie,
Title: Heretics anonymous /
Imprint: New York, NY : Katherine Tegen Books, 2019.

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.L43 Dow 2019
Author: Lee, Stacey (Stacey Heather),
Title: Downstairs girl /
Imprint: New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, an imprint of Penguin Random House, LLC [2019]

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.T463 Wil 2019
Author: Thomas, Leah, 1989-
Title: Wild and crooked /
Imprint: New York : Bloomsbury, [2019]

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.P22115 Pr 2020
Author: Park, Linda Sue,
Title: Prairie lotus /
Imprint: Boston ; New York : Clarion Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, [2020]

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.R3476235 Bl 2020
Author: Rhodes, Jewell Parker,
Title: Black brother, black brother /
Imprint: New York : Little, Brown and Company, [2020]

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.R61875 Un 2019
Author: Rodrigues, Carmen,
Title: Universal laws of Marco /
Imprint: New York : Simon Pulse, 2019.

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.Y1934 St 2019
Author: Yang, James, 1960-
Title: Stop! Bot! /
Imprint: New York, New York : Viking, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, [2019]

Call Number: JUV. PZ73 .G48135 2019
Author: Gibson, Ginger Foglesong,
Title: Dias y dias = Days and days /
Imprint: New York, NY : Greenwillow Books, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2019]

General Science (Q)

Mathematics (QA)

Astronomy (QB)

Physics (QC)

Chemistry (QD)

Earth Sciences (QE)

Biological Sciences (QH-QR)

Medicine & Nursing (R)

Call Number: RA395.A3 U588 2020
Title: Universal health care /
Imprint: New York : Greenhaven Publishing, LLC, 2020.

Call Number: RA592.A1 S54 2019
Author: Siegel, Seth M., 1953-
Title: Troubled water : what's wrong with what we drink /
Imprint: New York : Thomas Dunne Books, 2019.

Call Number: RA776.9 .H36 2018
Title: Handbook of health behavior change /
Imprint: New York, NY : Springer Publishing Company, LLC, [2018]

Call Number: RA776.9 .H39 2019
Author: Hayden, Joanna,
Title: Introduction to health behavior theory /
Imprint: Burlington, MA : Jones & Bartlett Learning, [2019]

Call Number: RC489 .A72
Author: Malchiodi, Cathy A.,
Title: Trauma and expressive arts therapy : brain, body, and imagination in the healing process /
Imprint: New York : The Guilford Press, [2020]

Call Number: RC552.T7 S93 2019
Author: Sweeton, Jennifer,
Title: Trauma treatment toolbox : 165 brain-changing tips, tools & handouts to  move therapy forward /
Imprint: Eau Claire, WI : PESI Publishing & Media, [2019]

Call Number: RJ506.P66 S66 2016
Author: Sporleder, Jim,
Title: Trauma-informed school : a step-by-step implementation guide for administrators and school personnel /
Imprint: Boulder, Colorado : Beyond Consequences Institute, LLC, [2016]

Call Number: RT48.6 .D643 2019
Author: Doenges, Marilynn E., 1922-
Title: Nursing diagnosis manual : planning, individualizing, and documenting client care /
Imprint: Philadelphia : F.A. Davis Company, [2019]

Call Number: RT71 .T336 2020
Title: Teaching in nursing : a guide for faculty /
Imprint: St. Louis : Elsevier, [2020]

Agriculture & Forestry (S)

Technology & Engineering (T)

Call Number: TR15 .R67 2019
Author: Rosenblum, Naomi,
Title: World history of photography /
Imprint: New York : Abbeville Press Publishers, 2019.

Military & Naval Sciences (U-V)

Bibliography & Library Science (Z)