Leisure Reading

Call Number: LEISURE GV1201.8 .E94 2020
Author: Everdeen, Krystal
Title: Casual cosplay : character-inspired fashion you can wear anywhere
Imprint: Tiller Press

Call Number: LEISURE PN6727.J45 A647 2021
Author: Jennings, John; Okorafor, Nnedi.; Duffy, Damian, letterer.; Brame, David (Illustrator), artist.
Title: After the rain
Imprint: MEGASCOPE an imprint of Abrams ComicArts an imprint of Abrams

Call Number: LEISURE PS3562.E324 R43 2021
Author: Lee, Andrea
Title: Red Island House : a novel
Imprint: Scribner

Call Number: LEISURE PS3603.L36843 R564 2020
Author: Clark, P. Djèlí
Title: Ring shout : or, Hunting Ku Kluxes in the end times
Imprint: Tordotcom

Call Number: LEISURE PS3604.A5233 P53 2020
Author: Danforth, Emily M.; Lautman, Sara, illustrator.
Title: Plain bad heroines : a novel
Imprint: William Morrow an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

Call Number: LEISURE PS3613.A76993 C76 v.1
Author: Marshall, Alex
Title: A crown for cold silver
Imprint: Orbit

Call Number: LEISURE PS3613.A76993 C76 v.3
Author: Marshall, Alex
Title: A war in crimson embers
Imprint: Orbit

Call Number: LEISURE TT720 .E393 2021
Author: Edwards, Zoe
Title: Mend it, wear it, love it! : stitch your way to a sustainable wardrobe
Imprint: DK Publishing

Leadership Collection

Call Number: LEAD HF5387 .J647 2021
Author: Joly, Hubert; Lambert, Caroline.
Title: The heart of business : leadership principles for the next era of capitalism
Imprint: Harvard Business Review Press

New Technologies Studio

Millikin Archives & Rare Books (non-circulating collection)

General Works (A)

Philosophy (B-BD)

Call Number: B2799.F8 A43 2020
Author: Allison, Henry E.
Title: Kant's conception of freedom : a developmental and critical analysis
Imprint: Cambridge University Press

Psychology (BF)

Call Number: BF161 .B4745 2020
Author: Berent, Iris
Title: The blind storyteller : how we reason about human nature
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Religion and Ethics (BJ-BX)

Civilization, Archaeology, & Genealogy (C)

History of the World, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. (D)

History of the Americas (E-F)

Call Number: E77.8 .M33 2018
Author: Brumley, John; Braaten, Joanne L., editor.; Kennedy, Margaret A., editor.; Reeves, Brian O.K., editor.
Title: Medicine wheels of the Plains and Rocky Mountains
Imprint: Archaeological Society of Alberta

Call Number: E184.A1 F395 2020
Author: Feagin, Joe R.
Title: The white racial frame : centuries of racial framing and counter-framing
Imprint: Routledge

Geography, Anthropology, Folklore, Customs, & Recreation (G)

Call Number: GV706.32 .D54 2021
Author: DiCaro, Julie
Title: Sidelined : sports, culture, and being a woman in America
Imprint: Dutton

Call Number: GV1202.T7 B37 2021
Author: Barbarisi, Daniel
Title: Chasing the thrill : obsession, death, and glory in America's most extraordinary treasure hunt
Imprint: Alfred A Knopf

Economics & Business (H-HJ)

Call Number: HA29 .H2498 2021
Author: Harford, Tim
Title: The data detective : ten easy rules to make sense of statistics
Imprint: Riverhead Books

Call Number: HB615 .J657 2011
Author: Jones, Colin
Title: Teaching entrepreneurship to undergraduates
Imprint: Edward Elgar

Call Number: HB615 .K355 2014
Author: Kander, Diana
Title: All in startup : launching a new idea when everything is on the line
Imprint: Wiley

Call Number: HD69.T54 H93 2019
Author: Hyatt, Michael S.
Title: Free to focus : a total productivity system to achieve more by doing less
Imprint: Baker Book a division of Baker Publishing Group

Call Number: HF5415.32 .S85 2020
Author: Sweezey, Mathew
Title: The context marketing revolution : how to motivate buyers in the age of infinite media
Imprint: Harvard Business Review Press

Call Number: HF5549.5.C35 N55 2021
Author: Ng, Gorick
Title: Unspoken rules

Call Number: HG179 .L88 2013
Author: Luttrull, Elaine Grogan
Title: Arts & numbers : a financial guide for artists, writers, performers, and other members of the creative class
Imprint: B2 Books

Call Number: HG4027.6 .M65 2014
Author: Mullins, John W.
Title: The customer-funded business : start, finance, or grow your company with your customers' cash
Imprint: Wiley

Sociology & Related (HM-HX)

Call Number: HV40.35 .H43 2021
Author: Healy, Lynne M.; Thomas, Rebecca Leela
Title: International social work : professional action in an interdependent world
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: HV1451 .W457 2021
Author: Welsh, Moira
Title: Happily ever older : revolutionary approaches to long-term care
Imprint: ECW Press

Political Science (J)

Call Number: JA71 .G865 2020
Author: Gunnell, John G.
Title: Conventional realism and political inquiry : channeling Wittgenstein
Imprint: The University of Chicago Press

Call Number: JV105 .M366 2020
Author: Manjapra, Kris
Title: Colonialism in global perspective
Imprint: Cambridge University Press

Law (K)

Call Number: KF1355 .B76 1990
Author: Brown, John H.; Sternberg, Irv.
Title: How to run your business so you can leave it in style
Imprint: Amacom American Management Association

Call Number: KF5050 .P73 2020
Author: Prakash, Saikrishna Bangalore
Title: The living presidency : an originalist argument against its ever-expanding powers
Imprint: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

Education (L)

Call Number: LB3430 .S87 2020
Author: Rossen, Eric A., editor.
Title: Supporting and educating traumatized students : a guide for school-based professionals
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Call Number: LB3605 .W44 2011
Author: Weeks, Kent M.
Title: In search of civility : confronting incivility on the college campus
Imprint: Morgan James Publishing

Call Number: LC1085 .M67 2013
Author: Morris, Michael H.; Cornwall, Jeffrey R.; Kuratko, Donald F.
Title: Entrepreneurship programs and the modern university
Imprint: Edward Elgar

Curriculum Materials (Curr. Lib.)

Musical Recordings: LPs & CDs (DISC & CDISC)

Scores (Music)

Call Number: MUSIC M1508.M365 S59 2020
Author: Marlow, Toby; Beighton, Joe; Moss, Lucy
Title: Six : the musical
Imprint: Hal Leonard

Music History, Literature, Criticism, & Study (M-MT)

Call Number: ML3556 .B74 2021
Author: Brooks, Daphne
Title: Liner notes for the revolution : the intellectual life of black feminist sound
Imprint: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

Call Number: MT10 .P79 2020
Author: Whitt, David, editor.
Title: Popular music in the classroom : essays for instructors
Imprint: McFarland & Company Inc Publishers

Fine Arts (N)

Languages & Linguistics (P-PM)

General Literature & Communication (PN)

Call Number: PN2270.A75 K66 2018
Author: Kondo, Dorinne K.
Title: Worldmaking : race, performance, and the work of creativity
Imprint: Duke University Press

Call Number: PN2293.C38 C37 2019
Author: Banks, Daniel, editor.; Syler, Claire, editor.
Title: Casting a movement : the welcome table initiative
Imprint: Routledge an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group

Literature: French, Spanish, & Italian (PQ)

Literature: English (PR)

Call Number: PR4388 .B97 2020
Author: Tuite, Clara, editor.
Title: Byron in context
Imprint: Cambridge University Press

Call Number: PR5881 .G55 2020
Author: Gill, Stephen
Title: William Wordsworth : a life
Imprint: Oxford University Press

Literature: American (PS)

Call Number: PS217.I47 W38 2020
Author: Watts, Edward
Title: Colonizing the past : mythmaking and pre-Columbian Whites in nineteenth-century American writing
Imprint: University of Virginia Press

Call Number: PS374.P647 E37 2020
Author: Eils, Colleen G.
Title: The politics of privacy in contemporary Native, Latinx, and Asian American metafictions
Imprint: Ohio State University Press

Call Number: PS1541.Z5 H83 2020
Author: Hubbard, Melanie
Title: Emily Dickinson : poetics in context
Imprint: Cambridge University Press

Call Number: PS3558.W83 D3 1983
Author: Hwang, David Henry
Title: The dance and the railroad ; and, Family devotions : two plays
Imprint: Dramatists Play Service

Call Number: PS3563.I42175 C45 2021
Author: Millet, Lydia
Title: A children's bible : a novel
Imprint: WW Norton & Company

Call Number: PS3618.E56 A75 2021
Author: Reno, Brian
Title: Aristophanes' the birds
Imprint: Dramatists Play Service Inc

Literature: Germanic (PT)

Literature: Children's Books (Juv.)

Call Number: JUV. HM756 .A36 2004
Author: Ajmera, Maya; Rogers, Fred.; Ivanko, John D.
Title: Be my neighbor
Imprint: Charlesbridge; Shakti for Children

Call Number: JUV. HQ744 .K56 2006
Author: Kinkade, Sheila; Little, Elaine
Title: My family
Imprint: Charlesbridge; Shakti for Children

Call Number: JUV. HQ781 .A27 1999
Author: Ajmera, Maya; Ivanko, John D.
Title: To be a kid
Imprint: Charlesbridge

Call Number: JUV. NX633 .A36 2004
Author: Ajmera, Maya; Ivanko, John D.
Title: To be an artist
Imprint: Charlesbridge

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.L59114 Sh 2020
Author: LeZotte, Ann Clare; Morstad, Julie
Title: Show me a sign
Imprint: Scholastic Press

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.W1337 So 2018
Author: Wahl, Phoebe
Title: Sonya's chickens
Imprint: Tundra

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.A4755 Am 2021
Author: Alston, B. B.; Akpan, Godwin
Title: Amari and the night brothers
Imprint: Balzer + Bray

Call Number: JUV. PZ7.1.S2418 Do 2021
Author: Saft, Allison
Title: Down comes the night
Imprint: Wednesday Books

Call Number: JUV. QA76.6 .G643 2018
Author: Gonzales, Andrea; Houser, Sophie
Title: Girl code : gaming, going viral, and getting it done
Imprint: Harper an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

Call Number: JUV. QL561.N9 R68 2021
Author: Roth, Susan L.; Trumbore, Cindy
Title: Butterfly for a king : saving Hawaiʻi's Kamehameha butterflies
Imprint: Lee & Low Books Inc

General Science (Q)

Call Number: Q335 .W658 2021
Author: Wooldridge, Michael J.
Title: A brief history of artificial intelligence : what it is, where we are, and where we are going
Imprint: Flatiron Books

Mathematics (QA)

Astronomy (QB)

Physics (QC)

Chemistry (QD)

Earth Sciences (QE)

Biological Sciences (QH-QR)

Call Number: QH311 .Z56 2021
Author: Zimmer, Carl
Title: Life's edge : the search for what it means to be alive
Imprint: Dutton an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC

Call Number: QL698.9 .W455 2021
Author: Weidensaul, Scott
Title: A world on the wing : the global odyssey of migratory birds
Imprint: W W Norton & Company

Call Number: QL81.7 .N55 2021
Author: Nijhuis, Michelle
Title: Beloved beasts : fighting for life in an age of extinction
Imprint: W W Norton & Company Inc

Medicine & Nursing (R)

Call Number: RC566 .C36 2020
Author: Campbell, Nancy D.
Title: Od : Naloxone And The Politics Of Overdose
Imprint: Cambridge MA MIT Press 2020

Call Number: RT86.54 .G35 2015
Author: Galanti, Geri-Ann
Title: Caring for patients from different cultures
Imprint: University of Pennsylvania Press

Agriculture & Forestry (S)

Technology & Engineering (T)

Military & Naval Sciences (U-V)

Bibliography & Library Science (Z)