First-Year Student Registration


The end of your senior year marks the beginning of your journey at Millikin. With the help and support of your family, friends, and the faculty and staff at Millikin University, you will be able to consider what you want to be a part of while you are here. Will you be active in athletics? How about community service? Are you looking for research opportunities? Do you want to be involved in student organizations? Does participation in student government interest you?

During the program, you will:

  • Register for classes
  • Meet fellow classmates
  • Familiarize yourself with the campus
  • Connect with faculty and staff

How to sign-up

Registration Day is your chance to ask questions, seek out information, and learn all about the programs and opportunities that you will have at Millikin. To reserve your spot, you can register online.

  1. Login to your myVIP page
  2. Go to the Admission Checklist
  3. Click "Sign up for Registration"

All first year students are required to attend one single-day registration session.